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Carolina, Carolina, Puerto Rico | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Carolina, Carolina, Puerto Rico
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Electronic Ambient




"Dreaming of flying with: TROVA, devon rea, and Boox Kid"

I dreamt I was flying. Not like the kid in Walking In Th Air. But in a metal tube. A plane. Again. Too much flying recently. Sinuses playing up. Need sympathy. But in its absence some lovely warming tunes from TROVA, devon rea, and Boox Kid,.

TROVA is from the USA. But offers no additonal explanation. Other than a list of jobs. As in, “The Head & Creative Director Of TMP Records LLC, Trovador/ Trubador Music Publishing LLC and Sub label ”It’s Viernes””, which is nice. I wasn’t even a milk monitor. Anyhow, the music is ambient drone track Silver. This is a slightly wobbly synth based tune, full of soft sounds and static. A hazy melody drifts along like a slightly out of focus photo. Dreaming of summer rain. - Acid Ted

"TROVA, “Trono”: A cyberpunk opening"

I’ve had quite a focus on ambient lately, and compared to how niche it is I have promised myself to try and balance it out a bit better.
But here’s a track that – yes – it’s ambient, but it also would work pretty well as an opening of a DJ set. And that’s my excuse this time. - BeatRadar

"TROVA – Lost Reverse"

TROVA – The Head & Creative Director Of TMP Records LLC, Trovador/ Trubador Music Publishing LLC and Sister label It’s Viernes. Venturing out to create dream-like, lush ambient Synthwave. TROVA’s music lives between reality and illusion, blending minimalist arrangements and arpeggiated synth leads. TROVA’s first song Alpine was included in TMP Records’ first Electronic Compilation album Earth Transmission which included fellow TMP artists Echo Kraft, Mr. MP, JYAYO and guest artists Luxas and HHNOI.

How do you live life without living it? Sometimes we just float around not knowing where to go. But suddenly, little glimmers of hope spring up, beckoning us to head into a certain path. It could be a whisper of truth.. all we need to do is listen. - Sora Music

"Monday’s full of despair and drone with TROVA, Electrons in Slow Motion, and Soularis"

It’s Monday. If that dawning realisation of the rat race restarting is upon you. Entrer a worls of drone depair with TROVA, Electrons in Slow Motion nd Soularis.

TROVA is from the USA and is clearly a busy person. The blurb says TROVA is, “The Head & Creative Director of TMP Records LLC, Trovador/ Trubador Music Publishing LLC and Sister label It’s Viernes.” All sounds a bit workaholic. So, it’s not a surprise that the single Trono, “transports the listener to a place of despair.” That’s quite a claim. And happly not quite true. Yes, it’s a hissy, sound of the machines kind of track. But it also has a calm still minimal ambient centre amid the thunder and lightning. A droning sense of the viscosity of a pool of oil. The heady scent of hydrocarbons. - Acid Ted

"Rahikka // MIRRORS // Ziggurat // TROVA // Nthirteen"

From the womb, the light of destiny fulfilled his every move. The insightfully delicate child of unbeknownst powers of perception, started the process of submission, with vigor and might. The armies of descent were decimated with ultimate seduction, as the hand of a manic pulse, reverberated through this Universe of Galactic repudiation for reality. That light. That destiny. That glimmer. The child ruled, and all followed. That is the vibe that ‘Silver’ gives off to us. A sonically pertinent ride upon the ship upon glass of this Universe. Glassy smooth oceans of emotions fill to the brim and TROVA helps us fall of in a gentle and accepting dive into the dark and blue and quiet. - ComeHereFloyd


Making first contact we are drawn into Trova’s sonic palette. An aural canyon saturated in shimmering arpeggios that bubble up through weightless drones and melodic phrasings that dip in and out form and formlessness. Flashes of Harold Budd’s tendency to allow notes to hang suspended in midair ring throughout. “Silver” is a placid but engaging cruise into the heart of a cooling sun. - Tome To the Weather Machine

"Tender Thursday: Ambient for the meditated minds"

Very different textures to be found in this creation. Shimmering details, more to explore. Dripping water? Ice? Gentle wind? Or shimmering magic? Your mind decides.

TROVA is an american act we’ve written about before, and this is yet another fine work from this gentleman. - BeatRadar

"Gold TROVA"

‘Gold’ is not your standard track… What makes this piece of music so exceptional isn’t necessarily the pads or the gentle keys layered across the stereo field, but it’s the effect that it has on the listener.

For the 3 minute run time, I had no impression of the track until it came to an end. Only at it’s absence does one truly realize and appreciate the spellbinding listening experience of ‘Gold’. This ambient piece barely begs for your attention and that’s where the charm comes in, it’s effortlessly alluring and one is able to hit play a dozen times over without becoming bored with the arrangement. - StereoFox

"TROVA’s Tranquil “Silver” is the Perfect Track to Kick Off a Peaceful Summer"

TROVA “Silver” is the first release of his “Elements” concept recordings. And its minimalist, arpeggiated synth melodies repeating through and swimming in layers of drones flowing drones conveys a sense of underwater movement. One imagines whales and dolphins dancing to this in their elegant movements in the deep South Pacific where humans rarely venture to interrupt their way of life. The feeling of tranquility the song conveys is nearly irresistible as its dynamic arcs are long but never tedious. It’s an ambient track but one that is more on the end of beatless deep house and library music. Whatever TROVA’s true inspirations or process behind producing the song it expresses the feeling of endless early summer days in a now impossibly temperate climate with time to let the demands of everyday life untangle. Listen below and follow TROVA at the links provided. - Queen City Sounds and Art Music and Art

"Ambient Syndrome ►5"

Ambient Syndrome is all about atmosphere & mood. Reading about the term of ambient music we find: “...a genre of instrumental music that focuses on sound patterns more than melodic form and is used to create a certain atmosphere or state of mind….” Are you ready for the trip?

Eight new, transcendent “sonic adventures” for the quest ad infinitum… - Last Day Deaf

"Release: TROVA – Silver EP"

Trova: es la composición poética compuesta para ser cantada característica de los trovadores medievales. Así mismo es una de las fuentes del gran árbol de la música cubana. La definición del género musical trova es poesía con música, son canciones con letra inteligente que cuentan una historia de amor, crítica o que contienen contenido político.

rasladada al siglo XXI, son ambientes sonoros creadas por este artista que evoca a la poesía musical, como indica el significado de la misma, para hacernos imaginar paisajes orínicos. Silver es el primer lanzamiento dentro del concepto “Elements” (algo que hace décadas ya utilizó el que aquí escribe para su primer mixset ambient), en el que irá lanzando diferentes sencillos que exploren los distintos terrenos en el género ambient.

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Puedes seguir a Trova en:
Facebook @trova.ambient
Instragram @trova.official
Twitter @trovaofficial - Blogblog


“Ivory”, part of Trova’s “Elements” collections is pure driven snow synth drift. Edgeless major chord synths blow in from the Pacific carrying on them the last remnant sof summer in some evergreen paradise. Accenting and brightenign the corners are stray piano notes and floating melodies that are picked up on every updraft. Beautiful variations from this hard working composer. - Tome To The Weather Machine

"Contemplate contemplation with: TROVA – Gold"

It’s a Sunday after a long and difficult week. So many of them are these days. Life needs a space in which to stop and stare. To contemplate. To contemplate contemplation, if there’s nothing on which to focus. Which is the proper thing to contemplate after all. Least ways if you ant to maximise the benefit. An early morning golden light space filled by Trova and Gold. This is a slow, misty sunrise of ambient amber light. A drone tone of clouds rolling in. Of the three minute electronic orchestral sweep on this track. Magisterial. - Acid Ted

"TROVA’s Single “CAER” Suggests the Mystery and Allure of Mythological Welsh Castles"

“CAER” was TROVA’s first single in 2017 but we’re featuring it here on Queen City Sounds and Art in the context of the project’s “Elements” series in which TROVA took a concept and the ideas inherent to that element to craft an evocative ambient composition. “CAER” is under two minutes long but its nimbus of phased, streaming melody suggests the imagery of a mysterious, mythical place. Those familiar with The Chronicals of Narnia will know the name Cair Paravel, derived from the same word in Welsh, as the seat of power for the characters who come to Narnia in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe to cast down the wicked regime to rule with benevolence and wisdom. The legendary Welsh king Arthur similarly ruled from a castle, a caer, Camelot and later perhaps reigned in absentia on the mysterious island of Avalon in a similar setting. C.S. Lewis and earlier storytellers used this imagery to suggest a place that represents the best of human ideals and achievements. This song, though short, suggests a glimpse of such a place we might attain if we have the imagination and will to decency to try. Listen to “CAER” on Soundcloud and follow TROVA at the links below. - Queen City Sounds and Art Music and Art


Still working on that hot first release.



Hailing from Carolina Puerto Rico, TROVA (Emmanuel Hernandez) has been composing ambient music since 2017 alongside running his label TMP Records LLC which he launched in 2016.

Also being of Dominican descent, TROVA has been exposed to a myriad of musical styles and genres.
He began being exposed to music at the age 11, by listening to Bachata music and learning how to play by ear.

Later, he played in bands but decided to launch his label to help other artists. Along the way, the desire to compose began and ended up purchasing an analog synth.

Creating Electronic music with a focus on slower moving pieces open to interpretation. Every release has a different emotion attached to it and is usually a reflection of a time or place.

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