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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Evensound Take"

Every once and a while a voice will hit you with such purity and soul that it will put you in a trance. Very rarely is that same voice coupled with songs that are able to transcend generations and prove to be timeless. Troy Ramey possesses that very unique quality of pure vocal timbre and songwriting ability that could very well prove to resonate well beyond his lifetime.

Troy’s story is unique and inspiring as he grew up in a musical household while excelling in athletics in high school. He went to college on a basketball scholarship until he learned of the tragic passing of his father. Looking for a fresh start, he transferred to Boston College where he was overheard singing at work by local musicians. He was recruited for their band, and developed his inherent natural musicianship but eventually parted ways and pursued his own solo project.

Troy started a PledgeMusic campaign and exceeded his goal to start production on his debut solo E.P. When The Lights Came, featuring the single “Rosary”. It is a beautiful song and video that showcases his powerhouse vocals as well as his seemingly effortless ability to tap into your emotional core. He was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions here at Evensound.

Your PledgeMusic video and your bio on your site certainly explain your story. Your voice exudes pure unadulterated emotion with ease. Music is clearly in your blood. It’s amazing to know that you had no intentions to pursue music after receiving a college basketball scholarship. If you hadn’t been caught singing to yourself at work, do you think you still would have eventually found your way into making music?

Music is definitely in my blood. My parents met while my dad was playing a gig, and here we are! But my Dad was also a B-Ball coach, and much of my life was dedicated to basketball, so when I got the opportunity to play in college I was so happy. I mean we are talking small Division 3 athletics so I was just happy that I could continue to play for a couple years after high school. The plan after that was to maybe try and enter a career in coaching afterwards, music was not on my radar. But I know that music would have been a part of my life if I didn’t meet those guys from my first band. I always wanted to sing I just didn’t really know how to go about it, or I guess I figured it was too late to get started. I used to always make up my own lyrics to songs that were on the radio while singing along, and mess around with different melodies, it was always just for fun but I kind of realized that I could sing a little bit, although I was much to self conscious to do it in front of anyone. I think music would have found its way into my life somehow.

After your first band dissolved, how did you end up pursuing your Solo endeavor. Are you working with an engineer/producer ? Doing it all yourself? What has been the process?

After the band split up I really didn’t know what the hell I was going to do. I had a bunch of songs that I’d written over the years that I never got to record so I knew I wanted to get those down but didn’t know how or with who. I ended up moving from Boston to NY and by chance met a couple musicians that introduced me to my producer Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production and we hit it off. My last band was a Rock band, and although I love rock, my personal taste in music has always been more aligned with classic soul, and R&B. I wanted to go in that direction, and Dante really took a hold of what I was trying to accomplish. I couldn’t be happier with what we’ve done. Dante is an incredible engineer/ producer/ multi-instrumentalist. He’s done an amazing job and really brought my songs to life in a way I couldn’t have imagined.

The video for “Rosary” clearly and beautifully depicts a father and son relationship. What were Andrew William Ralph’s and your intentions with the video ?
How did you come up with the overall concept?

The video for Rosary is something that I almost can’t believe is real! Andrew and I grew up in the same town in VT, I hadn’t seen him for over 15 years until we connected back in VT during a charity show I was performing at. I knew he was doing video work out of NY from some other projects he’s worked on and was so thrilled when he was able to work with me. Andrew and I share a similar story, which is why I think the video came out so perfect. We both lost our fathers at a young age, so connecting to the song, which I wrote about my late father, was easy. He presented the final idea which I fell in love with. Just a simple story of a father and young son wandering about the wreckage of a rural village. It was imagery that I loved because I have so many great memories of being a kid in the woods. I knew it was the perfect fit, He was able to capture so simply the bond between a boy and his father it makes me tear up every time I watch it. He and his team did an incredible job.

Have you approached your musical ambitions with the same work ethic as you did with your athletic ambitions? What are the similarities and what are the differences?

Well its really quite different. When I was younger, basketball was always my main goal but it was never the long term goal. I worked hard at B-Ball but it always had an expiration date on it, you know, I mean Lebron James graduated HS the same year as me. B-Ball was never my long term plan. Basketball also never held the same emotional power as music does. It was fun and competitive but not satisfying like music. As I’ve grown as a musician, I continuously feel more connected to myself, and what I need to do in order to be happy. Its a space I feel at home in. So when I “work hard” at music I don’t feel like I’m working at all. I feel like I’m just doing something that makes me happy.

Your voice is easily in the same league as soulful contemporaries like John Legend or Sam Smith. Your music is real and poignant. Who would you say are some of your biggest musical influences ?

Wow thank you! I look up to both of those guys in many ways. My influences are all over the place, but I’d have to say that I first really fell in love with singing when I heard Lauryn Hill sing in Sister Act 2. That scene where shes singing at the piano. I must have rewound that a hundred times. I used to love listening to Beyonce sing for the same reason, she just blew me away. But now I am really into Bon Iver, and Kings Of Leon. I’ve been crazy about them for a few years and I see a lot of the same “soul” in their voices that I loved from classic R&B singers I love from back in the day. But I’m constantly being influenced I don’t think I could ever give a top 5 list or anything like that, there are just too many.

You had amazing success with your Pledge Music account reaching 107% of your goal. What’s next now that the E.P. is realized and selling? Tour?

Yes the Pledge Music campaign went incredibly well. I was overwhelmed for much of it, scared that I wouldn’t hit the goal, As I’m brand new as a solo act, and didn’t know if I’d get the support needed. But everything turned out great! Whats next is to release the E.P. publicly and start playing a lot of shows, do another music video, and continue to record. The great thing about NY is that there are so many places to play here. I don’t think a full on tour is gonna happen at the moment, I want to take advantage of my backyard first, maybe with some occasional trips to Boston. - Evensound

"Troy Ramey: “When The Lights Came” – An undisputed vocal master and a genial songwriter"

Troy Ramey is among the top 5 most impressive new artists I have listened to in the last decade!On listening to Troy Ramey’s track, “Rosary”, I remember writing these lines in August of 2014: “Troy is easily one of the most captivating artists I have heard all year so far. He really flexes his vocal prowess and songwriting on these songs in a way that makes me wonder where he’ll go next after setting the bar so high here. He comes up with a unique style blending soul and rock with gospel influences that is immediately accessible and will bury themselves inside your head and heart after a few listens.”
Troy Ramey
Come 2015, and my thoughts on Troy Rameyhave been totally enhanced after listening to his 5-track EP, “When The Lights Came”. Troy Ramey is simply among the top 5 most impressive new artists I have listened to in the last decade! Considering that I am on an average of hearing 20 new artists per day, you’ll realize that this young man is something really special.
Troyʼs single “Rosary” was included on Spotifyʼs SongPickrʼs playlist for“2014 Best songs of the year” and the artist also opened up for Living Colour members Will Calhoun & Doug Wimbish on December 20th, 2014 at the School Of Rock event.
There is little that I can say that has not already been said by others of Troy. Besides of course, that I am absolutely floored. Troy Ramey is an undisputed vocal master and a genial songwriter. His music supersedes genres so strongly that I do not even for one minute ponder on what style of music he is performing. He is currently one of my most deeply appreciated new artists all-round, period.
That said, I want to weigh in on the masterful production; hats off to Dante Lattanzi ofCaelum Music Production. His direction behind the board is impeccable. Every vocal nuance, from quiet rasp to stratospheric scream, is caught in sparkling detail. The capture of the audio dynamics is also spot-on. Without a doubt one of the finest indie recordings I’ve heard in a while. Dante is also responsible for the Ep’s instrumentation, which proves he is equally proficient on either side of the desk. Troy handles additional guitar on 4 of the songs as well.
“When The Lights Came” is simply amazing. This is an Ep that should definitely be heard by the discerning musician or any music lover. Every track has its own unique style while at the same time retaining all of Troy Ramey’s splendor and talent. From the emotionally hard-hitting and soul-stirring sounds of “Song Man”, “The Lucky Ones”, “Restless Lady”, “When The Lights Came” to the acclaimed single “Rosary”, every song packs an impassioned punch. It has no dull points, and the raw soul that Troy exhibits in this album is simply awe-inspiring.
This Ep is so good on so many levels. It has such a wide variety of musical textures and colors that it will be talked about and listened to for years to come. Write down the name – T R O Y R A M E Y! - Rick Jamm

"A Voice That Shatters the Modern Sound of Rock and Alternative Male Bravados"

TROY RAMEY – A Voice That Shatters the Modern Sound of Rock and Alternative Male Bravados
Posted By: Rick JammPosted date: August 14, 2014in: NewsNo Comments
From growing up in a household steeped in music and being a high school basketball hero to experiencing the tragic loss of his father when he was in college. Troy Ramey has seen the good, the bad and the ugly in life. Even though he grew up in a household with a musical father, Troy never saw himself as a singer. In fact, his focus was on basketball, which took him to college on a scholarship. After his father’s death, he transferred to Boston College seeking a new start. By accident, he was caught singing to himself at work, and to his surprise, he was persuaded to join some local musicians for their after-work jam sessions. But that’s history…

When Production, Instrumentation, Mixing and Mastering whizz-kid, Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production sends you over an artist, you already know the quality standards before hearing one single bar of music! So my expectations were extremely high for this artist, when I got the call.

I listened to the songs by Troy Ramey, which are to be part of a 5-track EP to be released soon, 10 times in a row, the day I got the pre-release streaming links! In fact I pretty much spend my whole day listening to those songs. Troy, quite frankly, blew me away.

I’m not sure whether to describe this as alternative rock with a huge dose of classic soul, or rather, classic soul with a massive dose of alternative rock. It’s like Eddie Vedder meets Otis Redding over at Daryll Hall’s house on a Sunday afternoon. Either way it doesn’t matter much, as Troy Ramey surpasses all barriers and boundaries with a voice that could sing the phone-book and still blow the roof off the house.

Troy is easily one of the most captivating artists I have heard all year so far. He really flexes his vocal prowess and songwriting on these songs in a way that makes me wonder where he’ll go next after setting the bar so high here. He comes up with a unique style blending soul and rock with gospel influences that is immediately accessible and will bury themselves inside your head and heart after a few listens.

The chords are fleshed out far beyond anything else currently on the radio, while the phrases build on each other, and the arrangements are rich and sweeping. The result is a work with incredible emotional depth in the accompaniment, which goes hand-in-glove with the raw energy and expressiveness of Troy’s voice.

Troy Ramey is a wonderful songwriter and Lattanzi has orchestrated Troy’s sound to perfection. Songs like “Rosary”, “Restless Lady” and “The Lucky Ones” are full of intelligent lyricism and a voice that shatters the modern sound of rock and alternative male bravados. Troy wails and weeps with perfect restraint, never outdoing the song, the arrangement or himself. He just soars above it all. He’ll break through any crusty heart and pull at the strings.

His voice alone commands attention, and the minute I began listening, I was hooked. There’s a balanced perfection to every track, and there’s not a song that is indecipherable or devoid of pure listening satisfaction.

This artist is simply amazing and his music should definitely be heard by any music lover. The raw soul that Troy Ramey exhibits in these songs is simply awe-inspiring. The video of the song, “Rosary”, of which I also managed to get a sneak preview, perfectly communicates the deep heart-tugging tones of Troy’s storyline.

The emotion and heart in both Troy’s vocals and the instrumentation used in the arrangements make it perfect pieces of music. I doubt this could not have been done any better, by anyone else. And I repeat…ANYONE ELSE!

Troy Ramey will be launching a crowd funder here beginning August 18th which I expect to be a major success, especially with your help. In the meantime grab the single, “Rosary” on iTunes! - Rick Jamm

"Music Video Premiere: "Rosary" by Troy Ramey"

Music Video Premiere: "Rosary" by Troy Ramey

Singer/songwriter Troy Ramey has recently announced that pre-order for his debut EP is available through Pledge Music. Currently living in NYC, Ramey is originally from Vermont and spent a significant amount of time in the Boston area (it’s where he started his first band, and also where I initially found out about him).

Earlier this week, I was able to listen to a few tracks from the forthcoming EP. Ramey’s vocals on the single “Rosary” are nothing short of impressive. He has an incredible range and such a commanding presence in his voice that I practically never hear from “unknown” artists. This guy could sing the ABCs through a tape recorder and I’d buy his songs.

Music is the most subjective of experiences, so don’t just blindly believe what I have to say--take a listen (and watch) for yourselves. I am proud to announce that The Deli New England has the distinct privilege of premiering the music video for “Rosary” (directed by Andrew Ralph, Rubblebucket, Owl City video credits).

Click the video below and try not to be moved by the images and melodies you see and hear. Troy may still be far off the radar to many, but with songs and a video like these, that will be changing quickly.

For more information about Troy, check out his Facebook page. If you’re curious about his Pledge Music campaign and EP funding, you can find out more here. - Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn) - Photo credit: Jackson Himonidis - Dan McMahon


Still working on that hot first release.



From the smooth stylings of Sam Cooke to the lyrical beauty of Curtis Mayfield, soul music is rich in tradition, highlighted by an authenticity that few artists possess today. Troy Ramey, on the other hand, is an exception.

Part crooner, part troubadour and all storyteller, Troy is pure, unequivocal soul, evoking memories with each note he sings. With unbridled emotional power, Troy has an inherent ability to reveal his pain and draw you into his music. This inimitable talent is brightly evident on his critically acclaimed debut EP, When the Lights Came, which features the haunting, introspective singles, “Rosary, & Song Man.”

Though raised in a musical household, Troy was a late bloomer with regards to music. Focusing on athletics as a young man, and into his college years. After tragically losing his father in his sophomore year, Troy yearned for a fresh start and transferred to Boston College, where he was overheard singing at work by local musicians. He joined them for jam sessions and honed his craft, using music as a way to grieve.

In the summer of 2013, Troy relocated to New York to advance his career in music, eventually joining forces with accomplished producer Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production. Together, Troy and Dante have produced work that has been impressing industry leaders and garnering leagues of enthusiastic new fans & ultimately getting the attention of NBC’s hit singing competition “The Voice.”

Troy was invited to audition for season 12 of the hit show, and soared through the competition all the way to the Top 12. Troy’s unique & soulful vocal style caught the attention of all four coaches during his blind audition performance where he turned all four chairs and ultimately chose coach Gwen Stefani.
Gwen continually praised Troy for his emotional connectivity and eventually brought him to the Top 12. Every performance of Troy's (with the exception of Angel Eyes, which was not fully broadcast by the show) immediately broke the Top 10 on the iTunes rock charts. His last performance of Tom Petty's Free Fallin' hit #1 on the iTunes rock chart and reached as hight as #54 in the all genre's chart.

After an incredibly strong 2016 & 2017, The Voice was a welcomed exclamation point to an incredible break out year for Troy. Before The Voice came knocking, Troy’s music was soaring on Spotify and iTunes, with over 100k monthly listeners and thousands of album sales. Troy now has over 4 million total plays on Spotify since December 2016, with his viral songs, “Song Man, and Rosary” leading the way with a million plays a piece.

Authentic, soulful and beautiful, Troy Ramey stands out amongst the masses as a much needed reminder that music comes from passion and sincerity.

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