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"The Houston Sun (newspaper) CD review"

In today’s music it is mainly digital no one is sharing any true talents or gifts. Just jump on the computer learn the software and bam, you have a beat. They call that beat music and it may sound like music, and make you move like it is music, but true lovers of music know music when they hear the sound of a melody that caresses the baby hairs on the back of your neck as if a bass string is strumming away at your soul. Now that’s Troy Barnett, a melody of what music used to be and should be now. “I'm Not Him” album from artist Troy Barnett, out of Houston’s South- park, has a sense of realism and humor with the first three intro tracks mocking spending money, jumping in the sack, and how majority of mainstream can rap or sing about some got damn rims. He kicks off track four which is actually the first track on “I'm Not Him” with some Zydeco debunking the myths that all artists are the same. He starts off upbeat after you have a few good laughs from hearing Delicious D talk about it’s about to go down take your clothes off for Delicious D lol. Barnett has that type of sound that is made for everyone. Track seven reminds me of being at a joyous wedding occasion. I don’t usually dance, but if I see a nice young fine woman, I am going get up and show her my moves, When 1 say dance, I am not talking about grinding I am saying I am grabbing the young lady’s hand and you would swore I was a contestant on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ That track is for those who like to have fun and dance with their spouse with hand exchanges, spins, dips, and moving to the band as they played the night away. He did an excellent job with that one and it is one of my favorites. Track eight is a real true crush song. You don’t hear many or if any in today’s music. So at first, I was a little confused because I was waiting for him to sing her to the bedroom. Sorry I have been programmed. I had to put it on repeat because his voice is like velvet silk and I guess I am supposed to say ‘no homo lol’ but I am expressing how the singer and what he was singing about made me feel and majority of young brothers do not know how to express themselves such as Troy Barnett has done with this track. I mean, he is singing a song with real life feeling of how many of us have felt when we lock on that one beautiful essence of a woman that takes our breath away. Most males act confident, but are shy when they have met ‘This Girl’ which is also the name of the song. You know the conversation is like “Ay Big L (Lonal X. Robinson) man this girl I see at the job is mad fine you. I mean dog she ain’t just fine she intelligent intellectual ain’t about just money clothes are all that materialistic stuff she about get ting her education, her future tight, and really into the Lord but not like put you down and condemn you Big L: “Word... Dude: you should go ahead and get at her. I mean, hell she sounds like a cool lii’ catch you know. I know them good ones hard to come by” Dude: ‘ 1 am kinda’ scared I don’t know how to really approach this woman.” Big L: “Well Dude the best I can tell ya be yourself. Women like that you ain’t gotta’ spit no game to tell her you find her to be very intelligent since “yawl” at the job. Tell her you like that proposal at the meeting she did. Then tell her you like to take her out to lunch and then dinner. Hit her with some flowers with a card that says “Knock’ ‘em Dead” for her next meeting . Don’t even speak on her beauty ‘til about a two-three weeks later most women already know they beautiful especially the fine ones so you can’t stroke her ego she knows she’s on point So you gotta’ play chess with her. Then again don’t listen to me, you just do you lol.” Dude: “Airight. Iam going to go ahead and do me and hope it gets some where.” “Tired of hurting then come to me here in my arms your pain will stay. Don’t bring me love then run away. Because I want your heart. . .“ Man now you cannot tell me that is not a powerful line. The boy can write and by the way he plays all his own instruments on the album. Verse two is just as deep as the first on the song, “So Mysterious”. “I 'm not Him” by the artist Troy Barnett has a little bit of R&B, Jazz, Soul, Salsa, Zydeco, Hip Hop, and a whole lot of flavor with real content written with great lyrics for the mature audience that likes to put the kiddies music to bed and whip out the grown and sexy fun loving adults sounds. He gives you ten tracks of real good music that will have you up dancing and then as the night goes on, you can set up with the one you love or like and just lounge in their arms. Barnett has created this music with live instruments each track is originally written. No samples, yeah. I can not believe it either. “I 'm Not Him” also features some local H- Town talent Su’real and Raw Energy. Barnett is bringing back a long lost craft. Check Out Troy Barnett, he has already played at several local clubs and coffee shops including Starbucks and will be playing at the Budweiser SpringFest. For more info please contact phone: C.Stone at 281-761-5460 or Phat Barz Records & Multimedia email: - Lonal X. Robinson


$he Wants Dat Money will be on the URLabel compilation CD ; Interscope Records

He says: H town artist Troy Barnett has put together a cool and catchy rap song. The lyrics are a clever and humorous take on gold digging women. Since Troy plays trumpet, the horns are his arrangement and he probably played them as well. The production is first class, which goes to show that not only is Troy a talented artist but also an excellent producer as well. Troy is also a great vocalist and you should check out his new CD ‘I’m Not Him’ to hear the full extent of this multi-faceted talent. - Charles G. Danna of United Internet Resources

"Television interview review"

PRTV Episode 1, Part 2 from Andrew Revels of Wisconsin (writer). Andrew Revels Quote: "I hope everybody enjoyed the first episode of PRTV. I have high hopes for the show and in the coming months I have quite a bit planned. Troy Barnett was a great first guest. The two of us are virtually polar opposites, but we have so much in common. We seem to have been traveling the same paths in our respective fields and it was refreshing to sit and chat with him about some of our experiences thus far. To see this interview please visit
You can check Troy out at and search for Phat Barz Records on" - Andrew Revels of PRTV

"Radio Interview"

After Troy sang live on the radio Stevie T said," Can I get a Amen?"
"You coming back right?" Troy went back for his second interview - Stevie T. of KCOH 1430 AM interview Troy

"Radio Interview"

Donna Franklin said," Very incredible young man" "You have some knowledge my friend, at such a young age" "You can't put him in a box, in any category...he does everything!"

After listening to jazz tune "Her" she said, "That is so good...that is awesome...incredible cut" "I wish you nothing but success" - Donna Franklin at KTSU (college radio)

"PRTV Online Journal"

Another former PRTV guest will be performing this weekend. Troy Barnett will be performing at Starbucks on Chimney Rock and Richmond in Houston from 12:00 to 3:00. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than having Troy Barnett sing loves songs to you and your significant other? - Andrew Revels

"Smash the Mic Booking Agency"

Great Music! I see you started playing at the age of 10 and you currently mentor and teach youth in the Houston area. You are to be commended for your music and community outreach efforts! Keep It Goin! VONNIE DONES


"Cover of Jam Source Magazine"

"The interview is with a man on a quest to entertain and educate the world."

"You are a very talented artist that is truly busy with getting your music on the street. You also carry other titles under your belt. What's it like holding down so much?"

"You are a dedicated artist with strong passion and a love for what you do" - Carolyn Baker of Jam Source


For Your Soul's Sake (Stage Production Soundtrack) 2006
Featuring Brent Nabors

I'm Not Him
featuring Raw Energy



Raw Energy was founded by musician and producer Troy Barnett of Phat Barz Records & Multimedia. He has gigging experience from the Young Professional Musicians of Houston (Young Sounds Of Houston) and performing in jazz clubs throughout the city of Houston, TX. Summer months were spent participating and studying in the Summer Jazz Workshop conducted annually by the late Professor Conrad Johnson, Bubba Thomas, Kyle Turner, Joe Sample, Barry Hall (Director-Duke Ellington Orchestra), and others on the campuses of St. Thomas and Texas Southern Universities. He later taught himself to play the organ and the piano before attending Texas Southern and Sam Houston State Universities. He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), the Writers Guild of America, and a Master Mason. He has played for many regional and national recording artists such as Kim Burrell-Young, Mark Gordon and Eternal Life Ministries, Charles Tyrone, Darius Brooks (Musical Director of the late Rev. Milton Brunsons Thompson Community Singers), Adrian Medearis and GODS Anointed People (GAP), Shawn McClemore, and has even shared the stage with Wynton Marsalis and Dr. Shirley Caesar. Although performing with new band members each week was exciting, Troy had a desire to conduct a band of his own. He wanted the sound to be wild but yet each instrument complimentary of one another. He brought in his mentee Catrell Gray to cover drums. Catrell is a beast that can capture the beat of any song whether rock, Soul, or blues. Alex Milam another one that Troy has mentored is an awesome guitarist that commands your attention as well as his hand picked guitarist and long time gigging friend Derrick Palmer. On the bass guitar is Bud Hempill. Bud has a huge sound and proves to be a musical genius with each song rendered. Brent Nabors, saxophonist and flautist, attended the same high school and college as Troy Barnett. Brent brings the sensual side to Raw Energy. With Troy on the keys and trumpet at times along with vocalists Lady P (Latricia Pearson), a true jazzstress of her time and Alicia James’ funky and soulful chords, Raw Energy is a power packed band.