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Miami, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop




"Troy•B - "Hella Hard" [Prod. by DJ Clinton Sparks]"

The Miami native goes hella hard on his new single produced by DJ Clinton Sparks, which samples “Down in tha Dirty”. Stream the song below and make sure to click that download button.

The beat will hook you, but please don’t forget to listen to the lyrics on this song. You’ll catch a side of me you don’t get that often. – Troy B. - Urban Classy

"Troy•B- “Red Eye” (I’m On One Remix)"

Troy B plays with the instrumental of the major hit by Dj Khaled, “I’m On One”. With his own flow tied to the song he was inspired to make it his very own hit called “Red Eye”. - Urban Classy

"Troy B – “How You Like Me Now?”"

Stereo Hall Records artist, @TroyDotB from the West Palm. He refers to himself as local artist in Miami by way of Los Angeles and New York. Cool beans. Definitely an artist I’ll be looking out for from now on and hearing more of. Shout out to Shay Scene for the referral. “How you like you now?” “Sexy Daddy….”
- iBlog 126

"A Star is Born"

When I initially downloaded A Long Night By Myself and gave it a listen, I had swirling thoughts. It called for a replay. Like a late jumper at the end of an NBA game: was it a two or three-pointer? Was there a foot on the line? Did he get the shot off in time? This calls for yet another replay. During that third listen I thought: how could Troy B. mix and match musical samples from Lil' Kim and Puff Daddy, Erykah Badu, Three 6, Ricky Rozay, Drizzy Drake with such ease? Without altering his distinctive style. And the way he managed to sprinkle in a Kayne rant and some autobiographical references from Tupac Resurrection as comical, relative transitions. Pure genius. That's how.

In stride with releasing his second mixtape, Troy just touched down in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. Turkey Bowl, a film in which he stars in, is an official SXSW accepted film. Go ahead, check out the trailer on YouTube.

Troy B. is a like a breath of fresh air. Both figuratively and literally speaking. It was this bright personality that originally committed me to a review of his work. In my opinion, the Florida native is atypical for the region. Most rappers from the Sunshine State boast about retailing dope from the keys they traffic through the Port of Miami. Like a true artist, he is first passionate about the culture, his contribution to it and rolls with the punches that we refer to as opportunities, with a smile. - Frank 151


Jan 2010: Listen To My Tape!
Dec 2010: A Long Night By Myself.

2006: Trackstar
2009: The Crown
2010: How You Like Me Now?*
2011 (Start It Up)**
Hella Hard**
Red Eye**
Castle Walls**

Studio Albums:
2012: Days of Heaven

*How You Like Me Now? debuted on Miami, FL's radio station for Hip Hop/R&B, 99 Jamz in July of 2010.

** Streaming on SoundCloud at



1999 was a year of discovery for Troy•B. It was that year when his music fascination dropped him into the world of Hip Hop and transformed his poetry writing into a craft. He became an emcee.

What started out as freestyling a cappella over beats by trashcan instrumentation during lunchtime with fellow emcees, soon turned into writing rhymes; and that’s all he did. He wrote all the time. Troy would spend hours crafting rhymes. He wrote through hundreds of pages and plowed through numerous spiral notebooks, many of which he still has today.

Troy found something special in Hip Hop. Not just rapping, but a culture. He identified with the lifestyle, the individuality, being a rebel, and most importantly, being able to express himself without censorship. When it came to the music, it was love at first note. It were the rhymes that rappers like The Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, and Nas were delivering, along with the high gloss, yet nostalgic sounds that Puff Daddy was producing in the late nineties that flooded his mind and changed his entire perception of music. To be influenced by Hip Hop in it's major shift at the apex of the 90s and gateway into the 21st century is a very interesting experience for any new rapper. Hip Hop took on an entirely new meaning when the year 2000 arrived. Content changed, and what it meant to be a rapper was completely opposite of what it used to be. There was an influx of new artists, mostly due to the face value and grown popularity of the art form. Understanding this, there were many directions Troy could have shifted towards.

Troy connected with the artistic value and commercial appeal that was presented. From there he trekked backwards listening to Hip Hop in it's early years that shaped his style even more, being influenced by a collective of elite rappers. Today, he credits Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Big Daddy Kane, and Ghostface Killah, as his major influences. Troy found the voice that he needed.

In 2003, Troy took his rhyming abilities to college, where he attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL, hoping that he would eventually become a singed artist. He sought out to record music but, without a suitable recording studio, original music to write to, he found it difficult to get anywhere. So, he just continued to write in his notebooks and perfect his lyrical abilities while attending classes.

In 2005 during his Junior year, Troy reunited with a local DJ by the name of G Carter, who he also went to high school with, allowing him to record some tracks in an effort to release a mixtape. Though the recording setup was raw, he managed to record a few sample tracks that only lead him to realize that he needed a lot of improvement. His recording and delivery were not at all up to par and this was very frustrating to him. Troy digressed. Once again, he had to continue writing. This time, he started crafting songs and practicing his delivery.
Later that year, Troy finished two songs. One called "Trackstar," which he wrote to cover Jay-Z's U Don't Know (produced by Just Blaze) from his Blueprint album, and the other called "Uninspired MC" covering Nas' Nas is Like (produced by DJ Premier). Feeling very confident in what he had produced, Troy traveled back to his hometown of West Palm Beach, FL during winter break and recorded those two songs at a much better recording set up at the home of mutual friend. The results were astounding, the songs came out really well in comparison to his previous recordings. So well in fact, with TrackStar, Troy had his official first single.

In Fall 2006, for a class video assignment, Troy united with two classmates to create the music video for TrackStar. It was his first single, his first music video, and the first time he had attempted to direct and edit video. Troy premiered the music video to his class and friends that winter. It was well received, so much so, that he used it as the primary representation for his music for the first time, sending it to outlets like facebook and YouTube. Finally, Troy was making some progress. However, obstacles were never far away.

Upon graduating UCF, and still facing obstacles preventing a start in music, he was forced to put rap on hiatus to focus on attaining a job utilizing his degree, which was in Visual Effects and Film. In doing so he moved to work for CBS News in Miami, FL in the Fall of 2007.

Though Troy stopped recording to focus on film, he never stopped writing rhymes, and that was the catalyst. From 2007-2009 in a transition he made to move from Miami to Los Angeles, a moment of clarity hit, and Troy realized that he could not keep music on the back burner. With direction from his brother who worked in a recording studio and a friend who lent him a studio quality microphone, Troy began to record himself and once again aim to finish the mixtape he started years before.

In fall of 2009 he began performing at LA venues, engineering and mixing his debut mixt