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San Francisco, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"TroyLLF of ‘Legends Live Forever’ delivers on new mixtape ‘Free Play 3’"

The San Francisco native is back with his third and final installment of the Free Play series. Free Play 3 is composed of 14 tracks, and throughout the project, Troy offers listeners a chance to assess his ability as an all around artist. He has songs like Talk to Em, where he showcases punch lines and metaphors, and then he tracks like Only One, on which he slows it down and delivers melodies reminiscent of a 90’s boy band!

Troy is currently on the last leg of The Free Play Tour and you can get tickets to the last show in SF this Saturday December 18th, here. It’s clear that TroyLLF is on his grind so take a listen to Free Play 3 and see the talent the Young G possess! - Free Bread Intl

"TroyLLF / Free 3 Play"

An album of young TROYLLF from BAYAREA arrives. There is a lot of smooth songs throughout the entire story, absolutely recommended piece for RnBASS love. - 2tight Radio

"TroyLLF – Free Play 3 | Mixtape"

“Free Play 3 is TroyLLF’s third and final installment of the Free Play series and it’s a perfect blend of lyricism, punch lines, metaphors and melodic hooks. FP3 is a great display of Bay Area raps by the San Francisco native.” -rikarappicks - rikarappicks

"Local Artist Spotlight"

Troy LLF is a fixture in San Francisco! His organization Legends Live Forever does great work within the community and in the Bay Area music scene. As an SF native Troy is holding it down for the Warriors and he has made an anthem to help the Golden State Warriors rally to a much needed playoff victory! Listen up #dubnation!! WE BELIEVE!!! - 106 Kmel

"TroyLLF- Bounce Back (Video)"

Troy (of Legends Live Forever) Brings you the official visual for Bounce Back which welcomes production from Money Alwayz who most recently produced The Smash hit by Little Dicky “Save That Money! - NIYAH NEL

"Troy Of Legends Live Forever- Worth it Ft. Bianca K."

Troy (of Legends Live Forever) delivers the sexy summer tune assisted by miss Bianca K.
“Worth it” produced by Money Alwayz. Looking to keep the ball rolling, Troy gears up for his latest effort “Forever & A Day” Set for a 4th quarter release; Be on the Look Out! - Muzic Zoo

"Now How You Doin’ Miss Lady? To Keep It Real, I Ain’t Tryna Sound Crazy/But I’m A Fan Of You/Now What A Man To Do?/Clear My Day Just So I Can Set Up Plans With You. -Troy"

Bay Area artist, Troy of Legends Live Forever released a new set of visuals yesterday for his track “Worth It” featuring Bianca K. Shot at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, this video is the perfect representation of the summertime in California. If you’re looking for that perfect summertime ballad to ride out to as summer draws to a close, this is it. You really can’t go wrong with Troy’s smooth lyrics coupled with Bianca K’s voice over the beat that’ll instantly make you nod your head.

Peep the video below and be sure to head over to iTunes after and purchase the song too! - Let These Words Be The Colors

"Futuristic Dreamers Critiques Troy from LLF's Free Play Mixtape!"

The first track “Dopeness” featuring Merk S. Villain is a hard track that hooks you to want to know what else Troy from Legends Live Forever has to offer. Both emcees come at the microphone with some raw and on-point verses for their fans and listeners to template on, while listening to the smooth and jazzy instrumental. Before the Free Play Mixtape came out I was ready for some new music by Troy and I am HELLA ready for his upcoming album, if you don’t know who he is or what his music is about… WAKE UP AND GO CLICK THAT PLAY BUTTON! If you have been rockin’ with Troy and his old mixtapes or singles you will know that he did threw on some old tracks on this mixtape. The second track “Smooth Criminal” featuring DB and Lyrical Tone, both from Legends Live Forever group, all three emcees provide some dope lines such as “… look real recognize real we don’t know ya…” The hook was hella catchy and might get you hooked to continue listening to this track plus the beat knocks that you know it’s a straight slapper that carries that Bay Area sound! The third track “On Ya Helmet” isn’t a track but an interlude. The fourth track “Talk My Shit” featuring Ya Boy if you haven’t checked this track yet you have been SLEEPING!!! This track is a straight slapper with the beat, hook and verses by Troy and Ya Boy, this track SLAPS! I’m not kidding if you guys are from the BAY AREA and you don’t know this track you need to step your music game up! The fifth track “DeadFaces” featuring Ball and Hunnid Favors is still a slapper but is more gritty and grimy with the theme of seeing “dead people” as you can tell by the title of the track. Even though this track is old you can still bump this track as if it is a new track that just came out! I feel as if the hook of this track could be in one of the “Walking Dead” episode. The sixth track “Ima User” featuring Alier Johnson and by looking at the track title and introduction you can tell what the track is about. But this track puts me in a certain mood to sway back and forth or even lay on the ground and lay my laptop against a dining room table while listening to this song. This track made me do that and I’m not a user at all but this track gives me that certain feeling and after I feel hella relax that before, so be sure to listen to this track!!! The seventh track “Wake Up” featuring bE! From the Change Up Entertainment, Ooh! This track from the start is hella on point and a straight slapper. The line “…heaven tryin’ paintin’ pictures for u…” that made me love this track even more! The eighth track “Too Blessed” featuring Space Cadet and Lyrical Tone, I enjoyed listening to this track because the hook took me away from problems I face on a daily basis and this track was hella chill and made me feel that people forget what they have and that they are blessed too! I love the line “… hella faded in SFC never even knew the Giants get 3 up in the lab tryin’ to do the same thing” I loved hearing that!! The ninth track “Goddess” featuring Marley Mcnealy has more of an R&B feel to this track with the love verses and hook. This is definitely considered “grown folk music” has a touch of old school instrumental as well. Marley reminds me of Toni Toni Toni by how he sings the hook “Body …” you have to listen to this soulful love song!!! The tenth track “Real Shit” is hella gritty and more serious of what Troy is when it comes to music and his group LLF, and I love the other tracks on this mixtape but this is my favorite track! This track is for those who rock with real people and only serious people who will do the same thing for them, I can relate and I am glad Troy wrote, recorded and put this track on his mixtape! The beat is hella underground and the instrumentals are ON POINT from the start to the end of this track! You need to bumpin’ this track if you know how it is to only want to connect with or hang with the realest. The eleventh track “That Guy That Nobody Knew SKIT” this isn’t a track but another interlude and I am glad because this skit was worth listening to because it made sense of why he put this on his mixtape! Nobody knew that guy was until now… And that will soon happen to TROY from LLF! The twelfth track “Getting’ It” featuring Space Cadet and Lyrical Tone, is another track to not sleep on because it is ON FIRE you don’t want to miss out on these emcees spittin’ some real verses on this track. The hook, “I be getting’ it…” made me want to continue listening to the tracks of what this track was all about. I was bobbing my head up and down while listening to what all of these local artists had to say on this track all I had to say is that the track is FIRE! The thirteenth track “The Era” featuring Isaiah Eugene and Merk S. Villain this track is hella smooth with chill verses provided by these emcees. I also enjoyed the light hook with Biggie’s voice echoing “…just watch and take notes” this is another track worth listening to! If you don’t know any of these emcees you are missing out on real music by real artists! The last track “Live For” is something I was not expecting, the beat is different from the other 13 tracks on this mixtape! But it is a good shocker because it made see even more of growth from Troy as an artist and can’t wait to see what he will showcase on his upcoming album that drops soon!!! So stay tune! If you guys download this mixtape and any of his old music you need to spread the word! - Jerica of Futuristic Dreamers

"Da MaddHouze hangs out with Troy from Legends Live Forever"

Da MaddHouze hangs out with Troy from Legends Live Forever. Click link to hear interview - Dez @ The Maddhouze

"TroyLLF Ft. Netta Brielle- Loves Train"

@TroyLLF enlists @Nettabrielle for his new love song "Love's Train". The production which is a collaboration between MerkSVillian & Torin Martinez definitely brings some old school vibes. TroyLLF says "'Love's Train' gives you that summer time 'will you be mine feeling!" It's definitely an idea a lot of us can relate to! - Thizzler On The Roof

"TroyLLF – “Televised” (Video)"

Rising Bay Area based underground Hip Hop artist TroyLLF drops his latest video “Televised”. Produced by Remedy. Make sure to cop this single on iTunes today! - ARMANDO URENA JR


Legends Live Forever (Group projects)
Against All Odds; Featured The SIngle "Lean"
None Like Us So None Like us
None Like Us So None Like us 2; featured The Single "Rose Petals"
None Like Us So None Like Us 3
No Turning Back; Featured "Bad MF", All My N!&&as Wild", Strtaight to the Point

(Available on

Til Death Do Us Part (Album)
Born 4 This (Single)
#OhMiley (Single)

Whatchu Mean ft. Bailey (single)

10.20  EP (2013)

Free Play volume 1 Mixtape (2015) (Talk My Shit, Too Blessed, Goddess) 

Free Play Volume 2 EP (2015) (Loves Train, Bounce Back) 

Free Play 3 (2016) (Televised, Only One, Tha Shiznit)

Poster Boy Troy (2018) (Times Like This, Birthday, Money Moves)

"7" (2018) (Ball Forever, 93 Shaquille, Twankle)



The San Francisco rapper Troy (of Legends Live Forever) or Troyllf is a great mix of Bay Area essence and East Coast vibes. His smooth flow on songs like “So Much Pressure”, “Televised” & “Ghetto Poetry” give listeners some insight on his life as he paints his story for the listeners. While his witty bars on “Talk my Shit”, “Times Like This” & “Birthday” give listeners something to vibe too. 
Since 2013 Troy has released 5 Projects apart from the group Legends Live Forever. His Debut Solo project “Til Death Do Us Part” June 2013 followed by an immediate EP “10.20,” & as of recent, the “Free Play” Trilogy. Since then Troy has been able to rock numerous headlining shows including two independent tours (Free Play Tour [Headlining Tour]  Ca, Wa, Or, AZ, Tx, Co,ID, UT, ( 16 Shows in 18 days)) And the Free Play 2 tour top of 2018 in which he traveled the north & south west, along with parts of the midwest.
Headlining shows include Sacramento:  The Colonial Theater & The Blue Lamp ; San Francisco:  Slim’s, Brick and Mortar, MightySF, Mezzanine ; Oakland:  ‪The New Parish‬, and Legionnaire.
Troy has opened for:  DMX , San Quinn , Big Rich , Equipto, FreewayCyHi The Prynce , and Nipsey Hussle just to name a few. 
Troy has also been featured on the 24k Mixtape Compilation based out of the New York area and has been featured on the front pages of, VladTV,,, and more. Look for New releases coming from TroyLLF late 2018.

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