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Columbus, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Columbus, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Indie




"Troy Petty - Departure"

Troy Petty

self-released; 2015

​4.0 out of 5 - TOP ALBUM

By Matt Jensen

I don’t care what people say; I think artists make their best work when they are going through some type of struggle. Apprehension, despondency and depression are symptoms of a root cause but also tend to be the catalyst for good, great and sometimes timeless art. I’m not going to list off the albums, novels and paintings that were done by artists who weren’t exactly content because I think most people know a bunch already but one you may not know is the release Departure by Troy Petty.

Departure is an EP that manages to get the balance between strife, melancholy and hope right. Petty’s music is a timestamp to the struggles and changes he was going through and there is genuine honesty throughout that can’t be manufactured.

U2 and Arcade Fire are bands that tend to make music that is grand, hopeful and motivational. I would argue that Funeral by Arcade Fire is more substantial than anything U2 has released in the last ten years. The reason being is that when Funeral was released the band hadn’t broke yet, some of the bands family members died prior to recording and the band was transitioning from kids to adults while U2 were a bunch of rich, middle-aged men who were living legends. You can hear those authentic emotions throughout Funeral and I think everyone did as well which is why they have had so much success since then. Departure to my ears has a lot more similarities to Funeral in a number of ways and I think that it is apparent on the first song and highlight “All Ghosts.”

“All Ghosts” has this forward moving cathartic momentum that gives you a sense of overcoming the past and embracing the present and future. The energy doesn’t need to be fast. It slowly builds and gives you time to reflect. Petty’s lyrics reinforce the music. He sings, “I disguised you with the fear in my rearview I’m not glued to the past but that voice on my right told me that all ghosts fear to fly.”

Petty continues with “Unfinished” which sounds similar to The National while “Motor Mind” revolves around a buzzing mind that doesn’t know how to shut off. Petty closes with the title track, which was a great way to end the EP. The song climaxes as he repeats the lyrics, “The world is calling you.”

One thing that is undisputable about human beings is that we can persevere and even flourish when faced with adversity. In a nutshell that is the trait that Petty manages to eloquently capture on Departure. - The Even Ground

""Departure" EP Review"


Troy Petty – Departure – EP Review
Troy Petty…sir…WHERE have you been hiding?
Let me just say…I am absolutely giving you the first-impressions I’m getting from Troy’s new EP departure here…and if it stays ANYTHING like the opening track “All Ghosts” we are completely listening to a future superstar…and that future might not be far away at all with a massive sound like this. When it said he was listed as an alternative-music artist…I was expecting something entirely more generic and a thousand-levels less deep. Troy Petty and his Departure EP…I mean…I almost have no words. I absolutely love this.
“All Ghosts” was about as perfect of an opening as you could hope for. To follow it up with such an incredible song as you’ll find in “Unfinished” is damn near a musical CRIME – this guy is better than GOOD. Whereas “All Ghosts” starts off with a more-polished Cold War Kids or Frightened Rabbit frantic-innocence to the sound, “Unfinished” brings around a darker-edge resembling artists like Placebo or Damien Rice.
Are you LISTENING to this?  Probably NOT…it’s not out yet – sorry!  Soon I swear!
Honestly – this is a striking three-for-three so far; this is music with impact. “Motor Mind” finally sees Troy Petty at the full-rip of alternative and with backing vocal-whispers put together a complex song that ranges in texture and atmosphere all the way through. The breakdown nearly two-minutes in is just perfection with Petty left alone in the spotlight for a tender moment before taking the song to incredible heights through the final moments. Nearly like our own home-grown Matthew Good in terms of sound for the music (later stuff, not MGB…) but with a Gordon Downie twist to the vocals – there’s no denying what a powerful single this could be, or any of these three so far.
I swear it just keeps getting better. “Set Me Free” is a blues-alternative track that is something Alice In Chains would have been proud to have written. The performances from Petty on Departure have all been incredible in both music and vocals, but this…THIS…this is Troy-unchained here on “Set Me Free.” Getting all-kinds of crazy with the vocalizations and improve-parts, the dark-melodies that swirl throughout this song just continue to build and gain stream with each passing second becoming a true-epic on this album that literally sounds like a menacing but REAL adventure. It’s the kind of sound that literally separates everything you’re doing from what you’re listening to…you fade right into, and become lost in it.
Now I have some terrible news and a few announcements to make. It’s about the final results of this EP and this last title-track…
For those of you that placed your bets in Vegas for Troy to come out with a horrible final song on the extreme longshot bet…I sincerely apologize, the house has taken your money. I have MORE bad news in this final announcement…if you placed your bet that Troy would come out with a glorious ending to his EP, Departure…well…you WON; but not much – I’m afraid the odds were clearly 1:1 at that point…
Enough of my attempts at humour – this is truly amazing music and the final track “Departure” sums up an inhuman effort made upon this album bestowed with five unbelievable songs. This is a man with a clear gift and I will always remember the name Troy Petty after this day. This final cut is such a refreshing anthem and call to spiritual arms…inspiring us all to find our true-calling & place in the world.
Beyond impressive – I highly recommend listening to Troy Petty. Like, NOW. - Sleeping Bag Studios

"Troy Petty - "Departure""

Words: Ryan Getz

Troy Petty is a guy I met at a networking event nearly a year ago. CSA founder Joey Hendrickson told me this was a guy worth knowing. Fast forward a few months to SXSW, where I saw him perform with a full band for the first time, and this notion was confirmed in my mind.

Troy Petty blends dream pop with an adult contemporary singer songwriter sound into his music. This is experimental (and experiential) songwriting meant to get the more old school crowd to expand their listening palette, yet accessible enough for both the mainstream and alternative crowds. The EP Departure expertly blends the abstract with pure passion. Simultaneously raw, personal and out of the box.

“The world, the world, the world is calling you!” Petty cries in earnest on the title track. It is as if we are being beckoned toward adventure, but not in the cheerful way you might expect a “call to action” song to sound. By taking this tone, Petty expresses his message in a way that isn’t contrived. “Motor Mind” is a interesting track about having a the problem of a disquieting inner dialogue – or more simply, being an over thinker. The song seems to act as both a rant and a method of catharsis for Petty. Album opener “All Ghosts” might be my favorite moment of the album, as it sets the tone with a driving crescendo that builds into a strong, but not obnoxiously loud rhythm. “Set Me Free” is one of the more straightforward of the EP, while “Unfinished” might be the most movement worthy of the EP. But the music is still so pensive that it’s hard to gauge exactly how the audience at a live show might react. Being transfixed would be perfectly acceptable reaction as well, I surmise.

Troy Petty is hitting the scene hard, and his performance at SXSW seemed to be evidence that people are responding positively to his campaign. People walked in from the busy 6th street and stayed inside the bar! People who hadn’t heard of him signed their names on the email list on stage following his performance as well.

Departure is worth a listen, having created an interesting hybrid of sounds in the singer songwriter genre I haven’t heard before. Fall is approaching, and I daresay this EP is a good soundtrack to this season.

Score: 4.1 out of 5 - Tuned UP, Ryan Getz

"Recording Artist Troy Petty: Using Music to Speak to the World"

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Recording Artist Troy Petty: Using Music to Speak to the World
by Cyrus Webb

With my schedule I am not able to attend as many live events as I would like, but when I discovered the music of Troy Petty and James Tristan Redding in 2013 (and learned they were coming to my home state of Mississippi), I know that was one event I had to attend.

Petty is a artist that definitely bares it all in his music, and the listener is better off because of it. His album FAIRY TALE PEN is one that you will find yourself listening to again and again---and each time you will discover something unique and mesmerizing about it.

"I put myself through some tests to see if this was really what I wanted to do," Petty told me after his appearance in Mississippi. "I started pretty early on (about 8 years old) and growing through my teenage years I was pretty isolated. I imagined being on stage and carried on with my life. Music has been a form of therapy, something that became a part of me. It was something I could always rely on. As I was getting into my adult years I knew I was going to do it for the rest of my life regardless."

That is how I know that Troy Petty is an artist in every sense of the word. "I don't know what it would feel like to not have music," he confessed.

I can tell you from experience that he gives a part of himself away to the audience with every performance---and his project FAIRY TALE PEN is probably his most personal to date.

"I had a group of songs that I couldn't get out of my head," he explained. "At first they were just for my own personal satisfaction. I was feeling kind of vulnerable... I can't not be honest. I went for broke and picked the ones (songs) that moved me the most. FAIRY TALE PEN tells the story of what it's like to be an artist. I dug deep and really put myself out there."

Instead of feeling afraid, Petty says the release has had an opposite effect. "It was very liberating and like a renewal," he says. "A lot of times when I hear certain songs it's like a reminder: 'Look at what you did.' Everytime I hear it (the album) I am very grateful."

Stay connected with Troy Petty on Twitter at as well as on Reverbnation at Information about his album and current projects can also be found on his website - Cyrus Webb, Conversations Magazine

"popVulture Magazine"

popVLTR: You've been making moves in Chicago, how'd you get into music?

Troy Petty: When I was about 8 years old, I began singing whenever I was alone (building snow forts and riding my bike home from baseball practice). I actually composed an a’capella “album” of about 6 original songs onto a tape recorder...imitating all the different instruments using my voice. Then, I played it for my parents, who didn’t seem too impressed. That next Christmas, the family received a Casio keyboard. I eventually claimed it and began writing songs on it almost that same day. When I was 13, my step-dad gave me his acoustic guitar, a late 70”s Sigma that I actually used to record my latest release, Fairy Tale Pen. Through my teens, and always alone, I did a lot of experimenting with various instruments until about age 21 when I wound up forming my first band “Miss Erie.” The band got our big Chicago start at the late “Avalon” on the north side, and we earned our wings in the Chicago music scene...

popVLTR: Congrats on 'Fairy Tale Pen', who are some of your influences?

TP: Thank you! “Fairy Tale Pen” was this B-side-like baby project that turned into a monster! In the last 10 years, I’ve had countless listening affairs with Low, Red House Painters, Nick Cave, The Cure and Grant Lee Buffalo..often, my influences were inspired by friends or band members identifying a similar vibe between myself and many of the artists I’ve mentioned..although I find myself alone in a more eclectic world where a lot of my musical ideas are born...

popVLTR: What are some of your proudest moments in music?

TP: My proudest moment: I was to perform with my first band, “Miss Erie” in front of my town of my peers and my parents. They were going to hear me really sing after all these years, after I had done my best to keep my music in the dark. Yes, they were all impressed, but the praise didn’t really hit me...It wasn’t until the moment I heard myself singing for the first time, recorded through a professional system. We were unloading the gear at our guitarist’s and he played the tape from our show. I remember hearing my singing voice clearly for the first time; I couldn’t believe it was me..I teared up and hugged my band. I was finally proud of myself and what we had achieved together. Since then, every time a new project is pressed to CD (so the past shall pass, gemini, True Love Maze, and Fairy Tale Pen), I feel like that first time all over again.

popVLTR: What cool stuff is on the horizon for Troy Petty?

TP: Right now, I am excited to be going on tour in November to promote my recent release Fairy Tale Pen! It’s a tour primarily of the Eastern US. I’ll be performing in 25 cities in 26 days beginning in New York City and ending in Philadelphia. Once I return from tour, I’ll be in the studio recording a new album and expect to be on tour again in the spring, which will end in Austin at Red Gorilla Music Fest during Music week! - popVulture Ent Editors

""Fairy Tale Pen" Album Review"

There are a number of artists that come to mind when listening to Troy Petty's latest album Fairy Tale Pen. His vocals fall into a similar category as Brian Molko of Placebo while the sincerity and gravity of his compositions have a Jeff Buckley-type flair about them. Musician Jay Wills joins Petty in order to contribute his drum and percussion work on this release. Petty has done the rest of the work including vocals, guitar, keys, harmonica, and bass himself. This full-length release is on the shorter side in that it consists of only eight tracks, but what Petty lacks within the number of tracks he makes up for in the depth that can be found within each one.
Petty constructed previous albums in a way where he would start on a high note and gradually lead the listener further into the album with tracks of more musical importance and depth and then level out once again by the end of the release. Fairy Tale Pen, on the other hand, was constructed in a way meant to allow a constant plain of interest and intensity throughout the entire album. This is a consistently mellow release that encourages both steady reflection upon Petty's lyrics as well as contemplation within yourself. In a Girl, a song about finding yourself within another person, is a great example of this. This girl that Petty speaks of has encouraged him to become an altogether better man. This is a memorable, stand-out track that would be fitting as the musician's first single.
Like much of his songs Petty has structured 'Becoming' with a foundation of guitar strumming. Distinctions are added in the way of subtle background vocals positioned here and there throughout. His music, especially within this track, often comes across with an airy, joyful sound that draws parallels to Christian music. In previous releases and group projects Petty has varied his work between his acoustic and electric tracks. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with his work that utilizes electric guitar, such as the efforts put forth in his group The Last Dark Show, this album focuses solely on his acoustic work. The album often contains little more than Petty and his acoustic guitar.
A haunting, yet serene grayscale photo of a concrete child angel serves as the release's album cover, which complements the equally ominous and tranquil album well. Being the title track, "Fairy Tale Pen" not only works as the crux of the album, but it also serves as the very essence of Petty's musical career. It is as if he has let the listener in on some of his innermost thoughts and struggles. You get the feeling this has not been the only time he has thrown his inhibitions to the wind and placed honesty at the forefront of his concern. "I Will Miss You This Halloween" serves as the album closer. He has constructed the song around a soft composition that includes not much more than an acoustic guitar. A constant strumming pattern allows for a soothing mood and grants more attention to the lyrics.
Although each track supplies separate interest points the album as a whole contains a similar tempo from start to finish. Petty's soft vocals and the release's leisurely melodies were stylistic choices for the musician, but it would be interesting to hear a handful of more upbeat melodies for diversity's sake. In addition, the fact that he relies so heavily on chord progressions makes many of his songs sound similar. All in all, however, Fairy Tale Pen has encouraging lyrics and soft melodies that have much to contribute to modern music.
Artist: Troy Petty
Album: Fairy Tale Pen
Review By Alec Cunningham
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) - Alec Cunningham

"Album Review - So The Past Shall Pass"

"So The Past Shall Pass ..this 10-song collection by Troy Petty is haunting and evocative at its best, and somber
and sleepy at its worst. But it evinces a level of diversity and sophistication that
marks its auteur as a potential visionary rather than just another self-reflective
Jim DeRogatis - Chicago Sun Times (2003)
- Chicago Sun Times - Jim DeRogatis

"Album Review - So The Past Shall Pass"

"So The Past Shall Pass ..this 10-song collection by Troy Petty is haunting and evocative at its best, and somber
and sleepy at its worst. But it evinces a level of diversity and sophistication that
marks its auteur as a potential visionary rather than just another self-reflective
Jim DeRogatis - Chicago Sun Times (2003)
- Chicago Sun Times - Jim DeRogatis

"troy - So The Past Shall Pass"

"This local singer-songwriter, who is making his first splashes at clubs around Chicago, does tortured, beautiful boy music at its best. Almost every one of Past's odes is gorgeous and echoey, punctuated by enough eerie falsetto to make you melt many times over." - E. Lenhard
Elizabeth Lenhard - Chicago Magazine (Nov 3, 2002 - Elizabeth Lenhard - Chicago Magazine

"troy - Editors Review"

Chicago ambient rockers Troy revisit the woozy heyday of the Verve and Jeff Buckley. Armed with a voice supplied by angels and some liquid guitar lines, Troy weaves a deft, introspective spell. While most shoegazers are content to stare at the ground, Troy's got a head in the clouds.
Editor -
- Editor -


April 3, 2008
Based around the vocal talents and identity of Troy Michael Petty, the Chicago-based three-piece “troy” delivers a minimalistic yet hauntingly powerful alternative, softer rock experience. In addition to a continued presence on the live music scene since 2000, troy released the full length album ‘So The Past Shall Pass’ in 2001, followed ‘holloweenie 2003_, a six song EP in 2003. The double album ‘gemini’ was released in 2004/2005, and most recently ‘The Halloween Album’ in 2006. The 2005 single ‘I for One’ was also featured in the independent film ‘Black Days’.

Petty’s highly introspective lyrics reflect thoughts of love, isolation and the human spirit, presenting a thought-provoking emotional honesty. However, the true spell-binding grip of troy’s music comes from the interaction of Petty’s vocal abilities with the haunting melodies and soft reverbs provided by Petty, drummer Jay Will and bassist/pianist Joshua McCormack. Such is Petty’s vocal talent that it is easy to see the relevance of previous comparisons to Jeff Buckley. This is best demonstrated in the almost chilling and vocally dominated ‘All the wise men’.

Equally adept over electric or acoustic backing, in songs such as ‘Fable’ Petty’s vocals seamlessly weave into intense and entrancing guitars and rhythm. More frequently in tracks such as ‘I will miss you this Halloween’ and ‘Ride’, Petty exhibits a remarkable ability to create dynamic contrasts over low-key backgrounds that emphasise his lyrics and provide a raw yet subtle power very rarely found in this genre. This seemingly natural ability to create intensity ensures troy’s music remains uncomplicated, and allows them to deliver an introspective vision free from pretentiousness.
Unlike many softer rock bands that tend towards easy listening, troy have produced music of remarkable intensity and intrigue that envelopes listeners from the outset. Troy’s music is highly unique, and a must for fans of alternative rock.
Owen Jango - Indie In-Tune (Apr 3, 2008)
- Owen Jango - Indie In-Tune


By Tim Anderl
Chicago native and Columbus, Ohio, transplant Troy Petty is the kind of song writer whose natural inclinations and intuitions result in stirring indie rock singer/songwriter fare that has connected with both audiences in his adopted home city and abroad. Taking cues from songwriting greats like Chris Cornell, Low and Jeff Buckley, Petty released the Departure EP, a triumphant collection recorded at John Schwab Recording, where a wide-range of world-renowned acts like Kiss, Peter Frampton and Gavin DeGraw have cut some of their finest efforts. With Colin Coffey (Slash, Big & Rich) behind the boards, Departure is a breakthrough moment for Petty, who is poised to make major waves with his forthcoming EP and tour dates.
Dayton City Paper caught up with Petty to discuss his recent trip to Austin, his influences and his anticipation of a forthcoming trip to Taffy’s in Eaton.

You recently did a tour to Austin for South-By-Southwest. How was that?
Troy Petty: It was a 10-day tour ending in Austin, Texas. The particular showcase was part of Red Gorilla Music Fest sponsored by Tinderbox Music and held at Touche’ on 6th Street. This was my fourth year appearance and by far the best as the venue was packed and a bulk of the audience was Columbus locals. I really felt a good energy between myself and the audience. This was also the debut of my new line up, consisting of Austin local bassist Adam Prado and one of Columbus’ own, Groove U drummer Barrett Hoffman.

You are originally from Chicago. How did you come to find yourself in Columbus and how has that scene nurtured your growth as an artist?
TP: [I moved] to Columbus, Ohio, in late 2013. I was going through major changes in all areas of my life, so a change in geography seemed appropriate. My girlfriend, who I met while still in Chicago, influenced my decision [to move to Columbus] over Austin, Texas. Since moving, I’ve been touring regularly and have found Columbus a supportive and growing music and arts scene. Regardless of unwritten laws dictating claiming myself as an official “local” or not, I feel honored to be a part of this local community of great songwriters and artists.

What was it like working with Colin Coffey on the Departure EP?
TP: Colin Coffey and I clicked at our first preproduction meeting, which was a critical advantage when recording on unfamiliar ground. Colin’s honest sense of where I wanted to take this EP kept my usual overthinking-it behavior at bay. The daunting task of laying down all vocals, guitars and bass in five days had me on edge, but his technical wisdom and perspective allowed me the confidence to see it through on time and on budget. Colin was very coherent of my vision, transforming Departure into a record I am proud of. I cannot say that for many others I’ve worked with.

You recently released the video for “Motor Mind” right?
TP: Yes! “Motor Mind” was just released on Friday, March 18. The video idea came to me in early December and I quickly consulted my professional videographer buddy from Chicago label Victory Records, Brian Raida. We had worked on a music video with past Chicago project The Last Dark Show a few years back, and I thought he was the perfect person for this job. The preproduction, budget and location were arranged within a few weeks and by the new year we had a shoot date confirmed. Brian packed up his gear on that first Friday of 2016, after a full work day at Victory Records, drove six hours to my place, slept for a few, then shot all day Saturday. He was off and back to Chicago Sunday morning having three hours of footage to edit!

Have you begun preproduction on the LP follow up to the EP?
TP: Yes, I’ve been cutting the first demos of the new LP in my home studio and will continue through June before seeking out a studio. I haven’t discussed the needs of the new LP with Colin Coffey, but it’s first on my list.

Have you been road testing this material?
TP: Yes, I’ve been pulling out the new material live every chance I get, in both solo acoustic and full-band formats. The overall feedback has been wonderful and it’s helping me to hone in on which songs will make the final album cut.

What can Taffy’s patrons expect from your performance there?
TP: Taffy’s patrons have been very receptive in the past and may notice a little more energy from myself and the new material. The undivided attention I get from Taffy’s goers challenges me to really let go and invite them further into my art.

Troy Petty performs at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 15 at Taffy’s of Eaton, 123 East Main St. in Eaton. Admission is free and the performance is open to all ages. For more information, visit

Tim Anderl is the web editor and a contributing writer at Ghettoblaster Magazine and maintains his own music blog at Reach DCP freelance writer Tim Anderl at

- See more at: - Tim Anderl - Dayton City Paper


2010/10/10 - "True Love Maze" The Last Dark Show
2012/12/12 - "Fairy Tale Pen"

2015/6/5 - Departure

Streaming Tracks:

"Motor Mind"

"Eleven Tears"

"Down Time"
"Mr Run On"
"Priceless Fool"
"Never Again Forever"



For all the changes that native Chicagoan Troy Petty has gone through since his last release - 2012's primarily subdued Fairy Tale Pen, a collection of songs dating back three years themselves - it'd be foolish to assume that his songwriting wouldn't somehow be affected. None of these shifts are unheard of certainly, but each is tenuous and relatable: Dissolved connections with professional and personal relationships, moving into his original childhood home and back in with his parents, hopping from job to job, and relocating eventually to Ohio. But what's inspiring is how Petty has come out the other end not necessarily unscathed, but better. His music and production on this latest release Departure are more triumphant and his lyrics seem wiser, whether he's connecting with the listener, requesting needed empathy of a song's antagonist or talking himself through the steps needed to survive the trials he's so vividly documenting. To put it simply, Petty himself says Departure is about "letting go, listening to your intuition and finding your own meaning of 'comfort zone.'"

Though the immensely stirring title track wraps up the album, it's as good of a starting point as any for describing Petty's approach. Set to a tense, waltz-like march that simmers with determination to a stunning boil, the song was born in the bedroom he had as a kid, which ended up inspiring much of the album's material. "Musically, I felt I needed to find my identity in all the recent messes and what direction to go in, because for years I'd been tearing myself apart trying to create in just one medium: Playing acoustically on the road or electric. I decided to let all my notions (about what I thought everyone else wanted me to do most of my life) go, and the instrumentation came similarly, (almost) intuitively and with no rules or fears of crossing another sub-genre for the sake of identity or comfort."

Columbus resident Brian McGuckin often gives this project its heartbeat on drums, but otherwise this whole soundscape is directly Petty's. Performing all vocals, keyboards, bass and guitars himself on Departure, these songs sport real emotional muscle to coincide with the headstrong life lessons Petty brings to the table: Lead-track "All Ghosts" coasts bravely on a deep, pulsing rhythm before hitting a remarkable crescendo where it seems all previous versions of one's self that were once "afraid to fly" turn into "angels," free to meet their true calling; Augmented by an army of victorious strums and distant shouts, "Unfinished" is a commanding promise not to settle or die on the inside before the physical body does so;  "Motor Mind," as close to a full-on rocker as Departure allows, still finds time to step back and examine the artist's insomnia with gentle flourishes; "Set Me Free," as Petty explains, "hit me like a gospel hymn," and sounding like it came directly from a torturous desert, the tune adheres to the religious-meets-gothic nature of true journeymen like Johnny Cash. It's a brilliant, if crazed, plea for ultimate freedom.

Recorded at John Schwab Recording - where a wide range of world-renowned acts like Kiss, Peter Frampton and Gavin DeGraw have laid down material - Departure was helmed by engineer/producer Colin Coffey (Slash; Big & Rich) and was "a breakthrough experience... finally knowing where I belong creatively," remarks Petty. "Much of the feel of this album came from epiphany-like moments, (like) how I felt when I began doing music. Slowly and painfully over the years, I lost myself to the expectations of others in everything I did, and my art began showing signs of that. This album was a great jump-off piece for what's to come in the future."

In July, 2017 Departure was released as “DepartureS - An Extended Collection" including new material recorded live and released under German label Songs & Whispers. Supporting the release included a two month European tour with performances in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and The Netherlands. 

This Fall, Petty joins three-time Grammy nominated drummer and producer and original founding member of Wilco, Ken Coomer to record the follow up “Director’s Cut” full length due out in the Spring of 2018 along with a US and European tour!

Band Members