Troy Vega

Troy Vega

 New York City, New York, USA

Heartfelt, Real life, Fun, Original, relatable and down to earth.


Troy grew up in the South so there's a little bit and sometimes a lot of that southern influence of old school singing like James Brown and Stevie Wonder and dancing in his music combined ala' Michael Jackson with new age electronic sounds and grooves to keep up with todays generation. Troy moved to N.Y. to pursue this gift that he has for singing, songwriting, and producing all his own music and sounds and make the world know they have someone out there who can relate to all their personal struggles and accomplishments in life. And a new artist capable of taking them places only few artist have.


Somebody Tell Me Who

Written By: Darcellius Glover

I was just a little kid
Playing with my little trucks
Parents in the other room
Having a little bad luck

Mom said you gotta leave
Cause we don’t need you no more
Daddy took out his keys
And tossed them on the kitchen floor

He told me a bunch of words
As tears went down my face
I wish I had a playhouse
I woulda climbed up outta this place

He said I’ll be back soon
A bunch of broken promises
Cause of that day I promise myself
That I would never be like him

Somebody tell me who
Somebody tell me why
I always feel like a fool
When I look in your eyes

I was just a teenage kid
Playing with my teenage drugs
My girl was in the other room
Screaming she’d had enough

Told me I had to leave
Her and my kid don’t love me no more
So I took out my keys
And tossed them on the Kitchen floor

I told her a bunch of words
As tears went down my face
I was tired of all the darkness
I had to climb up outta this place

I said I’ll be back soon
A bunch of broken promises
Cause of that day I promised myself
I would never hurt them again
They say it’s cool
To hide your thoughts
Cause nobody wants
To know who you are

They say it’s bad to
Jump the gun
Cause nobody wants
To steal your fun

There's always two sides to who we are
And you shoose the one that leaves the less scars
The truth is not always as it seems
I'm staring at your soul while your looking at me


I am in the process of releasing "Somebody Tell Me Who".

Set List

Right now that's still being contructed but I can easily do a 30 min set list with 5-8 songs