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"The Source"

If you live in the Niagara area (Ontario, Canada), turn on the local community channel, cable 10, and check out Troy's interview on their news magazine program called "The Source". It is currently airing in the loop for the show and will likely repeat for the remainder of the week. The interview will be posted on soon. - The Source, Cogeco TV

"Featured Artist"

** Troy Western was the "FEATURED ARTIST" for May 2006 on, as voted by his fans. was an online community designed to connect bands and musicians with fans.


"Interview with Troy Western"

How long have you been performing?

From my childhood up until shortly after high school, I spent a great deal of time doing music-theatre. It wasn't until I finished high school that I was finally able to focus more attention on just playing music. I've had brief love affairs in my life with various instruments like the violin and the piano, and quickies with the harmonica and even the trombone. But the one that kept calling me back was the guitar. I wrote my first song on my first acoustic guitar when I was about 19. Since then, I've had stints in two bands doing mostly covers and I played around with some solo projects. Now my focus is entirely on my solo work.

In a business that can be quite rough how do you stay focused and positive?

There's a few things I do to keep a positive vibe. First and foremost, I play. It's extremely calming for me to pick up the guitar and just play something -- anything. An original, a cover, a new song, scales -- anything, as long as I can immerse myself totally in what I'm doing. I also have this mental ritual that I go through every night. It's kind of like meditation, in a way. I go through a mental checklist of what I've accomplished that day to further myself with my music, then I'll rework my goals and aspirations, and finally finish it up with a reality check on how I need to get things done. Finally and perhaps most importantly, I rely very heavily on the support from my fans, my family, and friends. Without them, I would be a big ol' messy puddle of nothing.

Is it harder being from a small town? (or what they would call a small

"Small town"? That's kind of funny! One of the things that really inspires me right now is the amount of amazing music coming from this area. There is so much incredible talent that seems to be intertwining itself into the bigger cities that I just don't think of it as being any harder than it would be for anyone else trying to work their way into the industry. Just look at some of the tracks being laid for the past year or so. You've got guys like Dallas Green and The Trews making a huge dent on the mainstream music scene. I guess in one sense, there isn't that instant connection with the big city nightlife that can sometimes help to create a buzz. But when it comes to getting your music and your name out there, it's all just one big ocean for you to swim in -- you just have to make waves.

Do your write all your music and lyrics?

The best therapy I've had in my life has been writing music and poetry (a.k.a. lyrics). So far, I've written all of my own songs. It's the best way for me to give a genuine performance. It just wouldn't seem right at this point to be taking the stage with the singer/songwriter label while having a bunch of people writing my music and words for me. I would love to work on co-writing something, but it would have to be with someone who has similar creative and music interests, otherwise it might be tough to get a creative flow.

What inspires you in writing your lyrics?

The first thing I can remember putting to paper was inspired by love, or at least the desire to have it. Over time, I've learned that inspiration really does come from anywhere -- a song, a movie, simple raw emotion, world events. Quite often, it comes from something that moves me into action, maybe a personal experience or a reaction to something I've seen or heard. I find that I have to grab a pen and write something the moment an idea strikes, otherwise I might lose the momentum to develop it further.

Describe your sound for everyone:

Here's the 30-second pitch, ready?
"A unique sense of melodic phrasing with intense lyrical crafting. An acoustic blend with grooves that are aurally pleasing, the subject matter thought-provoking, and wholly full of 'complex simplicities'."

If you could work with or be an opening act for any of your favourite artists who would it be?

The reflex answer is without question always Dave Matthews Band. That one's easy. But if I take a second to think about it, I can give you a utopic dream: A 3-day outdoor festival with bands like DMB, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Jack Johnson. I could keep going, as I'm sure we all can. Am I being too greedy here?

Any advice for aspiring musicians?

Since I will always consider myself to be a musician aspiring for something, I can only pass on the same things I always tell myself:
Don't ever stop playing, even when it doesn't seem to be working. Always be working on developing performance skills, even if no one is watching you. You're only as good as yourself; if you obsess with being better than someone else, you might forget who you are. LISTEN: to as many styles of music as you can find, to any advice someone is willing to offer, to your instincts when writing and when trying to develop your career. And remember this is a career choice that you will only succeed at if youre willing to work for it.

Special message to your current and future fans?

You are the best! Thank you so much for taking a liking to my music. I like what you've done with your hair. You have such a superb taste in music. We should go out sometime and grab a drink. :)

- CanEh Entertainment

"Toronto Independent Music Awards (TIMA) Nominee"

Troy Western has received a nomination for the 2006 Toronto Independent Music Awards (TIMA) in the category of "Best Classic Rock". The awards show takes place on Thursday, October 5th, 2006 at The Phoenix in Toronto, Ontario. - Eye Weekly & TIMA



A 5-Track Independent EP featuring:

1. Untitled (Sept6-07)
2. Look Around
3. Ravenous Fear Monkeys
4. Say You Will
5. Feel The Love (live version)


CD: TROY WESTERN LIVE, April 4th, 2007

A live album recorded at The Cameron House in Toronto, ON, Canada.

1. Introduction
2. With You
3. Into The Sun
4. Feel The Love
5. Ravenous Fear Monkeys
6. Spero (HPR)
7. So You & Me
8. Reasons (The Birthday Song)
9. Noir
10. This Time
11. Serious
12. Say You Will

Streaming of some songs available at:


DVD: Boxing Night: Acoustic Performances
Includes performances by Troy Western and Jason Maillard from December 26th, 2005 at Port Mansion in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.



Troy Western is creating his own blend of music entirely worth experiencing. Fans around the world are saying his "music is beautiful and voice is hauntingly memorable" with "great presence and talent". "Everything is perfect". As one person wrote, "with his spectacular voice and outstanding guitar virtuosity, he wowed the crowd with his musical prowess".

Troy Western has a passion for music that saturates every note and word, drawing people worldwide to his acoustic-based sounds. Ranging from sweetly simple to intensely intricate, this singer/songwriter delivers songs that are addictive to the discerning ear. A welcoming live performance invites his audiences to experience passionate songs that are emotionally captivating and musically intense.

Troy's dynamic live performances have been seen and heard around Ontario’s “Golden Horseshoe” from Toronto through to Fort Erie, including a performance on the main stage at the most recent "Niagara Food Festival", at Paragon Entertainment’s Singer/Songwriter Competition in Toronto where he placed third overall, and at the Fort Erie Friendship Festival this past Canada Day. Troy was an organizer and performer at the massively successful fundraiser "Andrew’s Fight" in St. Catharines for a friend battling cancer. He was featured on Brock University’s radio station, CFBU 103.7 on the show Inside The Rhythm Hive and on television on "The Source", a community news and entertainment program in the Niagara region, wherein he talked of his passion for music, family, and creative inspiration. Other highlights include performances at the 2007 S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival in St. Catharines and the Highland Creek Heritage Festival in Scarborough, as well as at such respected Toronto venues as The Cameron House, Holy Joe's, and The Renaissance Cafe. In the Niagara region, Troy’s appearances include the Fort Erie Music Festival, Strega Café, Brock University's Isaac's Pub, The Merchant Ale House, Kaz’s Pub, and Port Mansion in both the theatre and acoustic lounge in St. Catharines, and also the Oh Canada Eh? theatre in Niagara Falls. Troy earned a nomination in the 2006 Toronto Independent Music Awards for "Best Classic Rock" for his song Into The Sun. He also earned the coveted "Featured Artist" spot on, a website for musicians and fans alike.

Since Troy's first experience with the guitar at age 9, he has been putting his musical and writing talents to work. However, it wasn't until about 10 years later that he first bought his own guitar and became entranced with its creative potential. Some influential experiences found Troy playing with a couple of bands while he continued to write and perform on his own, including the opportunity to open for Canadian rock group Big Sugar; Troy's exciting acoustic version of "Oh Canada" was met with exuberant cheers from the 200+ crowd. Troy's impenetrable drive to succeed as a singer/songwriter sees him gaining more momentum as more people turn on to what one fan deemed "awesome music".

Currently, Troy is excited to be working with a talented group of handpicked musicians on a studio EP, scheduled for release later this summer.