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Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE

Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE
Band Alternative EDM





Trésors !
Proche de Saycet et par extension de notre collaboratrice Phoene Seberg, Trésor est un duo, pas complètement pop, plutôt synth-pop, quelque part entre influences tordues et bidouillages expérimentaux.

Un duo qui tente de conjuguer le jour et la nuit, nourri par l’Angleterre cold wave, l’Amérique de Carpenter, la France post punk et l’Italo Disco. Le résultat est un film sonore qui ne renie pas l’écriture pop, la danse et une certaine profondeur mélancolique.
Puisant autant ses influences chez Boards of Canada, Joy Division, Moroder ou encore les productions DFA, Trésors hors du temps et des formats construits des architectures synthétiques en forme de mirage rétro-futuriste.

Burial – Endorphin
Mike Simonetti – Capricorn rising
Azari and III – Hungry For The Power
Sbtrkt – Living Like I Do
Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Andi Müller Mix)
Jan Hammer – Don’t You Know
Japan – Canton
Tones On Tail – Go! (Club mix)
Matias Aguayo – Roller Skate
Felix Da Housecat – Elvis
Blackstrobe – Me and Madonna - Sonotown

"Mix by Trésors"

Non, le duo parisien Trésors ne s'est pas ainsi nommé en hommage au bulldog de cet horrible film avec Alain Chabat et Mathilde Seigner. Du moins on l'espère. Depuis leur rencontre dans le sous-sol d'une salle de concert, les deux Trésors se sont enfermés dans "un appartement aux volets fermés" pour faire des choses avec des synthés analogiques. Ils y ont composé le EP Visionnaires, et un mix spécial été pour faire comme si c'était l'été. - Brain magazine

"Top 10 remixes of 2011"

Saycet. Les Parisiens ont sorti cette année un maxi intitulé « Opal ». On y retrouve plusieurs remixes, dont celui des jeunes gars de Trésors, plein de maîtrise, qui n’est pas sans rappeler les oeuvres de Modeselektor. - Sourdoreille

"Juveniles - We Are Young (Trésors Remix)"


We Are Young 04:15 0,99 € Buy
We Are Young (The Popopopops Remix) 03:55 0,99 € Buy
We Are Young (Sferro Remix) 04:05 0,99 € Buy
We Are Young (Yan Wagner Remix) 04:58 0,99 € Buy
We Are Young (Trésors Remix) [Bonus Track] 04:14 0,99 € Buy
- Kitsune

"Remix of the day"

isionnaires, le nouvel EP de Trésors sorti ce printemps, mérite amplement les louanges qu'on lui a fait, et il en mériterait encore davantage. Le duo formé l'an dernier ranime de façon intelligente l'électronica patinée de Boards Of Canada sans faire dans la redite, mais ce remix est par contre bien plus violent. On croirait entendre Arnaud Rebotini, fusionné avec une version post-rock complètement folle de M83. Puissance décuplée, mélodies fantasques, réussite totale. - Tsugi (French National Press)

"Official Playlist"

CLARA MOTO – Deer & Fox

OLIVER $ – Doin’ Ya Thing

ARNAUD REBOTINI – Another Time , Another Place (Trésors Remix)

DAN GHENACIA – Wasting my time

KARVE & KAZEY – The Town (Finale Red Bull3Style)

DIGITALISM – Stratosphere

MATHIAS AGUAYO – Rollerskate




THE ESCAPISTS – Les Ailes Du Courage

AUDREY KATZ – Discolight ( DJ PONE Remix )

STEREOHEROES – Boom Slang Rayflash Remix

XEUM – Refeel Reworks Remix

GACHETTE OF THE MASTIFF – Broke Down Animal ( D.L.i.d Remix )

NOOB – 50 min MIX

SKRILLEX – First Of The Year

ROKSONIX – Music In Me

ZEDS DEAD – Undah Yah Skirt

EXCISION – Reploid

FIGURE – Mr Hyde


SKRILLEX & NERO – Promises

SUBVERT & DATSIK – Heart Stopper

EXCISION & DATSIK – Deviance - Ouï Fm (French National Radio)

"Top 10 remixes - october 2011"

#01 L-Vis 1990 ft. Para One & Teki Latex – Feel The Void [link]
let the darkness take control
#02 Mike Simonetti – Capricorn Rising [link]
my most listened tune in this month
#03 Shit Robot – Answering Machine (Planningtorock’s Pizzo Remix) [link]
you keep on talking, and I keep recording
#04 Arnaud Rebotini – Another Time, Another Place (Trésors Remix) [link]
ultraspacey and ultramoody
#05 33Hz – Nightspot (Eli’s Darkside Dub) [link]
100% NYC
#06 Visions of Trees – Sirens (Novocaine) (Melé Remix) [link]
the party tune of the month
#07 Cadillac – Make You Feel (Marcos Cabral Remix) [link]
it made me happy everytime I’ve heard it
#08 Mercury – Sweetness [link]
they are back!!! sweeeeeetttt!!!
#09 Infinite Potentials – L?vesng [link]
my fave video in this month, I could spend each day like that
#10 Hess is More – Creation Keeps the Devil Away [link]
the surprise track of the month - Simon Iddol - Audioporn Central

"Download of the week"

La valeur très montante Trésors s'occupe, elle, du cas de Another Time, Another Place de la valeur très sûre Arnaud Rebotini : c'est juste ci-dessous et c'est tout aussi wowowow. - Les Inrocks (French National Press)

"Arnaud Rebotini - Another Time, Another Place [Track + Interview]"

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Arnaud Rebotini to discuss his new EP, live sets vs. playing records and french bromances. Another Time, Another Place drops November 7th on Blackstrobe with remixes by Gucci Vump, The Shoes and Olivier Le Castor among others. One of the patriarchs of the french techno scene, Rebotini delivers a catchy pop hook driven EP full of a plethora of remixes to suit any discerning taste. EARMILK: I want to start by saying congrats on the EP. I had a chance to test drive Wardance in one of my sets and it sounds great. Arnaud Rebotini: Yeah, it's a homage to the first wave of idm and the Belgian sound with deep dark bass, dark yet groovy at the same time. The sound is really now. You can see the success of guys like Gesaffelstein or The Hacker that are really doing well with this sort of sound EM: Another Time Another Place has a noticibly more "band" feel than All You Need Is Techno did. Was this influenced by the fact that you were simultaneously working on an upcoming Blackstrobe album? AR: Yes and no, because my last album was really techno, I wanted to more of a vintage sound trigged by arpeggios. I don't like to make the same sound all the time so I went with something more pop and ambient. The idea started with vocoders and a 70's sound. [youtube][/youtube] EM: You've been a big proponent of producing with analog synths and drum machines. Does this stem from a love of the sound you get or is it more due to recreating the tactile feel you get performing in a band. AR: The idea to come back to synths was after the last Blackstrobe tour. We were using analog synths on stage and it reminded me how much I love the sound. I had experimented with vst's and when I went back to analog I remembered how much I missed it and how much I missed performing live with instruments when I was young. I wanted to go back to that feel of performing live with them it's not like just putting on a record and only being involved in your set every 3 or 4 minutes it's really exciting when you're performing as a musician. EM: It's been great to see fellow Frenchman like Para One follow your lead away from dj'ing towards live sets. Speaking of fellow Frenchman you've primarily turned to your countrymen for remixes (The Hacker, Gesaffelstein, Feadz in the past and Gucci Vump, Olivier Le Castor on Another Time Another Place) Is the scene there pretty tight knit? AR: I'm really good friends with The Hacker, Gesaffelstein and Acid Washed. When I see Brodinski out we always have fun. All of the guys on the remixes are good friends

EM: The EP is being released on Blackstrobe Records which to date has served as a home base for your own releases, any plans to release any other artists on it? AR: We're planning an upcoming release for Museum, the guitar player for Blackstrobe. There's a few newcomers that you may see something from soon as well.
Download Play Arnaud Rebotini - Another Time, Another Place (Tresors Remix) (06:20)
EM: Any touring plans after the EP releases either as Arnaud Rebotini or as Blackstrobe? Can we hope to see you in North America? AR: I have some solo dates coming up and we're currently rehearsing for a Blackstrobe tour. Trying to do something in the U.S. coming up soon. (Click the link for tour dates) EM: We're all looking forward to that. Thanks so much for sitting down with me. AR: My pleasure. Another Place, Another Time is out now on Beatport. Highly recommended. - Earmilk

"airy ‘n spaced out Trésors remix"

Thieves Like Us – The Walk (Trésors Remix) - Audioporn Central


After Jupiter, this time we asked the upcoming Parisian band Trésors to talk about their favorite places in Paris. They gave us a surprising and unusual selection of the spots they like to hang out (and where you can meet them).

L’express bar

It is located in the very center of Paris. The only interesting bar in this neighbourhood in my opinion.
The owner comes from the southwest of France (and has the typical strong accent from there) and, his place is just like him:
the smell of Pastis and cheap cigars, everyone talks (loud) to anyone about just anything. I always feel welcome there.
Something (to remember) always happens when you have a drink there. Either good or bad.
L’Express Bar / 23 rue Roule, 75001

Le Bec fin

Couscous is supposedly the favorite dish of Parisians.
I don’t know if it’s true but it’s true for me and this place simply serves one of the best I’ve ever had.Le
Bec Fin / 15 Rue du faubourg Saint Martin, 75010

Muniyandi Vilas

Underground Indian restaurant. They serve parotta, which is a kind of Indian crepe. Very tasty, filling and cheap.
A good friend told me the chef was a parotta star in India and that the owners made him come over.
He makes them all day, by the window so everyone can see this technique.
When you order, they’ll ask you if you want spicy or not. Don’t make the same mistake as I did the first time…
Muniyandi Vilas / 207 Faubourg St Denis, 75010

Point Ephemere & le Canal St martin

It’s not a real underground place but I just love le Point Ephemere. We played quite a few times there, including a really important show for us where we found our booker. The sound system is great. We also did our first dj set as Trésors there for my (Adrien D) birthday and that was a lot of fun. I just love to hang by the canal and drink beer and sip from cheap flasks like a teenager. if you walk a bit by the water you can find hipster cafés and crazy people messing around. Just the right mix
Le Point Ephemere /200 quai Valmy, 75010

Le Double fond

It’s not a place I love but I recommend the experience. It’s a bar in Le Marais where all the waiters are magicians and do tricks to all the customers having a drink. It’s weird and a bit disturbing but it’s the only place I’ve seen like that in the world. We once laughed at the cheap trick our magician/waiter did and he took it seriously and did a better one after that, so it’s a good deal. Oh, and the boss is a midget!
Le double fond / 1 Place Marché Ste Catherine, 75004

- Ten Days in Paris

"Warmer Mixtape #496"

SIDE A | by Adrien Durand

1. The Flying Burrito Brothers | Dark End Of The Street (James Carr's The Dark End Of The Street Cover)
It's a song about death. Beautiful to me. Play it at my funeral please.

2. Paul McCartney | Temporary Secretary
I'm not a huge Beatles fan and I don't really like McCartney but this pre-Electro Pop fucked up song is super cool.

3. Telefon Tel Aviv | The Birds
A great influence to me in the way of writing Eectronic music with lyrics.

4. The Whitest Boy Alive | Don't Give Up
Erlend Øye's voice is sugar and honey at the same time.

5. Air | Playground Love
The vibe of this song is reminiscent of my 20's. Good memories.

6. Kanye West | Dark Fantasy
Kanye can act like a douche but for me he's a musical genius. The Pop of the Future for me.

7. Philip Glass | Rubric
I wish I knew how to play Philip Glass on a piano.

8. Lil Wayne I Imma Get Mine (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Lil Wayne is a really interesting character. He does so many songs, some are good some are boring, this one is kinda old and has a good pop vibe with a catchy chorus I love.

9. Nirvana | Drain You
Best lyrics in the World.

10. Art Department | I C U
One of my fav band these days. Intelligent Dark Disco with an incredible voice.

SIDE B | by Adrien Kanter

1. Neil Young | Cortez The Killer
The song I could listen to a million times. I like the live feeling, so much strength and sensibility.

2. Led Zeppelin | Since I've Been Loving You (BBC Sessions Version)
They found out what Modern Rock is all about. Power, sensibility and just enough approximation to make it perfect.

3. Robert Wyatt | Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road
The chord change, at the end the Droney intro, lifts me up like no other has done to me. A very physical feeling. Robert Wyatt is one of the few musical geniuses on Earth to me.

4. The Jesus Lizard | Gladiator
They were one of the greatest Rock 'N' Roll band. Deep and repetitive bass/drum, screaming guitar and a singer that sings like no-one else.

5. Tim Buckley | Phantasmagoria In Two
This must be the song for my funeral. It doesn't have the shape of a sad song but it's actually one of the most powerful I ever heard. The first time I heard it, I felt like crying over it, just for the pleasure of it.

6. The Sound | Skeletons
The Sound were one of the greatest Post Punk bands. Their album From The Lions Mouth is an eternal classic to me. And this song is an extract from there.

7. Ornette Coleman | Lonely Woman
Such a beautiful melody. So dissonant and powerful at the same time. Very sensual.

8. Philip Bailey & Phil Collins | Easy Lover
He was one of the greatest drummer (he's not dead, hein!... Just retired...) and this song is one of the few perfect Pop song.

9. David Bowie | Moonage Daydream
I'm an alligator... Beautiful lyrics and melody. Very hard to pick just one song by David Bowie. This song ends with one the most powerful guitar solos.

10. John Fahey | On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean
John Fahey was one of a kind. His guitar style and harmonies teach me how to be simple and spontaneous in making Music. Very, very modern. As the title says, this song makes you travel.

+11. Nick Drake | Day Is Done
Nick Drake makes songs that take you into their arms just to reveal themselves inside your soul. - Warmer Climes

"Paris: Local Spotlight: Trésors"

Between cold wave and homemade electro pop check out the duo's debut EP Visionnaires

Adrien Durand and Adrien Kanter started Tresors during the Spring of 2010, with a certain challenge in mind: "Creating something new with synths," they say. Both passionatly inspired by movie soundtracks, melancholic folk and psychedelic (or romantic) movies, Tresors is a mix of all these influences and release their stunning debut EP "Visionnaires?" next month.

Satellite Voices: What makes you smile?
Adrien Kanter: Feeling the warmth of the sunlight on my chest for the first time of the year.
Adrien Durand: Waking up in front of my persian kitty funny face.

SV: What was the first thing you ever made?
Adrien Kanter: As far as I can remember, addinbg some extra noisy features for these toy wire phones that my sister and I used to communicate between our rooms.
Adrien Durand: An arc with my Dad to hunt birds in the woods.

SV: What’s your dream project?
Adrien Kanter: Have the same studio room as Swan's in "Phantom of the Paradise". With an extra live room for band rehearsal though.
Adrien Durand: Raise a beautiful child in a beautiful house by the Mer Méditerranée.

SV: What do you wish you had written/created?
Adrien Kanter: "Rock Bottom" by Robert Wyatt, The Eiffel Tower would have been quite an achievement as well.
Adrien Durand: "Iliad and Odyssey" by Homer.

SV: How do you describe your work?
Adrien Kanter: Passionate and aiming at being beautiful.
Adrien Durand: White nights turned into music.

SV: Who’s work art/music would you recommend on checking out?
Adrien Kanter: Tim Buckley, Ari San (a greek groovy buzuki player from the 60s), or Arnaud Rebotini. Larcenet's Blast series (number 2 just came out). That's what comes up to my mind. The famous 'What do you listen to these days' question has always been the most difficult one.

Adrien Durand: Books by Huysmans and Philip Roth, Music by John Maus, Philip Glass and Cass McCombs. Art by my friend Julien Langendorff or Aurel Schmidt. And Taniguchi comic books that makes me really nostalgic.?

Picture by Yann Le Yann

Tresors "Visionnaires" will be out June 6 - Satellite Voices (Dazed & Confused website) Text by Celine Puertas

"Best New Music"

Created several months ago from an awoken dream formed in the dense layers of the Parisian underground culture, Trésors is a duo that combines the mysteries surrounding day and night. Its synthetic experimental pop takes its inspirations from England’s heart wrenching coldwave, Carpenters lonesome America, France’s sour post punk and the inimitable sultry Italo disco beats. The result is an assemblage of poetic musical imagery, that never fails to deny its pop and dance music influences and even less the melancholic streak that weaves in and out of their compositions.
Haunted by images from classics such as Blade Runner, Scarface or the Zabriskie Point, the duo soaks its anti-pop songs into a cold and emotive well of darkness. Influenced by Boards of Canada, Joy Division, Moroder and even the DFA’s productions, Trésors moves in a timeless dimension building synthetic structures that connect to form retro futuristic musical mirages. - Fred Perry Subculture

"Auto-Interview (132 000 views)"

Video Interview
(published 4th November)
- Konbini


- Visionnaires EP (Release date June 2011)

- Thieves Like Us - The Walk (Trésors Remix)

- of Montreal - Hydra Fancies (Trésors Remix)

- Arnaud Rebotini - Another Time, Another Place (Trésors Remix) on Blackstrobe Records

- Juveniles - We Are Young (Trésors Remix) on Kitsune

- Saycet - Opal (Trésors Remix)



Locked in a parisian apartment during one summer, they produce a few tracks that end up on their 1st EP "Visionnaires" available digitally worldwide in June 2011.

Their sound draws the tastemaker's attention and they quickly work on remixes for of Montreal, Thieves Like Us & Saycet. The duo even sign two remixes on very respected labels: Kitsune (for "We are Young" by Juveniles) and Blackstrobe Records (for Arnaud Rebotini's "Another Time, Another Place"). Numerous blogs and websites praise their talent for remixing & insist on their creative approach on production, always experimental, sometimes aerial or more danceable.

They embark on a 20 gig european tour and play with bands like Suuns, Puro Instinct, Casiokids or Teengirl fantasy just to name a few. Their live act is like their music: dancefloor oriented, cinematic & trippy, leaving space for improvisation and the warmth of their analog sounds.

Trésors are in the middle of producing their 1st mini album on french cold wave / synth pop label Desire and have strengthened their live act, sonically, visually. Their songs are, now more than ever, becoming a witful mix of indie and electronic music, between pop, dance and nostalgia.