trtl soup

trtl soup


Trtl Soup won't be on MTV unless the media somehow finds a way to make a commodity of playful electro-noise music with dance beats about Bill Clinton's cat. Most honestly though, a modest and sincere attempt at making people feel entertained and impressed without lacking that "different" appeal.


The music of trtl soup is really more or less riding on a roller coaster, more of a sim-coaster, through the musical part of the brain of a young man from rural northwest New Jersey. Songs are written and recorded in bedrooms and dorm rooms using a growing arsenal of classical, electronics, and home made sound producing machines. Once these monsters are assembled, they are brought to life, literally, in a live show that most people find to be very pleasing and quite different. Energy, enjoyment and vigor are the best adjectives to describe what comes across on the faces of these "musicians" . Influences for this would range from Ween to Brainiac to Why? to Tom Waits to Beck to unknowingly the Residents.


Debut LP Release: E to the Eye Pie Equals One: Said release has received national radio play as it was picked up for a radio and press promotions campaign with Advanced Alternative Media starting at the beginning of 2007. Advanced Alternative Media is said to be one of the largest names in college radio promotions based out of NYC.

Set List

Latest Setlist:
1. Dragnet
2. Grandmaster Fascist
3. Ben Seaver
4. Belly Talkers
5. Oompah
6. Wall Street Wants His Bottle

Typically a set will last for 30 mins as an opening act. The setlist above was for a 30 minute set. There is up to an hour of material available to swap in and out. Beck covers have been thrown into the repertoire from time to time.