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Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Dallas, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
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Written by: Raul G. Lara

Dropping a #FreshVideo of his single “Holy“, Tru Def spits rhymes that knock on the industry’s door with a box of something unique for the industry. In his video Tru Def shows himself in a symbolic journey travelling through the wilderness of the world & keeping faith in God and himself, at the same time checking the competition. You can tell Tru is a bold artist with the confidence to create & sets himself apart from the crowd with his vision & style. Emerging from Dallas, Texas, the young rapper has made many trips in his musical career, such as opening for acts like Fabolous & Dizzy Wright, meanwhile showing no sign of stopping anytime soon.

You can also keep up with Tru Def’s latest projects at - Raul G. Lara


Editors Note – Been playing catch up today as this was submitted quite some time ago. No worries tho. Some serious heat on deck. Peep what one of contributors had to say #StayFresh

It’s that time again..

My email got the audible crack today in the form of a project entitled “Crown” released 4/20/2014 by a local artist I was unfamiliar with – cat by the name of Tru Def. Never met him but he’s been all in my headspace for the past hour.

Pause tho.. Before I go in on this project lemme just say this once: I am writing this post almost a solid week after hearing the project twice.

Put that into perspective for a minute.

When was the last time you listened to anything twice all the way thru and still had an opinion or lets be real-ANY F*cks to give about it A SOLID WEEK LATER?

Maybe it’s just me.. maybe all the random music slid, submitted, emailed, hustled at carwashes. .left on my desk or “regifted” to me has simply given me a much shorter attention span. Anytime I can remember a name AND a PROJECT…. A WEEK LATER??!!??!? This was special for me.

Tru Def is an artist who I find to be a viable investment for an avid fan of the hip hop genre.

My reasons are threefold.

There are many who will claim to be”game changers” who will hoot and holler about being at the forefront of the next big thing… then there are those who allow their work to speak for them… Tru Def and his project “Crown” are examples of the latter. His first track alone he dives into the subgenre of hip hop infused with EDM with a confident reckless abandon- don’t get it twisted tho.. He does this with precise execution. Tru Def introduced himself to my ears with all the grace of a wrecking ball – forceful and determined but necessary. Dude put in work, and got the job done. This fusion of hip hop and EDM was a prime example of an artist taking the best elements of two very different recipes and creating a masterpiece. Dope. Very Dope indeed. This production by Trixx was both skillfully mastered and well crafted-very good look for both producer and artist-looking forward to future collabs.
Normally when someone comes shoveling their wares my direction they do so with a shiny entrance and a bold promise..I lose interest halfway into the pitch and rarely do I give anyone enough time to finish. So unless you can KEEP my focus you don’t get enough of my time to get to the “good part”… Crown came thru like a project that was presented by an artist that’s paid his dues and learned from his experiences. Tru Def trimmed all the fat and hit you with that 100% Kobe. Crown as a project was all Quality cuts.
There’s a great saying in Spanish, “Dime quienes son tus amigos y te diré quien eres” loosely translated it amounts to: Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. I looked at the producers on Crown- Trixx/Digital Beatz/Flawless Tracks/Fuego Beatz/Tone Jones/iProuducers.. They may not be household names to me..and neither was Tru Def but this artists picked people who brought out the best in him and were able to shine without losing any of what he had to say lyrically, his energy was always put at the center and highlighted .Surrounding yourself with quality individuals who have similar work ethics goes to show your mindset and that for me is always a key indicator of artists worth investing my time and money in. This may be a random observation-if you know me than you know I’m full of these. But artists who work with people who bring out all their best elements and balance their skills in a project are the artists who are capable and strong enough to endure an industry that tends to have a very short and very superficial attention span.
As a whole Crown is one of those projects I remembered mostly because after I gave it the first lesson I wrote the first draft of notes and as I often do…loked at my notes after a day and saw my fisrt words scribbled:

Labor of love.

That was my first impression of the project.

After the second listen that day I still hadn’t scratched that first sentence in my notebook margins out. As an artist, poker player..and single mom- I go with my gut feelings. Tru def –my gut feelings say he’s one to put your money on.

*rolls dice

Till the next one mi famiglia…

-Ciao-Adios y Arrivederci

Stay Fresh boos!

*muah - La Fresh


Dallas’ own, hip-hop artist, Tru Def recently released his first, independent album ‘Crown” and it is nothing short of stunning. People have labeled Dallas with a certain sound, certain lyrical content and put a cap on the limitations of the city’s artists. Tru Def has come and knocked down all of those stereotypes with this EP. Although the album is a mere 11 tracks, (which is probably my only complaint about the project, it’s too short) it is a great introduction album. He introduced himself as a king, having the mind of a God and fed off that aura from beginning to end.
If I had to describe “Crown” in one word, the word would be: versatile. From the
very first track “360” containing a Missy Elliot sample and with a dub-step feel to “City of Gods” where his flow got more aggressive, letting it be known he is still to be reckoned with, to my personal favorite on the album “Time”. “Time” is a laid back song but, is still something that you can bob your head and get lost to. It has a killer bass line that drops you off into an energetic up-tempo sound with a nice mix of slow guitar stream. In general, the song is about life forever changing so in the time that you do have here, do what makes you happy and chase your dreams because you can’t rewind time. “Just kill whatever you meant to/Just do whatever you into/Never let nothing stop you/Just eat what’s up on the menu” are 2 bars from the song that stuck with me. He doesn’t have complex lyrics that make it hard for you to understand what he’s talking about, he tells it like it is. His simplicity partnered with these elaborate beats make for a perfect match.
The artist has made it “his mission” to promote positivity and finding your own piece of happiness through whatever your craft may be. The “Crown” concept behind the album title is to represent that everybody is a King or Queen in their own way, that there is no right or wrong way to be a leader. Although the tracks are unique in their own way, he is consistent with the message. The album is worth the purchase and if not that, definitely worth a listen. He took his time putting it together and it shows. From the production value, to the lyrics, it all flows accordingly and overall is a great project. The fact that it’s his first album speaks volumes of him as an artist. I personally look forward to hearing what else he puts out in the future and seeing where his flows take him. - BRY JONES


Still working on that hot first release.



History in the Making...

Tru Def is a trailblazer musician carv- ing out his own style of music. Hard- working and driven, Tru Def infuses several genres of music including hip- hop,pop,edm and alternative just to name a few. Native to Dallas, Texas, growing up in the town Pleasant Grove ,Def found his passion for music at a the tender age of 6 when his father handed him a mic and told him to speak his mind.

He went on to college at NY’s Manhat- tanville College and left with degree in business management and that New York gritty mentality. Combining his knowledge with a relentless passion for music, Tru Def is hungry to join the ranks of the greats such as his idols Kanye West and Jay Z.

With laser tunnel vision Tru Def’s, main goal is to be a leader for the people, influencing them through his music. Tru Def wants to inspire the people to achieve their dreams and create their own paths. Making waves in his home- town of Dallas and other cities, he will electrify your minds with his fluid verses and entertaining beats capturing your cosign with his energy and admirable artistry.

Tru Def recently released his first album “Crown” an 11 track record that spits out hits from beginning to end. Up till now, this is his greatest achievement be- ing that he wrote,produced and edited most of the album himself. Witness his journey to greatness ,Visit trusocietymu- to download “CROWN” and check out upcoming tour dates

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