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The best kept secret in music


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Venue: The Inferno Room Location: New Philadelphia, OH Date: 2006-10-07
I saw your band for the first time last night, and to be quite honest, I was expecting a big disappointment. I have been a die-hard Tool fan for nearly 12 years and I figured no other band could come close to providing the musical experience that Tool provides, and specifically, no singer could capture the beautifully dark passion that Maynard conveys with his voice. I can honestly say that I was very mistaken. After hearing the first two songs of your set, I knew that disappointment is not an option when it comes to Truage. You guys kick ass. Musically, performance wise - even vocally - you guys have it down. Not only am I a huge fan of Tool, I'm now a huge fan of Truage. See you at the next show!

Reviewer: Jody Papa Email:
Venue: Melody Barn Location: Clays Park, Canal Fulton, Ohio Date: 2006-07-29
I saw your show this summer at Clay's Park and loved it. I was truly impressed and had a great appreciation for your ability to reproduce Tool's unique and complex music. You absolutely do them justice, I think they would agree. I had never seen Tool perform live or on video or even seen pictures of them so I had no idea if there was more to your performance than just the incredible sound you produced. I did finally get to see Tool this week at CSU and can see now where Todd got all of his slinky, slithery moves from, not to mention the cowboy hat. Not only do you play their music virtually perfect, you've also managed to capture a bit of the persona as well. I am looking forward to your performance at the Sly Fox in November and hope you come around north east Ohio more often. Can you believe they didn't play Sober???

Reviewer: Alex Email:
Venue: Crest Entertainment Complex Location: Warren, Ohio Date: 2006-09-23
GREAT SHOW LAST NIGHT!!!! THESE GUYS ROCKED!! My buddy told me..hes never seen tool before, but listens to all their music daily. He said it was just like he was listening to the albums...and I agree, you guys are the closet tribute band to tool!!! Great stage presence to todd!..and the rest of the guys rocked out hard!!!! These guys are great, keep rocking!!

Reviewer: Donna Email:
Venue: Don Pancho\'s Location: New Philadelphia, OH Date: 2006-09-10
I saw Truage last night at Don Pancho's and they absolutely blew me away. Todd was sick and still did justice to Maynard's vocals, which is something even the most expecienced vocalist woud have a hard time doing. The band as a whole impressed me so much, I'm going to be pimping them out to all my friends! Guys, if you can't afford to see TOOL or tickets get sold out, go see Truage, they won't disappoint you!

Reviewer: tater jenkins Email:
Venue: the melody barn Location: canal fulton , oh Date: 2006-07-29
all i can say is WOW! ive seen the "real" TOOL 4 times , Truage has to be damn near the same thing. rockin! the guys are all down to earth & hung out after the show . thanks again for signing my tshirt! youll see me again @ a truage show real soon !

Reviewer: WICKED EARTH Email:
Venue: RPM\'s Rock Club Location: Bridgeville, PA Date: 2006-05-20
You know, it's hard enough to cover one or two tool songs and do a good job of it...but to be able to do it for 2+ hours is amazing! That was the easiest way to tell that it wasn't tool up there, cause they NEVER play that long!!! AWESOME set, EXCELLANT attention to detail, great song choices. All the "hits" and lots of unexpected songs that put a huge smile on the face of any true tool fan! Lots of songs from the early records also! EVERYONE in the band did an EXCELLENT job, and I'll say it again, if I were blind, I'd have thought you guys kidnapped Maynard! If you're looking for an opener any time, give us a shout! - TRIBUTE CITY REVIEWS


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Based out of Akron, Ohio.
(Childhood home of Maynard James Keenan)

TRUAGE formed in 2002 as the Nations Ultimate Tribute
to one of the worlds premier rock bands- TOOL, who
over the last 10 years have been at the forefront of
American metal.

As with many tribute bands, they all have their
skeptics. Truage, by far, is no exception to that
rule, in fact, they probably hear it more than anyone.

The band TOOL, is one of the most artistically
enhanced bands around to date. Skeptics often ask
themselves if anyone could come close to providing the
musical experience that Tool provides. The fans can be
assured Truage will impress their skeptics, and leave
them wanting more!!! Venues large and small have raved
about the aural and visual production Truage brings to
the stage on a consistent basis.

TRUAGE will travel the country delivering the most
authentic tribute to TOOL most will ever see. Material
is drawn from the Opiate EP through the current 10,000
Days LP, spanning over 14 years of TOOL's intricate
and intense, yet brutal and subtle masterpieces.

TRUAGE brings an intense show to any venue with their
visual effects, and specialty lighting. The band is
highly energetic, full of abundant energy, and
provides meticulous attention to detail, and musical

TRUAGE will deliver the most precise renditions of all
your TOOL favorites.

All in all, TRUAGE is a "must See" for any TOOL fan or
rock enthusiast.

TOOL as a whole, is a hard group to imitate. The goals
of TRUAGE, are to play as accurately to the cd's as we
can, while remaining true to the original style that
allows TOOL to stand apart from other bands out there.

"We are not trying to be TOOL, we just want to bring TOOLS music to the people, the fans, and the cities where TOOL doesn't come around or perform often. We are four local guys that try to bring the best representation of TOOL to the stage that we possibly can. TOOLS budget is limitless, so dont expect all the fancy stage visuals TOOL provides, but you can expect a TOOL experience that will sure make you want to come back for more. Thanks everyone, we hope to see you at a show soon." - TRUAGE