Truce is an exciting new band with amazing growth potential. Truce's attentiveness to their community as well as their amazing musical talent, and already strong fan base, are unmatched! Pick their record up on iTunes or in your local Easy St. or Sonic Boom.


This band exists with a powerful shared vision: to create a sound that reflects the honesty and experience of youth. Music that asks questions. music that embraces faith and pushes it away. music that loses all hope and then finds it again. "i feel peace within my heart, i find patience in the overwhelming, that's nothing short of astounding, surrender to all you know. I lost where I was going, the path that I was forcing, i stand tall for more than a reason, a reason to be alone, a reason to carry on. I see hope in all directions, a golden intervention. an attitude or an action, strength through the stereo. I'm looking for a reaction, a longing or a passion, a meaning for us to be.

Zender: "I challenge our fans to think and react. Question that there is more to this life than just the money and social status that surrounds us. I challenge them to find their place, to ultimately be themselves. I want them to find a hope within chaos that is our obligation as human beings, and it is the most beautiful thing you can ever strive to be. I want meaning and hope to invade the best and worst moments of your life. I want you to fight the cosumeristic attitude that exsits so vivdly in our society today. Its not about biting off more than we can chew, its about taking care of one another. This nation's youth has a voice. Is living really just all about buying the next fastest and most expensive car, or the newest technoligical breakthrough? In a world of follow the economically and culturely successful leader, we forget what truely lies inside all of us, a will to learn more and forge a path seldom be ourselves. These are songs that represent us, these words and ideas genuinely reflect where I am and where i want to be...[this band].. is an absolute dedication to the craft... being in TRUCE and seeing our fans pour out their love and support is one of the most humbling things we could have ever imagined, cause it's an attitude that reveals itself in action, an unselfish service to others, it's the greatest of all human qualities."


LP entitled "A Hope Within Chaos" available on iTunes,, Sonic Boom records in Seattle, and east street records in Seattle

Singles on 90.9fm --> "Overrated" and "West of Here"

Single on 104.9 Funky Monkey's Garage Monkey -- "Already Perfect"

Single on 99.9 KISW Loud n Local -- "Already Perfect"

Single on 107.7 the end's Young n the Restless and 107.7 HD radio channel "Endless Serenade"

Full album available to request on 89.9 KGRG fm

Set List

Usually 25-35 min sets... we play all original material... we usually play these songs at shows... not in this order...

Endless Serenade
Already Perfect
Walking Dead
Wars of Entropy
West of Here
Struggle Within