A energy filled rock show! Bringing a in your face rock show to the people!


Welcome to the official site of Truce, a new band based out of Kinston, North Carolina. Truce came together in early January of 2008 with the mindset of playing some good tunes and having a great time. Bringing to the table four experienced musicians from every musical specturm that you can imagine. The members of Truce have known each other from around the scene and have been together in different settings.

Within those different projects friendships were worn thin and attitudes and furniture were thrown around. Years later, as friendships were reborn and ties were rebuilt Truce came together with a few phone calls. The past has been but in the past and a new future is in the horizon.

Truce is going to kick your face in with an explosive live show, one that you will have scars to remember it by. With a strong backbone produced by Robby Burkett on the drums and Tim Herring on the bass. Blistering guitar work by The Nasty and the strongest front man in Eastern North Carolina, Adam Houston. This is a group that you do not need to miss! Please check back for band show dates and band info.

Truce is currently working with Midnight Promotions out of Alberson, North Carolina in conjunction with DRYSTONE PRODUCTIONS/RECORDING STUDIO, on a Full-length disc of original songs that will be out soon. This Disc will be included tracks such as Leaving Disaster, Scars, Pass it by, Let in pour, Dealt, and others.


Leaving Disaster, Scars, Pass it by, Let in pour, Dealt and others will be released soon on our full-length album

Set List

Consists of original songs such as Leaving Disaster, Scars, Pass it by, Let in pour, Dealt and others will that be released soon on our full-length album, we also play covers such as:

Them Bones - Alice in Chains
Would - Alice in Chains
Slither - Velvet Revolver
Woke up this mourning - Nickelback
Killing in the name of - Rage against the machine
If you could only see - Tonic
Slowburn - Rev Theory
For you - Staind
Last time - Fuel
Lakini's Juice - Live
Southtown - POD