Trucker is rock and roll. Visit to download the latest album "Post Rock Motel" for Free! Trucker is also available for 4 man acoustic performances.


Formed in 1995, Trucker is a five-piece rock band based in Lawrence, Kansas. Some of their influences include Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, The Beatles, The Pixies, and Led Zepplin. It’s hard to say where Trucker fits on todays radio dial, but they would be right at home playing on stage with the likes of Tom Petty, R.E.M, or Wilco.

Trucker was recently classified in an article as being an “Alternative Rock Country Pop Combo”. They like to interpret that to mean that they have a diverse song set that appeals to a wide variety of musical tastes which is the essence of a true “Rock Band”.

Trucker’s style and approach reaches through all the genres of rock and roll and nothing about them is cookie cutter. From Alternative to Blues, their music follows their passion for focusing on the craftsmanship of each song. Every member of Trucker is educated, seasoned and accomplished in their own right. Together they are filling a place in the rock and roll spectrum that has been vacant for too many years.


2006: Post Rock Motel (LP)
2006: Feeling Better Today (EP)
2005: The Neighbor Song (Single)
2004: Chosen By God (Single)
2003: Nothing To See Here (LP)
2000: Go Out (EP)
1998: Trucker Live
1997: Red House Demos
1996: Better To Be (Single)

Set List

We like to play the 1 hour sets. We have enough material to fill 3+ hours but enjoy leaving the audience wanting more. We do a few covers such as "Mr. Spaceman" by the Byrds, "Horse with No Name", "Piss Up A Rope" and "Have You Ever Seen The Rain". Mainly we like to stay within our own material though. In a 1 hour set we will genrally do about 15 songs. We are lucky enough that we can taylor our set list to the venue. If we need to play heavier we have a certain group, more coutry'ish we can pick from some others, more poppy same deal.