Truckstop Souvenir

Truckstop Souvenir


A dry dusty road that ends with the spring-loaded slam of a wood screen door. Like boots on a plank board porch against the hum of a neon sign. It's a whisky soaked tale around a campfire or the clanking of empties in the chilly dew of morning's dawn.


"... story telling at its very best ..." American-UK

“... their voices and instruments ... intertwine with an ease that evokes both the showbiz polish of the Everly Brothers and the rustic charm of the Carter clan ...” Kurt B. Reighley, The Stranger

The songwriting duo of Dennis James and Lauryn Shapter was born out of a chance meeting in December of 2002. Old-school country music junkies, the two share an undying passion for music that matters, as well as a profound respect for life and all its myriad emotions, stories, and characters. They began melding their sound into what would eventually become Truckstop Souvenir, drawing inspiration from the rural American landscape and the open road, as well as from the musicians who traveled the highways and back roads before them.

From rousing fiddle-guitar leavin’ songs to sparse takes on the darker side of life, Truckstop Souvenir is about pure and honest music: two voices, two acoustic instruments, and songs that are best taken straight up, no chaser.

A native Texan, Dennis James sings his heart out on lead and harmony vocals, bangs away at the rhythm guitar, plays some choice lead guitar, and occasionally stomps his feet in a barn dance fashion. He's recently added mandolin to his musical arsenal.

Born in the country music mecca of New York City, Lauryn Shapter has spent just about a lifetime with her fiddle. Singing harmony vocals led to the discovery that she actually liked writing and singing her own songs and now no one can get her to shut up. Truckstop Souvenir's arrangements find her on fiddle, guitar, piano, and lead and harmony vocals.


Debut Album titled "Leave Nothing Behind" has several tracks currently receiving local airplay as well as internet radio exposure.

Set List

We play several original songs by both writers including:

Pretty Woman (You Walk On My Soul), Mama's Debt, My Heart Ain't Yours No More, Leave Nothing Behind, The Bootlegger's Daughter, All-Night Franchise Diner, Front Porch And You, Horse And Rider, Prison Walls, Happy Ending, Rodeo, One More Kiss, The Great Divide, It's Simple Here, Stardust Motel, Lillie, Rough Road, Texas Boy, Shaky Ground, Texas Rain, and Wallace, Idaho.

Current cover songs include:

Ramblin' Man (Richard Betts), Paradise (John Prine), Concrete and Barbed-Wire (Lucinda Williams), Hallelujah (Martha Scanlan), and Return of the Grievous Angel (Gram Parsons).

We also include the occasional fiddle tune.

We have the ability to play anything from short opening spots to (3) 45 minute sets.