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True 2 Life Music is composed of Slangston Hughes & Jackie Rob (Concise & k.Words). Musically, the sound is hip hop, influenced by everything from Soul to Funk to Punk. T2L bring a level of realness that allows them to tip-toe the line between larger than life personalities and down to earth people



True 2 Life Music is a rap crew composed of emcees Slangston Hughes and the emcee/production duo Jackie Rob (Concise & k.Words). After meeting as friendS with similar music interests at Cornell University the crew formed and developed their sound. Musically, the sound is hip hop, influenced by everything including Soul, R&B, Funk, Punk, Rock and Reggae. Mostly produced by Jackie Rob, the “True 2 Life Sound� has always been based on being fresh to death. Whether the feeling is more soulful, smooth, fun or edgy, the artists bring a level of realness that allows them to tip-toe on the line between larger than life personalities and down to earth people.

As a collective, they embody hip hop striving towards its full potential. The artists all desire to make great music that expresses who they are in various aspects of their lives. True 2 Life refers to the musical aspect of the group, but more importantly is the culture and identity when it comes to their style and mind set. Hoping to enlighten, inspire, and of course entertain, the group is poised on continuing their sound which has always been able to get heads nodding and feet tapping. This is especially seen with their performance energy. True 2 Life Music’s stage show is a high energy, passionate, and moving experience. It is truly like a party on stage. They will always be on the front line being true representatives of hip hop urging the people to live, love, and listen.

Recently we've been building a name for ourselves from both a music and production/songwriting stand point. But I'll spare you the "how great we are" jargon and give you a quick glimpse of recent accomplishments...

Quick Overview: True 2 Life Music

1. Recently opened for national acts, T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, Juelz Santana, The Dream and DJ Unk in the last two months
2. Just released Mixtape "LIVE.LOVE.LISTEN Volume 1"
3. Just released Music Video "TONIGHT" by Slangston Hughes feat. Concise & Mike Maven (filmed at alma mater Cornell University & NYC)
4. True 2 Life Music just completed our Feature Film Debut in Fox Searchlite's Biggie Smalls Biopic "NOTORIOUS"
5. True 2 LIfe Music is featured in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY...on page 8 of issue #991 May 16, 2008 Pictured in the "FIRST LOOK" of Notorious in a scene with Derek Luke(playing Diddy) and Gravy(playing Biggie)
6. We are also writing and producing for major artists including Fabolous, Diddy, Gravy, and Roots affiliate P.O.R.N.. (WE WRITE & PRODUCE ALL OF OUR MUSIC!)
7. True 2 Life Music is great music, good times, poignant lyrics, originality, and making boyfriends insecure since '01

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Urban Blog "HipHopnRb" review True 2 Life Music -
Interview with Almost A-List:

"TONIGHT" Music Video:

LLLv1 Mixtape:
(download) includes Bonus *Liner Notes* giving background on the project

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True 2 Life Music - Poppin' On TV
Slangston Hughes - Tonight
Jackie Rob - Breakdown

Live. Love. Listen. Volume 1 by True 2 Life Music

Set List

The set is typically 20-30 minutes which includes all orginal music and some accapella / crowd interaction segments

Set list includes
The Struggle & The Dream
Posse Up
Hip Hop Ride
Poppin On TV
Tell It 2 My Heart

Set is subject to change