True Black

True Black

BandHip Hop

The music would get the attention with anyone. The sound is like music of today, but the lyrics are blessed with the touch of GOD. I take time with the music, the lyrics,and the ministry it self.


I'am a man of GOD, who is tring to reach all people around the world. My ministry is so real that anyone can relate to it. I go around from city to city giving my testimony that GOD gave me to tell everyone. My ministry is not about money but its about saving souls. I'm real with everything that I do. I dont just rap about the songs, but I actually live the songs that I rap. GOD is truly the head of my life, and my families life. GOD has blessed me with a wife that is apart of the ministy, and children who love me. I attend Claiborne Family Of Faith Worship Center. My Pastors name is Judy Johnson. I've attended the same church since I was small.
I have been raping since I was 6 years old, and I haven't quite yet. I'am also an producer so, I make my own tracks.
GOD has given me a gift, and I love to share it with the world.


The new cd that I'am working on right now is called

"Kingdom Business"

Meaning we have to be about GOD's Business...

Set List

I have different timed cds that I make.
I usually go by minutes, not the number of songs.
The sets depend on the individual that wants me to attend the function