True Blood

True Blood


For the 98 1/2 percent of the public who likes and understands what "good music" really is, than this band is for you. With major influences by "real" music artist like Mellencamp, Petty, Dylan, Bon Jovi, Fogerty, the Stones, Foreigener, and Journey, and last but not least, the King, Elvis!

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2002 - Self Released LP Entitled "Gypsy Girl".
2004 - Signed with Indie Lable 'JetSpeed Records' In Los Angeles CA, and Recorded a New LP Entitled "Roam" to be Released in the Summer of 2006.

Set List

Selected Songs from the Self Released LP Plus Many New Songs from the Forthcoming Record.
Our Sets, Based on Our Originals, can Consist of a Minimum of Thirty Minutes to an Hour Long.
Some Covers are Incorperated into Our Original Sets. Those Artists are Bands Such as Journey, Foreigner, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp and more.