True Colour Of Blood

True Colour Of Blood

 Strasburg, Virginia, USA

It’s time to take your musical pre- (and mis-) conceptions and check them at the door. Form, melody, rhythm, chords: these words represent nothing but rules, barriers and walls which only serve to limit the places where “music” can exist or reach towards. Eric Kesner couldn’t care less about anyone’s predetermined ideas about what music is or should be. True Colour Of Blood’s music can best be described as “Ambient”or “Drone” but manages to break even the rules (if there are any such thing) of t


What sets True Colour Of Blood apart from other artists? Deep originality and the desire/need to create something new, fresh and exciting. Taking his instrument, the guitar and using it in ways that others had never dreamed of.
Since the mid 1990s True Colour Of Blood has been creating Dark Ambient/Ambient/Drone soundscapes. TCOB is recognized as one of the originators of the guitar based style and has released six critically acclaimed albums (15 Years Of Guitar Drones just released March 2012) and multiple compilation appearances on such labels as Hypnos (US), Gears Of Sand (US), Eibon (Italy), Slo Bor Media (US), Afe (Italy), Waterscape (Germany), Dreamland (Australia) and Soulworm Editions (Poland).
The goal of True Colour Of Blood was to set out to take the guitar places that no one had done before. To get sounds from the instrument that sound nothing like guitar. To create mind blowing/hallucinogenic music.
In the live setting minds are expanded and jaws dropped as the audience witnesses the guitar being used in a way that they've never experienced before. You can see it in their faces, the question in their minds "how is he getting these sounds just out of one guitar?"


15 Years Of Guitar Drones (available at over 90 digital download/streaming services Worldwide) - 2012

All Of The True Things I'm About To Tell You Are Lies - (2008)

The Cave Of Knowledge (3" ep) - (2008)

(absence) - 2003

Awakened. To Never Sleep Again - 2001

The Significance Of Secrecy - 2001

Twilight State Dream (1998)