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Terique Greenfield is a classically trained composer and producer. The multi-instrumentalist has had his music placed in 5 different television shows over the last year. He is represented by True Distinction Music, and has no limitations when it comes to creating high quality music in any genre.


My name is Terique Greenfield and I am 24 year old composer and producer from Silver Spring, Maryland seeking to gain more experience in the world of music licensing for television and film. I certainly see myself as a “behind the scenes craftsman” as the majority of my work is instrumental.
My musical background begins with me picking up the violin at 8 years old, and the piano at 10 years old, and advancing further on the piano than I did the violin. When I got to college, I began as a music major, but then decided to keep music as a minor. Upon my junior year, I decided that composing was something that I wanted to get into, and have invested in hardware, software and time since.
My career goals are to go from doing composing music on a freelance basis to being hired by a company as a staffwriter, or building a big enough client base to support myself. My recording setup consists of Logic Pro 8, Reason 3 (as a sound source), an 88 key MIDI controller with pedal, MPC (for drums), various sound libraries including East West, Liquid Instruments, and KORE player from Native Instruments, and a violin that I sometimes use to create my own samples.


My Music has appeared in 5 different television shows in the past year, and soon to be 6. All my credits are listed in my blog at ; Thus far, my music has been placed in "Sport Science" on Fox Sports Network, "Known Universe" on the Discovery Channel, "Fight Science" on National Geographic, "Crime 360" on A&E, and "American Paranormal" set to air on National Geographic.

Set List

I have 75-100 tracks produced for television and flim, but I also have pop songs written.