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True-Faith is a unique and extraordinary group. Delivering breath taking lyrics, which speaks to the heart of the listener, creating a new genre of Gospel.


True-Faith are artists/songwriters, who are determined to reach the world through truthful and positive Gospel Music. This Ministry is greatly influenced by situations that many people face in everyday life. For example: Death of loved ones, Emotional Depression, Hatred-Envy, etc. In order to reach many different types of situations and make an impact, all Gospel Music can not be the same. Being Uniquely Defined is what makes True-Faith different & willing to expose the untold truth. There are 3 groups within True-Faith, we are a family, on a mission to reach millions, with the Ministry that God has given unto us. In spite of the attacks that we face by the enemy, we know that the devil is a liar and if God be for you, who can be against you!


Uniquely Defined Part I & II (LPs). The Devil Won't has airplay in ATL on sgn the light radio station. A single from Uniquely Defined Part II.

Set List

The Devil Won't, Gospel Slide, Whatwouldudo. Sets are usually 20 min.