True Fiction

True Fiction

 Welland, Ontario, CAN

All 4 of our band members are individually talented in respects to music. When we come together, it's like a mash of 4 different genres meeting in the middle and forming something that has it's own identity - True Fiction.


True Fiction is an alternative/progressive band from Welland, ON. We aim to bring melody and harmony into our music as much as possible. We've been said to sound like '70's style rock by our friends, with a touch of progressive every now and then. We are not the typical 4-chord rock band, and that is what sets True Fiction apart from the rest. Inspired by a range of artists from Pink Floyd, to Opeth, to Billy Talent, to The Spill Canvas. Each member of our band brings something very different to the table, and we try to shape our influences into our own sound that we can call our own.


Self Titled E.P; 6 tracks - recorded in our basement.
'Stay' was played on a London, ON radio station after we played it live at a gig.

Set List

All Original Material

World At Night
Master Thief
Take It Away
Great White Buffalo
All In Good Time
And It's Gone