True Historians

True Historians


True Historians combine a group of honky tonk purists from Chicago with a couple of country crooners from Texas. Featuring a full 8-piece band complete with pedal steel, piano, fiddle, and some authentic twang on the vocals.


Always striving to capture the sights and sounds of a honky tonk bar circa 1960, True Historians have carefully studied those who've made a life of dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music. Between them, the band has spent countless hours performing in both the liquor lounges of Central Texas and Chicago’s finest live music venues.

Trevor McSpadden and Jessica Jane Childs cut their teeth in the roadhouses just south of Austin, performing regularly at the legendary Cheatham Street Warehouse (“an art gallery for Texas music”). Coming to Chicago in January of 2005, Trevor quickly got involved in the thriving underground country music scene. Within months, he had assembled a full honky tonk “big band” and after a few phone calls, Jessica headed north. The band sharpened up on some classic Cash/Carter duets and were ready for the road when Jessica hit town.

True Historians take great pride in performing at some of the seediest beer joints around, but they are also quickly becoming a favorite on the country circuit in northern Illinois. With a couple of purebred Texan vocalists and a crew of musicians that can channel the greats, True Historians have created their own honky tonk style that reflects the sounds of the night life.


Currently in the studio working on our first full-length album. Check the audio link to hear some samples.

Set List

True Historians can burn through a 45-minute opening set or entertain a room for over 3 hours with a well-crafted mix of classics and originals. The band always pays homage to Merle Haggard, Webb Pierce, Johnny Horton, Hank Williams, and Buck Owens, but never fails to keep the crowd dancing with their own tunes.