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"Central Texas shines its own Truepenny"

AUSTIN — It has finally happened, Central Texas. A band comprised of young, talented and innovative individuals has arrived and are rockin’ our socks off.

Truepenny is the name of the band, and it shines like a newly minted coin. Their mix of melodic vocals, rocking drums and technical bass and lead guitar work is a mix that we have all been missing out on lately. This band is not about the piano rock, throaty howls or the punk that Austin seems to be proliferated with; Truepenny is truly all about the rock.

Truepenny sounds like a mix of Silverchair and older classic rock acts. The band’s influences range from Led Zeppelin to The Police to Red Hot Chili Peppers, which helps explain the broad range of musicality these boys have. There are no gimmicks when it comes to this band’s music or style.

The drum solo shone, especially since not too many bands out there are paying homage to the classic rock style of the drum and guitar solo. Although some might say this fundamental music style is not innovative enough to make a dent in the rock scene, I feel its traditional, non-gimmicky style is what separates this band from a lot of the Austin music scene. - University Star


From the rhythmic assault of metallic, razor sharp riffs on “The Shine” to the rolling, melodic waves of “Set You Apart,” it’s easy to see why the credits of Truepenny’s new EP, “Straight to Video,” read like a list of Austin’s music elite. Songs being played on 93.7 KLBJ fm include Straight to Video, The Shine, and Crawlback.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Truepenny began to form in 2002, when University of Texas students Will Lindow and Alex Dunlap started playing acoustic shows for their friends around campus. Realizing that there was potential for growth, they recruited guitarist Colin Slagle through a friend and started writing. To fill in the drummer position, Will approached Dorian Colbert, from his hometown Beaumont, and Truepenny was officially up and running. Through a stroke of blind luck, and a little talent, the band almost immediately picked up a residency at the renowned Steamboat, run by Danny Crooks. Soon, the talent caught up with the luck, at least we think so, and Truepenny started playing at premiere clubs in Austin such as Stubb's, Antone's, Momo's, Red Eyed Fly, and Flamingo Cantina. With the impending release of their stellar EP Straight to Video, driven by new guitarists Chuck Vail and Tobin Allen, Truepenny looks to share their sonic soul not only with Austin but surrounding areas and eventually the world.

With the finale of the Austin Outer Limits Tour and the release of "Straight to Video", this band is no longer a stranger to the road and they continue to stun audiences alongside such veterans as The Toadies, Los Lonely Boys, Bowling for Soup, Better Than Ezra and Flickerstick.