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Springfield, Missouri, United States | INDIE

Springfield, Missouri, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Pop


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"The Construction Zone - Blog Review"

A Little CD Review...
Seth Truett, the bad ass keyboard player in Yellow Tape's summer hit, I Love My Dead Gay Son: The Musical! has a CD in the works. It won't be available for another month or so, but we -- insider scenesters that we are -- obtained a super-sneaky preview advance copy, and asked Jonathon to review it. Here's his thoughts:

Let's just make this plain: I think Seth Truett's new album is rad. His music sounds like Brit rock that doesn't suck -- combing the traditionally smooth sound eschewed by our UK cousins with an emotive vocal style (ala Ben Kweller) and a beat that'll kick your ass. The bob-your-head-friendly "Better Off" is a great break-up song for the sensitive guy, without wandering off into the naval-gazing melancholia all-too-common amongst dude rockers these days. And, although we usually think this is a bad thing, we love that "Forgotten" has the kind of radio-ready, shake-yer-groove-thang energy we used to hear in bands like Blur (before they started to suck). The majority of album feels like music you can dance to without feeling like a geek -- which, to me, is half the battle. So the fact that the hooks are catchy and the lyrics are cute is an added bonus.

Look out for the album to be available online later this month, or keep your eyes on Seth's website for upcoming gigs. Even though the man himself has moved up to Missouri, rumor has it he'll still be playing with Traitors here in Austin from time to time.

To hear sample tracks, go here. - The Construction Zone

"Ronn T - Blog Review"

Great New Music!!

Okay, I came across some great music I'd like to pass along by a refreshing musician... Seth Truett. I can get my hands around this stuff, as it reminds me so much of some of the great rock music I listened to growing up. And although his sound reminds of me of so many different artists, his refreshing style has a substance all its own, and he's not bogged down in trying to sound like anyone other than himself. Check out his website - - and listen for yourself. Right off the bat, Better Off hit me with a reggae rock beat and a style reminiscent of REM, as does the the song Take A Stand (Michael Stipe would be proud). Forgotten, however, evokes memories of The Beatles' Let It Be era, with some hard driving rock guitar and piano licks that brought to mind one of my favorite Beatles songs, One After 909.... Wow! And, along the same Beatles vein, the song Want It has John Lennon influences written all over it... But if you want a good, toe-tapping, whistle-along sort of tune, listen to How Long - I felt like I was back in the seventies again, especially the guitar runs in the last half of the song that made me think of Roger McGuinn in his Byrd days, as if he were playing alongside the Loving Spoonful! Frontline definitely had me flashing back to the good old days, when I was listening to the Kinks and Steppenwolf... excellent stuff here, guys... And if you want a good ballad, give a listen to Pinch Me. All in all, I don't have a bad thing to say about this music. If you're longing for something a bit different, that'll leave you tapping your feet and feeling just a bit more upbeat than before you heard it, then I suggest you give a listen. You won't regret it... - Ronn T

"Tim Kasher of Cursive 9/28/07"

"This music is good, it's evident you guys have the's sexy.
-Tim Kasher of Cursive - Music Nation

"Doug Brod of Spin Magazine 9/28/07"

"Nice stuff...very well-crafted and -played songs. I'm especially impressed by the changes on "Take It Back." The '60s-inspired pop chorus reminds me of bands like the Turtles. Some of the vocals on these songs have a Liam Gallagher feel-- a good thing."
- Doug Brod (Spin Magazine) - Music Nation

"Truett & The Traitors Capture a Timeless Sound with Beatles Inspired Tunes"

One could say that the Austin’s loss is Springfield’s gain. While Southwest Missouri native, Seth Truett had dreams of making the Austin music scene, he quickly learned just how difficult that would become. Austin is filled to the brim with musicians striving to have their music heard, and make a living at it. According to Seth, even your run-of-the-mill bar bands in Austin already had at least 3 CDs under their belt. He decided that in order to get attention and compete in that music scene, he would need to record a CD as well. Hence, his return to Springfield, to record his first solo project with legendary producer and recording engineer, Lou Whitney. Seth had grown up watching The Skeletons, the studio band at Whitney’s recording studio. It was at this point Seth decided to return to Springfield, after spending 2 1/2 years in Austin.

In preparing for the album, Seth realized he would need a band. After recommendations from mutual friends, the four-piece band came together, but has since added a fifth member. Truett & the Traitors is now comprised of lead singer, Seth Truett; guitarist, Dave Price; bassist, Chris Greig; lead guitarist, Adam Cochrun; and drummer, Rick Gates.

Their sound is largely influenced by music of the 60s’, mainly the Beatles, as well as some Chuck Berry, though his music came a few years earlier. Yet, Truett & the Traitors refuse to be pigeon-holed into one or two genres. Seth explains that their music is a spin of genres, taking from 70s punk, while mixing it with a little bit of Americana, and throwing in some uptempo. Seth also points out some more modern influences, namely the Strokes and Coldplay. He believes these two bands have had the greatest influence on music over the last 10 years, along with a resurgence of the garage band sound earlier in the decade. Additionally, Seth credits modern bands such as Jet, White Stripes, and other British bands as having an influence in his music.

While all of their music is original, the band has found that audiences generally like a few cover songs thrown into the mix at shows. Seth says he tends to favor the songs that typically do not get the appeal of the fans, as much as some of the other songs. While discussing upcoming shows, Seth shared his thoughts regarding the ordinance which prevents those under the age of 21 from attending live performances in venues that serve alcohol. He explains that since the passing of this law, the attendance at live shows of most bands has been cut in half. In a city where there is an abundance of local music, the competition can be rather stiff. It also causes more difficulty in booking shows. Basically, the bands now have two groups to which they must cater: the over-21 “bar crowd,” and those under the legal drinking age. The result is they have to book more shows, at different types of venues.

In listening to the music, one can definitely pick up on the 60’s and 70’s vibe. Take It Back seems to be a fun mix of pop combined with a 70s punk sound. It is a song that will definitely get you moving. However, all of the songs are solid, and each has its own appeal. Fans will soon be in for another treat, as Truett & the Traitors are currently recording four more songs. While the songs are being newly recorded, they were actually written several years ago as part of Seth’s solo career. These songs have also been recently played at area shows.

In addition to recording the new music, Truett & the Traitors can be seen live in three upcoming performances in Springfield. They are scheduled to play the Outland on May 23rd, along with John Henry & the Engine. Next, they will be playing at a lucky fan’s birthday party at Lindberg’s on June 13th, though Seth did stress the show is open to the public. Finally, they will return to Lindberg’s on June 27th, where they will be playing with Holstein, who will be holding their CD release party. Merchandise, including CD’s, t-shirts, and stickers are available at shows, as well as their online merch store. On a rather fun note, the t-shirt designs are derived from pictures that fans doodle on napkins during live shows. If you are looking for some new music that is solid, timeless, and downright fun, you will definitely want to check out Truett & the Traitors. You just might get hooked. I did. I just spent the last 3 hours listening to their catalog of songs, over and over. -

"For Seth Truett, you can come home again"

The guitarist and songwriter, a John Lennon Song Scholarship contest finalist, will celebrate his CD release.

Michael A. Brothers

A year ago, Seth Truett was in Austin, Texas, trying to make it as a full-time musician. But the 26-year-old guitarist and songwriter found out that what makes Austin great — tons of live music — also makes it hard to break out there, especially when you're trying to play solo, unanattached to a band.

"Austin was a lot of fun, but it was really difficult trying to start over from scratch," the Springfield native says.

Last summer, he came home and spent about two weeks recording an album of his songs with producer Lou Whitney and his studio crew. The CD is titled "The Wind Is Gone," and Truett marks its release with a show tonight at Nathan P. Murphy's. Backing him up are the Traitors — guitarist Dave Price, bassist Chris Greig and drummer Josh Poulette.

"I think they add a lot of energy to the songs," Truett says. "... It's hard to find guys you really enjoy playing with, and who fit the mold of the sound you're looking for."

Truett describes himself as a guitarist and songwriter, not a lead singer or a rock star. He lets the music come first, followed by lyrics. The process has served him well thus far, as one song, "Pinch Me," became a finalist for the John Lennon Song Scholarship contest.

He cites the Beatles, Radiohead and more recent acts the Strokes and Ben Kweller as strong influences.

"More than anything, I think I fall somewhere between Ben Kweller and those classic artists," Truett says. - The News-Leader Springfield, MO

"GO! Magazine's Maestro of the Week"

MySpace Maestro of the Week: Truett and the Traitors

admin | 30 October, 2007 13:01

We first ran into this band back in September at Planned Parenthood's Rock for Choice event at Patton Alley Pub. Since then, we've noticed their fans pounding the pavement for people to vote for them at (see the band's Music Nation page here). At stake, apparently, is a spot in SPIN magazine and a possible recording contract. The band is also asking fans to help vote it into the final spot in the Wingapalooza music lineup. Click here to see all the eligible bands, and to vote.

All this hubbub led us to Truett and the Traitors' MySpace page. What we found was a fairly standard page design-wise (we're not sure why about that disappearing/reappearing audio player—maybe it was our computer). The band's music is tight: it's a straight pop-punk vibe reminiscent of My Chemical Romance or All-American Rejects in ambition and solid ability, if not production quality.

Your next chance to hear the band locally is Friday at The Outland Ballroom (8 p.m.), but it's clear from Truett and the Traitors' limited tour schedule—and all the online vote soliciting—that they're trying to take the PR route to fame rather than the frantic touring one, which might make struggling-rocker purists roll their eyes, but not us: For their Want-To and a tight-knit sound, Truett and the Traitors is our MySpace Maestro of the Week!

Matt Lemmon, editor
- GO! Magazine

"Pump Up the Jams"

Hey Yellers.

A quickie. Seth Truett, just one of the keyboard players that’s composing bad ass new 80s tunes with the band for I Love My Dead Gay Son: The Musical!, (Yellow Tape’s super-cool new show) has started playing a regular gig at Momo’s on Tuesday nights.

We went this past Tuesday, and it rules. Listen to Seth’s music at his website, or if you’re a member of the MySpace army, go here – you can sign up to be Seth’s “friend”, or even send him an “instant message” – or, you could stop acting like a jackass, get off your computer, and go see him play live.
- The Construction Zone

"We Will Be Movie Stars!"

Both Seth Truett and The Early Tapes agreed to play at our Season Launch Party after our June 30th performance! It will now officially be the hippest party in the history of the universe. Score. -

"News-Leader Album Review"

Seth Truett's "The Wind is Gone" owes as much to the Beatles as it does to the Strokes and songswriters like Ben Kweller. And that's only appropriate,
given that music fans today, especially those Truett's age, recognize that honest music carries no time stamp and goes beyond eras, genres and decades.
Just be yourself, and someone's going to get it.

Truett's honesty comes through in songs like the stealthy "Pushing Red
Line," in which he sings, "The music speaks to me and all my friends / won't you help me back on my feet again / the music speaks to me until the end" On the resurgent closer, "Give Love," Truett declares to a former lover that he's going to keep on giving away what she selfishly took, "because we all want some more." By the time we reach the high-flying coda, we want to sing
with him: "I've got a crazy mind and attitude / to give love just in spite
of you."

Working with producer Lou Whitney (Syd Straw, the Morells, the Skeletons) Truett injects the songs with crisp guitar work and a tight rhythm section. Poppy, laser-like guitar lines on "Take It Back" and twangy brushstrokes beneath "Pinch Me" add tasty sonic touches to the solid songcraft.

Michael A. Brothers
Features and entertainment writer
Springfield News-Leader
- News-Leader


Seth Truett's full studio album "The Wind is Gone" was released at the end of March 2007. "You Can Have It" and "Take It Back" have received extensive airplay on college radio stations nationwide, while "Pinch Me" won first runner-up honors as a demo in the 2005 John Lennon Songwriting competition.

Truett & The Traitors EP released 8/27/10



Legendary rock band AC/DC once made the claim that "rock and roll ain't noise pollution," and emerging stars Truett & The Traitors are here to back up that claim with their emission-free brand of melodic pop-rock that will deliver a fresh perspective on the state of music today.

Initially formed to promote Seth Truett’s debut album "The Wind is Gone," the band is now four members strong with Chris Greig, Adam Cochrun, and Rick Gates.

Truett & The Traitors have been enjoying great success playing at colleges, dive bars, night clubs, and concert venues around the Midwest, and they plan to continue playing anywhere and to anyone with a hunger for something new and refreshing.

PLAY:stl Festival, St. Louis, September 2008
C-Street Jam, Springfield, May 2009
C-Street Jam, Springfied, June 2010
PLAY:stl Festival, St. Louis, September 2010

Cities Visited:
St. Louis, MO
Kansas City, MO
Columbia, MO
Joplin, MO
Eureka Springs, AR
Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
Norman, OK
Bartlesville, OK

Radio Appearances:
Z106.7, twice interviewed
KSMU Live performance and interview
The Growl - Missouri State University Radio interview

TV appearances:
DU Uncut, 2007

College Performances:
Drury University Earth Day
Drury University Delta Days
Missouri State University May Day
Drury University Green Week