Truewind has a fresh, crowd-pleasing, unique sound that is clearly Canadian. It's blend of folk, jazz, and rock is sure to encourage concert-goers to tap their toes and to simply enjoy themselves. The group has a lot of fun on stage with an abundance of positive energy.


Matthew Manifould(Bass/Guitar/Vocals) and Eric Mackay(Piano) started a band in 2006. After going through several lineups of band members, Matt finally found a drummer, Ben McFarlane who worked well with the rest of the band. This became the foundation for our group. After losing our former bassist, we decided that Matt would play bass and we would set out on a mission to find a singer, so Matt called up his old friend Brooke Topp, who soon joined the band, to become our vocalist and a prominent songwriter in the band.
Our influences include: The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel, Ani Difranco, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell and some jazz and blues influences



Written By: Brooke Topp

Swam across ten thousand seas
Ten thousand times i waited for the tide
Dug myself all the way to China
Dug myself a hole a mile wide


So here I am again inside my own head
Here I am again inside my own
Here I am again a lonely wanderer
Here I am again again i am alone

Open water can be bitter cold
A heavy salty lump inside my chest
There is no time here for getting old
Too young to die too young to confess


Somewhere i am a dandelion princess
Somewhere he is beautiful and free
And once upon a time we were dreamers
Got a little lost in the wrong dreams


And once upon a time we were dreamers
Yeah we got a little lost in the wrong dreams
And once upon a time we were dreamers
Always so damn distracted you and me


Written By: Matthew Manifould

Sometimes the pain is just too much
Went by too fast, just wish the good times could last


Sometimes I feel like I can't get away
Sometimes I feel like I have to stay
Sometimes I wish I could fly away
Sometimes I wish this wasn't happening to me

I remember the face that I could not embrace
But now your gone only memories remain
A dark stain has been washed away by the rain



Written By: Brooke Topp

The sun sinks as the hull swings to the rhythm of the shifty winds blowing my hair in my eyes

And the sail gets tangled in the sky, as the captain moans a familiar song, half full of rhetoric half white lies.

Keep sailing through my hair and through the skies


Wake up everybody there's a storm brewing again
But this time I'm gonna let the rain just take me down in
Hey beautiful panic I smile at my immunity
But this ship's going nowhere and I wanna be surrounded by the cool waters are everything

You're distressed and I am perfect, I'm perfectly distressed.
I'm naked and I know it.
And nothing could ever thaw this feeling
No heart of gold could break this face of stone.

Keep sailing though forecast cold and poseidon groans


Keep sailing through the night i'm alright if i'm sailing, through life.
And if i sail through seas you won't be holding me, I'll be busy sailing through the cool, cool waters, of everything.

Keep sailing through the night i'm alright if i'm sailing through life.
And if I sail through seas you know where you'll find me
I'll be busy sailing
through the cool, cool, waters
of everything


Ticket To The Moon

Written By: Brooke Topp

When you are here with me
I know for sure for once, that I am free
So get yourself together dear, and meet me right back here
With the bags you left behind


Do you have your tickets?
Do you have mine?
It's that place, with that kind man's face, in the sky

When we're among the stars
We'll be too far to think about tommorow
So if you're about to say, don't look at me that way
We'll be back here tommorow


And in our rocketship for two
We'll find all the better ways to spend the afternoon
So reach into the pocket of your pants, and give it another chance
That Ticket to the Moon


Black-Eyed Susan

Written By: Brooke Topp

Black-eyed susan, you dark-eyed tramp, you are the misty moon at midnight.
Now that you're known to me you play hide and seek, you leave you're good woman ways behind.

I see you by day but come dark you may choose to pause and break your stare.
You play cool with men you play the dark-eyed tramp behind that long black curtain of your hair.


Oh black-eyed Susan
Oh you black-eyed girl
Oh black-eyed Susan
Oh you black-eyed girl

Black-eyed Susan you've got me fooled by your appearance of a flower
You delight the eye of every hot blood guy but i'm sure your taste is sour

You live inside you're head outside you're a post sunset work of art.
With your lipstick red, your face like a ghost's and your cold black velvet little heart.


Ancient Ghost

Written By: Brooke Topp

Home again I am waiting for you again
I'm surprised that even I haven't figured it out yet
that what it all comes down to
Is I ache for you
I truly do

Two worlds apart
Here I am still trying to get to where you are
Yes I built my own spaceship out of tin foil and cardboard
'cuz I know I know for sure
That two worlds apart
Can't be that far


The one I need the most please tell me if I'm holding you too close
I'm young but my heart is of an ancient lover's ghost.

Second stare
reaction too hard to hide
There's no turning back now, i'm miles beyond heaven.
And heaven knows
that you have awoken that ancient ghost


Steets Made For Cars

Written By: Brooke Topp

keep the population moving the materials flowing buy this chuck that the economy'll be growing
but i was under the impression that the streets were for people not the other way around
there's something lost here
there's so much ready to be found

it seems everyone is gone all we've been seeing all along are steel boxes on wheels with some purpose
and i don't know what
i don't know why
seems me and my generation have just been trying to get by

the city's looking more and more like some junk mail flyer
not art, but propaganda, from every wire to wire
how's a generation supposed to dream when you can't even see the stars
with all these buildings scraping the sky above streets that were made for cars

they're starting to say this is our on world
but how can it be mine
how can it be yours
how can we own something that we cannot afford

and it don't mean a thing if we're mumbling apologies as we rape mother nature in her sleep
may her distant wimpers cresendo
till we abandon our nintendos
look down at our feet stuck in tar
and remember in a moment that the streets aren't meant for cars

and we are 78 parts water
so if they say they own the water do they own you and me
should we be bottled and labled like some cold blood commodity?

and i am young i am free i'm barely five foot four
i am one but with you we're two we could be three four more
so if you're young and your tired
of a system boiling over fire
on a borrowed planet that's gone too far
with junk mail flyers for cities and streets that were made for cars

streets that were made for cars
streets that were made for cars
streets that were made for cars

Parting The Clouds

Written By: Brooke Topp

Once upon a time on a tiny blue ball that was covered with concrete and 90 million strip malls
Lived a family of six billion that is growing every day forgetting how to clean their dishes
On love they turned their backs away


So underneath a grey sky we hold our heads down
Trying to ignore all the truth and beauty that yesterday we found

But look up you'll see there a part in the clouds
An air hole from the cage we built ourselves
The sky that is faling and the sky that fell
An invitation to heaven, a reminder of hell


So one day it came, that six billion pairs of eyes with one big breath and six billion big sighs
Were found naked reaching up at that part in the clouds
There was love in the family there was love across the crowds


We've made a demo, but not officially released.

Set List

-Ticket To The Moon
-Ancient Ghost
-Black-eyed Susan
-Streets Are For People

that is just a few of our originals, we have approximately an hour to and hour and a half of original material

We are also constantly adding new covers to our sets