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Working on getting streaming and/or radio airplay for this NEW project, begining with:
1. "Keep God as Your Main Thing"
2. "I Done Seen God"
3. "It Seeds The Greatness In You"
4. Don't Let The Devil



I came from Chicago to Dallas with my wife and son to better pursue the music, my music career is, has always been and will always be a top priority in my life after God and my family. I've been writing hott music since I was in high school (the 90s). I had 17 albums, 5 mixtaps worth of hott top quality material when I came out to TX like 'Popcorn Pop' and 'Carlito's Way'. God told me to give it all up. I had already put in so much work, money and effort it each project. Undoubtedly, It was hard but I was obedient and gave it all up, and thanks be to God it's all good and I'm luvin' it!!! I always had hip-hop/rap with a meaning, more on the inspirational and motivational side such as 'I'm a Big Dreamer', 'My Expectations So Big', 'It's My Year' and the likes. And I've always been grinding hard doing what it takes to get my music out there, from doing performances and talent shows to selling CD's at events and on the streets to networking and collabing with many others in the industry from artists and dancers to producers and promoters. Now that I'm doing Hip-Hop Gospel I'm able to be the Artist that I was but I have an untouchable message each time, because only God is the truth of my live and ALL life!!!! My first hit Gospel hip-hop single is entitled 'Keep God as Your Main Thing' and it was written and inspired after a sermon given by T.D. Jakes back in '08. I've had my training from the teachings of Bill Winston when I was able to participate in his services back in Illinois as well as several other true men and women of God.
'God is the One thing we all have in common outside of death, so the more knowledge the better, yet we must not forget God is alive and full of fun as well'