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Internationally, there seems to be an atmosphere of change, with the young generation publicly questioning the way things are and demanding alternative ways of living. At a time when this generation is looking for answers that are relevant to our experiences, a new face has appeared in the local hip hop culture. The lyricist Tru-In-Deed is stepping into the spotlight with words and actions that offer answers of a different nature to the mainstream performers who have permeated our lyrical consumption. His very persona and his lyrics compel witnesses to question stereotypes, expectations and the past acceptance that the way things are is the way things have to be.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Tru-In-Deed is a Christian Rapper, and while this oxymoron stirs responses of disbelief, his performances have a refreshing impact on audiences. His persuasive presence on stage mandates audience participation in all venues. In songs like 'Bounce' he masterly crafts words and dance to preach to this generation about the things that matter to us. His acute awareness of popular culture, and the inclusion of references to it, speaks directly to the interests of his audiences.

Lyricism is an art that molds language with rhythm to convey punchy, rapid paced messages to audiences. Tru-In-Deed uses his quick-thinking nature effectively in this, coupling articulation with perfected, fluid dance moves. Audiences unfamiliar with the pace of rap may be left confused by his performances, but familiarity with this genre of performance allows others to imbibe his powerful messages.

This is one performer who has the potential to use both his personality and talent to contribute to the next generation's discovery of purpose and reconnection with faith. - Lucy Jarvis


Tru-In-Deed EP



“I’ve been watching the game/ I took a seat back/ Looking for substance, finding jack/ Top 40 tracks/ Nothing but wack/ What happened to tracks that left an impact/ More than the skill, not the flow/ More than a deal, not the doe/ More an appeal to all of y’all to please be responsible” - Tru-In-Deed (from Bounce!!!)

It doesn’t matter where you live, what your background is or what type of music you choose to listen to, there is no denying that Tru-In-Deed’s debut effort is a musical milestone attracting widespread attention from a diverse range of people. As an artist, break-dancer/choreographer, and seasoned communicator, Tru is the most apt musical demonstration of what happens when you fuse the raw and sporadic elements of his African roots with mainstream contemporary urban culture.

Tru’s music has been described as a perfect blend of in-depth and insightful lyrics accompanied by uniquely infectious beats and a versatility of flow ranging from tongue-twisting, hard-hitting word plays to smooth and conscious emotive rhymes. His electrifying stage performances and ability to captivate audiences has allowed him to showcase his talents in front of thousands (the most recent being the Opening Act for the Impact World Tour in Australia).

With a relevant and positive message incorporated into urban hip hop aesthetic, it is appropriate that an artist like Tru-In-Deed enters the entertainment marketplace in a time when this generation is in need of an Advocate of The Truth.