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"Hot New Talent Alert: Listen to Truly Ford 'Help Me If I Fall' (Live)"

Newcomer Truly Ford has one of the rare singing voices that make you immediately sit up and pay attention (similar to the voices of artist like Ellie Goulding, Florence Welch and ZZ Ward when I first heard them). Not surprisingly the British singer draws her musical inspiration from these artists, plus other female singer/songwriters like Tracey Chapman, Laura Marlin and Lucy Rose. Her unique vocals, both sultry and melancholic, beautifully capture the emotion conveyed in her lyrics and at eighteen years old her arresting delivery reaches far beyond her years. Very impressive. Musically, she is definitely positioned on the alternative side of the pop spectrum, but anybody with an interest in captivating new voices should have a listen and get to know this very talented new artist. Listen to more of Ford's music on SoundCloud. - Arjan Writes

"Truly Ford - Help Me If I Fall"

18 year old Truly Ford blows us away with this assured debut. Recently signed to BMG and is working on her first EP which is set to be released later this year.

Watch and see why we think comparisons to Lana Del Rey aren't misplaced and Truly is one artist to watch over the next twelve months... - The Digital Fix

"New Music... Truly Ford"

Truly Ford is only eighteen, but is already being lumbered with people putting “looks” above “songwriting” and Lana Del Rey comparisons, which is unfortunate because Truly isn’t doing a broken doll act. A move through her songs reveals a darkness, a melancholy, but also a strength and a heart. A comparison to a Laura Marling is perhaps more apt, if she was more Americana. You can’t buy any of her tunes yet, but we’ve got Tiger’s Eyes streaming below and has a debut EP in 2013.
- Supajam

"Truly Amazing... Truly Ford"

Remember that name. Especially if you are in the UK, Oxfordshire to be exact. If you are stateside be prepared she will get here. If she doesn’t then something has gone terribly wrong.

This is an 18-year-old dynamo. She has the looks, she has the voice, she has the songwriting ability. Currently she is expanding her presence on the available social networks, YouTube, soundcloud, twitter, Facebook.

Might I suggest uploading better videos without so much background noise since people like to see as well as listen. I was a bit distracted by the guys conversing until you reached a squall and drew me back in.

The grainy videos of her on YouTube some with a lot of background noise which distracts from the main point of the video – the TALENT of the young girl named Truly Ford. But look beyond the poor sound quality of these videos and listen to her instrument, sultry and melancholy. She has a powerful lower register, think Florence (& the Machine), Lana Del Rey, or Four Non Blondes (remember them?)

Truly delivers vocally. She hits her upper register and lilts pleasantly between both upper and lower. She writes her own songs as well as a few covers which is always helpful in garnering new fans. She has covered Katy Perry “Firework” as well as her obvious influences, Lana Del Rey and Florence. One of her own songs which is easily found on YouTube is ”Tiger’s Eyes”, it’s twangy and pleasant and shows us that this young songstress is capable of piecing together catchy lyrics as well. A little polish and she could be a star.

If you are in the Shire of Oxford go check her out. She’s played a festival or two and looks like a few club dates too.

To check her out sans grainy videos and poor sound quality go to

Let me know what you think. - nothaydn

"Introducing Truly Ford"

Truly performs live her song "Help Me If I Fall". Check her out - Firstpost


Still working on that hot first release.



Truly Ford is an 18-year-old dynamo! Not only does she write and compose all her own material but she also has a sensational voice and is enigmatic live.

Musically drawing inspiration and comparison to artists such as Tracy Chapman, Laura Marling and Lucy Rose, her unique vocals, both sultry and melancholy, have been compared to those of Florence Welch and Amy Macdonald.

Truly's unique vocals and enigmatic live performances have her pegged as 2013's "Next Big Thing!"

As of September 2012 Truly is being managed by BGM Ltd and is working on material for her debut EP