Truly Tina Turner

Truly Tina Turner


Samira, The West Coasts own "Truly Tina" Tina Turner celebrity impersonator. Close your eyes and you'll swear its Tina Turner. Open your eyes, The unmistakeable legs, muscular body and you'll know it can only be "Truly Tina" The Sound , Look and engergy of the Queen of Rock and Roll .


Tina Turner's torrid vocal interpretation and electrifying stage presence has always been an inspiration to Tina Turner Impersonator "Samira" who has managed to take the wonders of Tina Turner and replicate them with amazing energy and passion! Samira is a fan as well as a Tina Turner Tribute and is dedicated to portraying her favorite legend with absolute accuracy. Samira's especially influenced by Tina Turners infallible ability to drench a lyric in passion and then whip it into a hurricane of choreography and vocal deliverance that one would think would be impossible to duplicate! Samira has performed over the last decade in venues throughout the world including Guam, Las Vegas, Middle East, The Great Hall Of the People in Beijing China with her rendition's of Prime Time Tina Turner - the driving backbeat of "Proud Mary" to the world wide sensation and critically acclaimed "Private Dancer" - the album that restored this queen's position back to her throne! Samira recently had the oportunity to visit Tina Turners home town of NUTBUSH TENNESSEE and was overwealmed by the love the people have for Tina Turner. Samira has an intense passion for her music and strives to take her tribute of her favorite artist to venues all over the world . . . across every River Deep and over every Mountain High!

You want some Action? Samira will give you some Action!!

Set List

# Better be good to me
# The best
# What's love got to do with it
# Nutbush city limits
# GoldenEye
# Addicted to love
# Break every rule
# Private dancer
# Lets stay together
# Steamy windows
# River deep, Mountain high
# Undercover agent for the blues
# Thunder dome (We don't need another hero)
# Proud Mary
# Respect
# Son of a Preacher man
# Fever
# Rock and roll
# Don't leave me this way
# Shame,Shame,Shame
# I wanna take you higher
# What you get is what you see
# Honky Tonk Women
# Disco Inferno
# Dock of the Bay
# I love the night life
# Hot Legs
# Don't leave me this way
# I don't want to lose you