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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Truman Peyote"

"I've been anxiously waiting for this release and it's tremendous. They've impressed me in the past, but now they've renewed their sound so brilliantly, intertwining bumping rhythms and spaced-out melodies creating a world of sound that just intensifies as the album progresses." - Aerophones on Aeroplanes

"mp3: Truman Peyote - New Wife New Life"

"Besides having the greatest new-journalism band name ever conceived, Jamaica Plain's Truman Peyote make some of the best swirling trip-synth I've heard all year." - White Guys With Beards

"In The Mix: Truman Peyote"

"Truman Peyote is an astonishing mix of primitivist clattering and modern electronic twerks. It sounds like a Martian tribe emulating pygmy music, or ghostly reverberations from a dancefloor in the future." - Weekly Dig

"Truman Peyote - “New Wife, New Life”"

"There's endless ingenuity at work amongst the upturned ideas and half-baked diversions." - Mp3 Hugger

"Truman Peyote: Light-Lightning"

"What's most impressive about the album though, is that despite how radically experimental it is, it never sacrifices listen-ability for avant-garde pretension, remaining consistently exciting from start to finish." - Grubtunes

"She's Not The One For Me"

"Like an engine revving up, pushing the old exhaust out and waking up the surrounding environment the sounds of Caleb Johannes and Eric Farber are some straight up post-Y2K jams dressed in timeless memories" - The FMLY

"Truman Peyote: "New Wife, New Life""

"Mashing up genres seems to be the name of the game for the Jamaica Plain, Mass., duo Truman Peyote" - Pitchfork Forkast

"Truman Peyote - “New Wife, New Life”"

"Truman Peyote mashes up genres as craftily as basket weavers weave baskets" - Pop Matters

"Under The Radar: Truman Peyote"

"New Wife, New Life is pretty heavy on the Animal Collective tip, but still an excellent (Strawberry) jam." - My Old Kentucky Blog

"Colonial Era"

"Take some crazy polyrhythms, add some ritual chants and those dangerous bedfellows land you somewhere between another world and Strawberry Jam." - Transparent blog



"RPT IS PWR" (CDR, Self Released, 2007)

"Catalog 1/14-5/12" (CDR, Whitehaus Family Record, 2008)

"Light-Lightning" (CDR, Whitehaus Family Record, 2009)


"New Wife New Life" single release (7", Breakfast of Champs Records, December 15th, 2009)

"Everything Oozes" (Cassette, Mirror Universe Tapes, December 2009)

"Peaced Together" (Split 12" with Many Mansions, Whitehaus Family Record, January 2010)



Truman Peyote started as an experimental band in 2007 with no intention of engaging in traditional songwriting. At 17, Eric Farber and Caleb Johannes just wanted to make noise. They would gather pedals, drums machines, and whatever they could get their hands on and make SOUND for hours at a time. Their live shows were improvised spur-of-the moment-creations that were often broken up by the police for noise violations.
Eventually this evolved into prepared material being recorded on 2009's Light Lightning (Whitehaus Family), which sold out of its 500-run pressing within a few months. Recorded in Caleb and Eric's bedrooms and using mostly original sampling, Light Lightning showcases Truman Peyote's ability to present experimental music in an accessible pop manner. With the popular single "New Wife, New Life" making its way into mix tapes across the Summer of '09 and great reviews ranging from Pitchfork to Pop Matters, Truman Peyote broke out of the Boston teenage house party scene and jumped onto the national radar. Don't worry about missing out on the fun of the early days- their live shows are still improvisational where you'll never see the same song played the same way twice.
The next few months will see the release of a 7" "New Wife, New Life" single on the Breakfast of Champs label, a tape called "Everything Ooozes" on Mirror Universe Tapes, and a split 12" with Many Mansions called "Peaced Together" on the Whitehaus Family Record Label. Now 20 years old, Truman Peyote has already proved to be prolific music creators-we can't wait to see what they come up with next.