Trumpet Grrrl

Trumpet Grrrl

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

A triple threat, Trumpet Grrrl plays trumpet, piano, sings and mixes into her original compositions.


Trumpet Grrrl is ecstatic to have just finished recording her 3rd album "Just Listen" with GRAMMY winning producer Scott Jacoby which was mastered at The Lodge by Emily Lazar.  TG's unique combination of trumpet, singing and keyboard has been turning ears; “Trumpet Grrrl’s low and sultry voice and her trumpet skills blow the listener’s mind”, praises the Music Historian.  

Originally from Maryland, TG moved to New York City in 2012.  She has since recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks studios and played at venues such as Brooklyn Bowl and the Sidewalk Cafe.

Born June 13, 1986 on a Friday, Trumpet Grrrl’s interest in music began early.  At the age of 10, Trumpet Grrrl started playing trumpet in her elementary school band.  Her obsession was immediate; youth music ensembles, private lessons and summer camps where just the beginning of her classical music training.  She would go on to perform at Carnegie Hall and with the National Symphony Orchestra through programs such as the NSO Fellowship.  

She received a Bachelor's of Music in Trumpet Performance from the University of Maryland in 2008.  During her last months of college, Trumpet Grrrl formed the rock band La Coterie where she began to play keyboard, sing lead vocals and compose.  After a fun and wild two years, she decided to leave La Coterie and a few months later officially started the project of Trumpet Grrrl.  Here is when she started to teach herself to play trumpet and piano at the same time. 

One fall day TG sat down to record some demo tracks, a month and half later she had an album.  "The Basement Tracks" was released in October of 2010.  The following January TG's song "Amaryllis" was featured in the Washington City Paper’s One Track Mind.  TG  then went on to release her sophomore album on January 17, 2012.   The album; “It All Starts Here," was produced and recorded by Trumpet Grrrl and partially funded through a Kickstarter campaign.  Trumpet Grrrl's musical growth Is evident in her latest release“Just Listen”, which was released August 15th, 2016.

The first two singles from the album are "Rain Boots" and "Love Hate Nyc", each having it's own professional music video directed by local Brooklyn directors Rob Dume and Victoria Ng.  



Written By: Trumpet Grrrl


I am the Amaryllis
with delusions of grandeur
I am the Amaryllis
Always wanting something more

Can you feel it burning?
Your passion and your yearning?
The air in here is tasting stale
So I'm rising up above the veil


I'm not like any other
I bloom like no other
I crave for more than water
And this dirt is feeling soggy


(Chorus) X2


My Mouth

Written By: Trumpet Grrrl

(Verse 1)
See the words in my head
Move faster than my mouth
Bounce around up down
Jiminy Cricket no found
Never gonna know
What’s comin out
Rapid fire passionate
Flow from my mouth


(Verse 2)
I love the buzz
The buzz of love
When my lips hit the metal
And vibrate real mellow
Buzz the melody
This feeling should be felony
Kiss artificial, yet so spiritual
Start small, grow big
Music and physics
Trumpet sound
Start with the buzz of the mouth


(Verse 3)
Mouth so sensual
Dirty, dirty down low
Don’t tell my mama
But this cookie is the bomba
Mouth to mouth kiss
Beautiful mistress
Any of your problems
Together we can solve them
Mo’ better than good
No worries like should
Could water hot dunes
Make me go oo,oo,oo
Power of the mouth


Written By: Trumpet Grrrl


Well Imma tell you a story now
I used to be down in the dumps
Couldn’t nobody pull me up
Couldn't connect my soul to me nor you
Had to ask a friend, what to do
He said "Grrrl, you just need to think happy thoughts, like Peter Pan"
I said "Ok, I'll try it" and you wanna know what happened?

I'm floating up
and up, and up, and up
I'm floating up, and up
I"m floating up, and up

Up x7 up and up and up,up,up
I am floating in the clouds
In the clouds
I am floating in the clouds
In the clouds
I rise above and float on up

[Trumpet Verse]

We Are Insane

Written By: Trumpet Grrrl

(Verse 1)
Restless dreamers
Hopeful schemers
Faithful believers
Yes we are
Unstoppable forces
Insatiable hunger

They all say that
We’re insane
For living life
Not their way
Everybody their insane
For thinking they
Created the game
Created the game

(Verse 2)
Dancing our own rhythm
With natural precision
They swing and swing
and swing and hit
Stop beating your drums
We are together now
We are beautiful


We are insane
Headed to the top, ya comin or not?


[Trumpet Solo]
Shake ‘em off!
Don’t care whose watching
Gotta dance through the dark
Look to the future
Dance to the future

Time Is Up

Written By: Trumpet Grrrl


I don’t need your fake hug
To feel some love
I don’t need your fake smile
To float on up

I know who I be
And you don’t care to see
So pack it up, roll on out

For today is gone
Don’t you know our time is up?
Like the waves on the shore
Don’t you know our time is up?

Eventually you’ll come to see
I’m made of gold
I don’t need your belief
To make my goals
I just need the hand claps
Of people with the cool factor
Pack it up, roll on out


[Interlude Hand claps + Trumpet Solo]

I just need your hands clappin (rep.)
You look at me indifferently
And the tide is getting low
The tide is getting low (rep)

[Trumpet solo]


Rain Boots

Written By: Trumpet Grrrl

You only think of me
when it’s raining
pick me up while
Walk all over me
Kick through the
mud with me
You only think of me
When it’s raining

Sunny Days
You’re walkin
through the park
Where am I?
Alone in the dark
And then cloudy skies
Dark forecast
I look up
And see your hand at last


Now my soul is wearin thin
From all the splashing
Kicking hiking
And running
Why won’t you carry me?
Just like the first time
We came to meet


Now I’m wore right through
And water seeps to you
So now you’ve had enough
And it’s me who get’s chucked
Out on the sidewalk
you walk right by me
with your new love
under your arm

(Chorus)[Trumpet rift out]

Love Hate Nyc

Written By: Trumpet Grrrl

(intro and chorus)
So come on, come on, come
what you really wanted
you still got it now
you trust most less
but expect the best, this journey
will show you if you're worthy
guess I love hate n-y-c
no place to stay
but the place to be
so come on, come on, come on
what you really wanted you still got it now

Too many people in this city
but that's why I came, so let's get busy
either let 'em break you or
come out stronger
so when you're working through those tears
don't forget the reasons why you're hear
It's all about having fun
As you focus on every step

(trumpet verse)
(guitar solo chorus out)


  • Just Listen - August 15, 2016
  • It All Starts Here - January 17, 2012
  • The Basement Tracks - February 28, 2011

Set List

  • My Mouth
  • Rain Boots
  • Trumpet Grrrl
  • Love Hate Nyc
  • (Cover Song)
  • One Worth a Breakup
  • Happy Up, Stress Down
  • Up!
  • Afghan Palace