Trumpets & Sirens

Trumpets & Sirens


Trumpets & Sirens is simply put. A man and an acoustic guitar. Acoustic folk rock. From a 20 year old Michiganders point of view. Influences ranging from Bob Dylan and The Beatles to Saves The Day and Green Day. This isn't the pretentious rock and roll of today, this is story telling from the heart.


Trumpets & Sirens is Ronnie Riggar.
Ronnie Riggar is Trumpets & Sirens.

Being a 20 year old in Monroe, MI means you're always looking to get more out of life. If you want to hear the music you like, you've gotta make it yourself. There's no hip record stores and there's no hip clubs. There's you and your guitar. Make the most of it.

When you're a young kid you want to be a rock star. You want to be an Elvis Presley. You want to be a John Lennon. Then you grow up. You want to raise your middle finger in the air and shout "This is me. This is who I am."

Making music on your own is no easy task.

After being in several bands throughout recent years, Ronnie Riggar is a seasoned veteran of the scene. Drawing influences from Bob Dylan and The Beatles, to Saves The Day and Green Day, Ronnie is looking to create a fresh sound in the simplest form: Himself and his guitar.

It's not about your haircut. It's not about how much you drink. It's not about your clothes. It's not about how cute you are.

It's about the music.

Trumpets & Sirens is Ronnie Riggar.
Ronnie Riggar is Trumpets & Sirens.


April 2007 - The Baby Hills Session DEMO
April 2007 - For The Benefit Of Professor Plimpton DEMO

Set List

All originals spanning the entire catalog. Includes a few covers every one and a while from artists like Bob Dylan and Saves The Day.