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Gainesville, Florida, United States

Gainesville, Florida, United States
Band Rock Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"1982 Hosts Various Rock Bands"

"What it sees is some quality metal, a touch of in-the-middle choose-your-own-rock and a good measure of experimentation. Give TrumpsWig a try-it is nearly quatanteed to be something new for you." - Gainesville Sun


TrumpsWig is currently working on a newer Demo. The current one is two years old. They have also appeared on Gainesville, FL's own college music station, 100.5 the Buzz on several occasions.



TrumpsWig has never failed to impress audiences with their overall originality, appreciation for musical creativity and their ability to challenge the mainstream's definition of what a rock song sounds like! Not to mention, their complex song structure and tight performances!

It all started when TJ was dragged from Alabama by the Nemodna fish. After escaping within inches of his life, he encountered Jared and Sammy tossing stale bagels in a road under cold-like influences. TJ, feeling the cold as well, began beating these bagels with butter knifes of cream cheese, to a tribal rhythm calculating the apocalypse. Jared then led the way to a field full of "121" "Versatile Vertigo" flowers. The flowers then vibrated like two stringy sticks of six and four strings flavored with sprinkles, feeding off of "Bruised" apples that were "Yet To Be". It was then that TJ proclaimed that he thought as if he was "Beside The Floor", and that it reminded him of being "Amongst Monks".

One day, while TJ was licking the luscious fruits that grew inside of "Lynyrds' Innyrds", Sammy came forth and yelled, Jesus fucking god batman!!! Is that a fucking wig!?! Upon further inspection they collectively began to see a vision of the almighty wig, maybe it was the "Crack", but this was not just any type of a wig, oh no, it was a wig so real, it was barely a wig at all, and thus it was rightfully deemed "TrumpsWig". Through this "Theatre of Illumination," the three of them listened as the wig suddenly began to sound like a bunch of retarded robots running into the walls, like some kind of terrestrial alien sound machine, breaking through to the "Dream-Time Continuum.” This is when all three agreed that they were "Giving Up The Ghost". Label this wig what you will, but to the heads upon which the wig rests, this is where dreams are born. Drawing influences from many different genres, TrumpsWig stands aside. This is no toupee!