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"what radio is saying...."

This has to be my choice for dub album of the year. Heavy where it should be...plenty of meditational melodies...and the voice of Kirsty Rock! If you loved the siren wail on "Great Gig in the Sky" from "Dub Side of the Moon", "Dub Power" will simply dub you c-r-a-z-y.... ~Dr. Strange Dub KFAI-FM - Dr. Strange Dub KFAI-FM

"The Latest...."

The All Music Guide
Review by David Jeffries

With the wicked Dub Power, Trumystic have either proven they're one of the most intuitive sound systems/session bands on the planet or they've morphed into a band with Kirsty Rock as lead singer. Either way, things couldn't be better since this combination of sticky dub crew and operatic, sensual, downtown star results in an album that's instantly enticing but gives up more rewards with each listen. The lineup from 2002's Current Master is mostly back, as are the more jam band- and electronica-influenced moments, but the influence of the well-dressed, genre-busting, and deep bands like Brazilian Girls and Wax Poetic is also in effect along with a Pink Floyd-ish sprawl, most likely a hangover from the reggae gang's involvement in the Dub Side of the Moon project. A cool tech-sheen coats the rootsy grooves of "Alive," "End of the Day," and the wonderful "Foxy," but "Sa Dub" is the supreme mind-blower as the band slinks below Rock's ethereal delivery of a hymn. Dub master Mad Professor lends his hand, and while his work is the usual brilliance, Trumystic are in command and arguably his equal this time out. The lazy and loose bonus dub disc is a smoker's delight for the rootsman, and while it's authentic and welcome, it does live in the shadow of the superbly flowing and more rewarding first disc.

Global Rhythmn Magazine
Dub Power
By Jill Ettinger
Published January 24, 2006

Trumystic’s Dub Power takes reggae’s stoner-beloved cousin, dub, to new heights with twists and turns aplenty along the way. While supporting their 2002 debut Current Master with a hellish non-stop tour schedule that lasted nearly three years, this seven-piece troupe has perfected a sound that is as unique as it is enjoyable. Dub Power is comprised of two stunning discs, the second all dub versions of most of the 13 tracks on disc one. Tracks to sit down for: both versions of “Sa Dub,” “Chino Pablo,” “Alive,”  “High Times,” “Well” and the powerfully political “Johnny (the people vs. the government).” Kirsty Rock, who contributed the gripping vocals to Dub Side Of The Moon’s “Great Gig In The Sky,” may be one of the top five female singers music fans probably aren’t fully aware of…yet. She may look like Celine Dion, but she sings more like reggae legends Marcia Griffiths and Nadine Sutherland. And with dub master Mad Professor mixing tracks like “Stand Up,” Dub Power is sure to stand the test of time and come out a winner.

Maine Today
January 19, 2006

Trumystic returns to Portland tonight for another show of their signature eight-piece sound s
traight outta Brooklyn. Their latest is 2005's "Dub Power," and they are ready to dazzle the
beejeezus out of you tonight.

Fueled by Kirsty Rock's vocals, Trumystic creates a sound that is as fresh as the first batch
of doughnuts of the day at Tony's. I find myself stumbling to pull the right adjectives out of
the hat to pinpoint their sound, but I will suggest that you forget any preconceived notions
you may about reggae and dub music. Trumystic manages to transcend simple genre classification
with their vibrant, lyrically potent tunes.

Nov 16, 2005
Album: Dub Power
Artist: Trumystic
Reviewer: Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5
Reviews on Dub Power Part 1 and Part 2

Dub Power Part 1:
Roaring Lion leads yuh in Dubland, just follow him it’s gonna be an irie, upfull, uplifting journey.

Dis ya one dub done inna dis time a wicked!  Don’t look/listen for di all school vibes like with Scientist, King Tubby or Prince Jammy because this is strickly new school seen. That don’t say that is any less wicked, it really isn’t i tell yuh.Tunes like Rockers, High times, Black Like You, Fire (with some nice rough guitar licks) Stand Up (mixed by the Mad Professor).

If you are realy into dub, ...I strongly recommend that yuh check this one.   I man sure about that when yuh check it you will agree.   So just check it an hear an see,  …seeen

Bless yuh hearts
I Jahlive I

Dub Power Part 2:
Steady drum an bass, squeeky guitar riffs an alkinda unexpected effect on this one.
Light up a chalice, sit back close your eyes and let the music you away to dubheaven.

With tunes like, ...Hightimes Club , Sa Dub Dub, Chino Pablo, Fire Dub and  End of the Day Dub, ...Jahman ya a get deh..

Enjoy dis one( an I know yuh will) I know I did/do.
Fi true, ...Bless you
Dub Power (TMG, 2005)

I have seen the future of reggae, and it is Trumystic. While of recent, dancehall has captured the attention of the masses, I can certainly foresee a time when the mainstream discards it as a fad. In its place, an act like Trumystic seems to be a logical choice. Blending roots reggae with dub, R&B, rock, and pop with a striking flair, this genre-splicing band seems poised to conquer the world...figuratively speaking. As judged by Dub Power, I'd describe Trumystic's sound as "acid jazz reggae," sort of like what Brand New Heavies might resemble if they were a reggae band. Furthering that comparison is the fact that they are fronted by a female singer, Kirsty Rock, who also plays the melodica and organ. As strong a vocalist as she is, Rock's melodies and singing style aren't always traditionally reggae-inclined, so some purists may balk as she belts out big, drawn-out notes rather than the more staccato reggae sound. Stylistic qualms aside, though, the songs on Dub Power are hard to resist. You'll find yourself drawn to them like marinara sauce to your brand new khakis. While the Gwen Stefani-like pop/rock inclination of tracks like "Foxy" (incorporating Foxy's disco-era "Get Off") and "Stand Up" or the over-the-top operatic and classical string sound of "Sa Dub" or the acoustic Dido stylings of "Well" might not appeal to everyone, Trumystic maintains such a deep, true dub foundation in its music (including the pounding, '70s-styled, rootsy dub tracks "Rockers," "Black Like You," "Johnny," and "Trio," plus an entire dub disc, for you touchy types who may be distracted by the vocals) that you never feel like they've lost sight of their roots.

Kennebec Journal-Augusta Maine
Friday, January 13, 2006
Trumystic melds reggae with rock

If you like reggae music, a trip to the Asylum in Portland is definitely
in your not-too-distant future beacuse the eight-piece, New York-based
Trumysticheadlines for the first time next Thursday.

The band is fronted by Kirsty Rock, best known as the singer who covers
"The Great Gig in the Sky" on the reggae interpretation of Pink Floyd's
"Dark Side of the Moon" on Easy Star All Stars' "Dub Side of the Moon."
This octet has boldly created a sound that is rooted in reggae but also
has the power of rock.

Their signature sound was the topic of discussion -- how did they develop that?

"I think that a lot of it just stems from our love for dub and with reggae
-- we have a real foundation in that, and then, second, we have a number
of influences that I think we're open to. We've always been interested in,
for the most part, creating what we call 'Trumystic' music."

The group has taken the dub-reggae "platform" and -- using other rock-
based influences -- constructed a one-of-a-kind style that serves as a
vehicle for their creative drive.

"We're paying tribute to a style that we really like, and we've taken
those influences without any boundaries and just let them color the music
the way that they do. In doing so we've consequently come up with, I think,
a unique sound, and we've been always thinking about pushing this particular
sound forward and going places where it's not gone before."

Nice Up .com

Trumystic - Dub Power
You may recognize the voice of Trumystic's bandleader Kirsty Rocks from the acclaimed Dub Side of the Moon album, to which she and her group contributed. Trumystic's sound is an interesting combination of hard and dubwise-dreamy; "End of the Day" marches resolutely to a sturdy rockers beat, while "Johnny" spins out like jazz, and "Black Like You" and "SA Dub" both explore the wild frontiers of instrumental dub. Speaking of the frontiers of dub, Mad Professor contributes his unique brand of weirdness to the fine "Stand Up," and then there's the second disc, which offers dub versions of songs from the first disc -- many of which were pretty thoroughly dubbed-up to begin with. Very nice.
TMG Records (TMG007)

“Trumystic spaces out” Thomas Pizzola Hartford Advocate
(Aug. 26 2004)
On Saturday I went to Sully's, where I caught the "dub perspective"
sounds of New York City's Trumystic . What's dub perspective?
According to Trumystic's bassist Reggie Paublo it's dub that incorporates
many different styles of music such as rock,hip-hop and soul.
Dub is used as the springboard to explore these other forms of music,
making it truly multicultural. This is Paublo's intention. He wants to open
a dialogue between different people through the music.
So how does it sound? Quite good, in fact. The beats laid
down by Paublo and drummer David Delgado are pure,
chilled-out bliss. They're spacey and hypnotic, just the way t
his kind of music should be. On top of this foundation, rhythm
keyboard player Genis Miranda played some tripped-out chords,
while guitarist Saj, kept it simple and effective. Put together they
craft a truly inspired, head-bopping sound. But the true star
has to be vocalist Kirsty Rock, whose powerful, clean and
soulful delivery fit perfectly with the pulsating rhythms created
by the rest of the band. So, no matter what you call the band,
there is one adjective that should be applied when describing
their sound and that's "excellent."

Teotwawki (March 2004)
"Tonight I was fortunate to be able to catch the Baltimore
stop of the 'Stand Up!' Tour at The Funk Box with some friends.
Brooklyn-based Trumystic played a set of live fusion-dub, tweaked
by the UK's Mad Professor. This then transitioned into a Mad Professor
mixathon that was still rocking by the time I left. What a show!
I've really been getting into the dub in the past few weeks,
so how lucky that probably the biggest dub show of the
year in Baltimore popped out of nowhere! ..."

“Meditations & Trumystic @ Funk Box”
-Reggae Runnins (February 2004)
This Brooklyn, NY based band is determined to be
the next heavyweight reggae dub band. And that's a sound
we can use a lot more of - a sound that you don't hear much of
due to the great dancehall riddims that have been rocking the
charts. But heavyweight dub music is a staple of roots reggae.
This is certainly the new wave of dub. The band includes the
powerful vocals of Kirsty Rock, keyboard skills of Antoinette,
bass and high-energy vocals from Reggie (aka Soothsayer),
guitar rhythms and vibes from Saj and David. Never missing a beat,
one song flowing from one solid, steady, conscious tune to the next.
The energy just kept building and growing. The true climax of the
performance was during the song "Stand Up" and members of
Jabali Afrika as well as friends got on stage to extend out the dub version.
Great vibes!!! Don't miss them at the FunkBox on March 17 with
Legendary U.K. Dub producer the Mad Professor

“Stand Up” review (February 2004)
Comin' outta the urban music hotbed of NYC, TruMystic brings a
fresh approach to message music. With lead vocalist Kirsty Rock at the helm,
there is a definite feminine flair, but don't be fooled by her girlish charms
- Ms. Rock is not the timid type. Her lyrics express a strong, determined
young woman with a broad perspective on life. Likewise, her vocals reveal
a gift of extreme proportions combined with an urgent intention
to be heard. On "Stand Up", the cd's title and only track, she defiantly
proclaims "if you wanna challenge me, stand down!" Dubbed down three
times in styles ranging from dance to dub to club to trance, including
one version from the Mad Professor, the track showcases an artist and
a band on the verge of some very BIG things. Keep an eye and an ear to
the ground for more from these true mystics, you'll be glad you did.
One Love, Allie-I

Easy Star Allstar review DC Reggae Joseph Manekin
(Dec,1 2003)
I had missed the opening band, Trumystic, who apparently put
on a seriously impressive set of forward leaning reggae.  From
what I heard, the band combined roots reggae and dub with s
ome tight drum and bass and hip-hop beats, and also featured
beautiful harmonies on vocals.  Luckily I had the opportunity to
meet Trumystic’s lead vocalist, Kirsty Rock, who also featured
prominently in The Easy Star All-Stars’ set.  Definitely look out for
this up-and-coming Brooklyn-based band.  

Dub at the Dog: Trumystic gets Lucky on Tuesday nights
By Noah Schaffer, Worcester Magazine (December 2003)
"...There’s another thing about dub — it is almost never performed live.
After all, it takes musicians who have reggae riddims down pat, not to mention
a soundman who can keep the levels perfect while blasting a note into
reverb overdrive at just the right second. So when a local club announces
it’ll be programming a live dub band every Tuesday in December, it’s worth
paying attention to. Especially when that dub band is Trumystic, the
Brooklyn-bred gang that takes the best parts of roots reggae and add
s a strong pop and hip-hop edge..." ~ - TRUMYSTIC Reviews



“ ...a catchy fusion of dub-ragga weirdness and power chorded rock as you’ll ever hear.’
Rolling Stone

“Current Master bridges the best of heavy dub, catchy pop, hard dance music and intelligent hip-hop into a new and highly appealing sound. Its rythmically fascinating music, with pounding bass lines and smooth vocal hooks that wont escape your head”
Worsester Magazine

“ It’s all hip-hop at it’s most brainy, artful and concussively rhythms...demonstrates instincts for sense, tone, and structure, all of which guide the listener....but deep into a compelling inner mindscape.”
Billboard Magazine

“ Trumystic is heading into the millennium on a more positive tip....channeled their energies into a diverse, yet articulate expression of politics, street life and rich music explorations...socially conscious rhythms rhymes slide over an engaging blend of dub-out reggae rhythms, crisp jungle break and dusty hip-hop beats .”
CMJ New Music Report

“ if you like Tricky’s collage of hip-hop, dub, reggae and soul but hate his drowsy grooves which leave you unable to operate heavy machinery...check out Trumystic, an electronic stew that doesn't skimp on the fast, meaty beats.”

“Fervent roots-reggae melodies top vertiginous jungle track for an inevitable reunion of reggae’s dance-floor diaspora”
New York Times

“...poly rhythmic amalgam takes a leap beyond your typical ragga hip-hop fusion...release dismantles these genre-specific walls to pierce the core and extract the beauty.”
Black Beat

“Trumystic... a Brooklyn dub collective whose abstract beat-scapes give mainstream hip-hop a swift kick in it’s Cristal-poppin’ butt.”
Time Out New York

“Trumystic take representative portions of hip-hop, jungle and rasta rhythms and expand on all tangential connections until they have achieved an undifferentiated mass of urban-world science...well produced, passionately played and evocatively sung.”
Alternative Press

“...quietly brilliant observations on life and other essential subjects with funky, finely laid layers of tracks that mirror the polyglot music scapes of Brooklyn...its all good.”
Billboard Magazine


Trumystic: PARADISE 2009
Trumystic: Dub Power 2005
Trumystic: Stand Up EP 2004

Dub Power highlights:
~ #22 in CMJ New World Music chart.
~Billboard charting.
~Rotation on over 120 radio stations
~The record features Kirsty Rock from the acclaimed Easy Star All Stars records Dub Side of the Moon, Radiodread, and the Easy Star All Stars Lonely Hearts Dub Band.
~ The record features a mix of their single Stand Up by Mad Professor
~ King Tubby to Pink Floyd this album has a broad appeal.



TRUMYSTIC SOUND : Modern Dub, Reggae, Roots, Rock, Soul

Paradise, the new album from TRUMYSTIC, is inviting, accessible, and undefinable all at the same time. From the powerful "Legendary Love"- originally written as a song for a collaboration with the late, great Mikey Dread, and now a touching memorial to one of reggae's greatest legends - to the playful "Fool for Your Love", a duet featuring Dave Gutter of Paranoid Social Club and the Rustic Overtones, to the in your face "Bombs", a song about injustice, Paradise, like life itself, runs the gamut of human emotion. Combine this visceral approach to song writing with the production skills of the Trumystic team and add Grammy award winner Malcolm Burn, and you really do find yourself in Paradise.

TRUMYSTIC is the musical equivalent of an elite special forces unit, with each member wielding their weapons of talent to create one of the most exhilarating live shows you've ever seen. What Trumystic brings to the stage is an uplifting, genre-bending new sound to the reggae world - incorporating dub essentials, dancehall, hip-hop, soul and skank-infused riddim rock.

On how they developed their unique, genre-defying sound:

"We're paying tribute to a style that we really like, and we've taken those influences without any boundaries and just let them color the music the way that they do. In doing so we've come up with a unique sound... We've always been interested in creating what we call, quite simply, Trumystic music."

In 2002 Trumystic released the sonically lush album, Current Master, on TMG Records. Since the 2004 release of their epic double album, Dub Power they have been busy touring and recording the newest release, Paradise. Yes, it took some time, but isn't Paradise worth waiting for?

In addition, Kirsty Rock, the lead singer for TRUMYSTIC - as the only vocalist to appear on all three of the critically acclaimed reggae re-envisionings from East Star Records: Dub Side of the Moon, Radiodread, and the Lonely Hearts Dub Band - has been busy with live appearances ranging from Glastonbury Music Festival, to Moscow, to a live performance on Italian TV. These live shows have drawn international praise and recognition, while her performances on the records have been lauded by some of the original artists of those classic albums.

"I will suggest that you forget any preconceived notions you may about reggae and dub music. Trumystic manages to transcend simple genre classification with their vibrant, lyrically potent tunes."

-Maine Today