Trunk Bound Regime

Trunk Bound Regime

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Remember the days when you used to wait in line at your local music store, for the midnight release of a cd. So do we, and that feeling about music is what Trunk Bound Regime is all about. Take the great Hip Hop of the 90's mix in some politics, soul, emotion, and you will have Trunk Bound Regime.


Trunk Bound Regime was created by Mike Cooley and Just Be in early May, but the formula that brought these two artist together was being formed years prior to the two emcee/producers ever meeting. They both grew up in Dayton Ohio and the surrounding areas and attended rival high schools. Growing up in the late 80's and early 90's the two got a dose of what they feel was the best Hip Hop music ever created. The two tried many different attempts at projects with different crews, but for various different reasons none of those attempts amounted to anything. So at a chance meeting at Skeleton Key Studios the two began to notice that they had the same taste in music and politics. Soon after they formed Trunk Bound Regime to try and give back to Hip Hop what Hip Hop had gave to them. The two have very strong beliefs about charity and humanity, and they want to help as many people as they can with their movement.

Set List

Our Typical set list will run around an hour.

We will do all original songs.