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Baltimore, Maryland, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Surf Rock




"Talking Weed with Trunkweed"

We first checked out Trunkweed after the slack trio’s guitarist/vocalist Brady Kelly sent Managing Editor Baynard Woods an adorable email that implored us to check out their music (“We play post-surf dazy pop music that people seem to really enjoy!”), quietly declared their ambitions (“we have already started working on more because we believe that we are capable of fruitfully producing quality tunes for people to enjoy and most bands aren’t constantly working and evolving anymore. If you don’t like what we have right now, we have a musically evolved ep set for release later”), and ended with, “I guess that is all, sorry for being scatter brained and improper, I’m only 19 and still learning.” The message fit the charming modesty of their July debut “Days Of Haze,” which recalled low-key, sorta-punk like Ducktails or Urinals, quite well.

Since then though, Trunkweed have grown up quickly and gotten really fucking good. It’s mostly playing the same songs heard on “Days Of Haze” though now they’re bigger and faster and much more emotive—let’s call it pot-punk. Yeah sure, that sounds good. Last month, Trunkweed released “Trunkweed Live, Man,” a live album that catches its recorded output up to their lithe live show. “This is the most raw and sincere trunkweed experience available online to-date,” the members wrote on their Bandcamp page of “Trunkweed Live, Man.”

We agree. Sardonic-yet-sincere lyrics (from ‘On Your Own’: “Struggling to find the words to say, that I’ve seen better days/ All these songs I write, their words are true and I write them all for you”), and ‘Death After Life,’ a devastating new-ish ditty about feeling like you want to die (“Does it seem like you will never feel ok?/ Like when you wake up dying every fucking day/ So let’s pretend that in this life we’ve made some friends/ Because together—we will all die in the end.”) have made them City Paper favorites. And there’s a moment toward the end of the live version of ‘Acid At Sixteen’—which the band has turned into a exasperated, explosive epiphany about growing up and realizing most things really blow—where it lets out a pained, pissed-off grumble right as the song ends that gets us every time. - City Paper (Baltimore)

"Trunkweed - Trunkweed Live, Man"

Trunkweed are one of my favorite live bands in Baltimore at the moment, and I mentioned when I put their studio record in my top albums of 2014 that as much as I liked it, they're better live. So it was exciting to see that they put out a live record, just 22 minutes, which is probably about the same live set I saw from them a few months ago, and it sounds as great as I remember. It's a pretty lo-fi recording, but I feel like that's all you need for a band like them, you get a sense of the great guitar tone and the energy of their rhythm section. You can check it and their other stuff out on Bandcamp. - Al Shipley

"Trunkweed Live, Man - LP Review"

Sitting in my inbox for a little while, apologies for the delay of this review of the US fuzz-rock ensemble Trunkweeds’ new seven track LP – Trunkweed Live, Man which came out on the 14th.

On Your Own opens the album and I just know this article is going to take a while to write as I find myself bouncing around the room with no interest in the keyboard as the infectious boisterous enthusiasm of the trio injects itself immediately into the listener in just under three minutes of pure bliss.

Changing mood and moment follows Youth Society, which finds Trunkweed exploring a more melodic style, though don’t expect to find a symphony to accompany the lo-fi garage rock, which remains subsumed behind pacey distortion.

Next up is Chumped that pulls in a powerful bass and percussion that ploughs its way into the limbs and if you are still seated by this point in the LP, you are listening to the wrong version of Trunkweed Live, Man.

Marking the half-way stage is the longest track, that trips for just over four minutes Acid At Sixteen which much like the title suggests finds the trio at a slower pace and allows for time to mop a profusely perspiring brow. The track is of different texture to what has preceded as Trunkweed allows the guitar to become the shoegazey showcase of the composition.

Opening the second half of Trunkweed Live, Man is Daze Of Haze, which raises the tempo again, though retains the more psychedelic feel of the preceding track.

Waves…Wait What? is my pick of the release as Trunkweed highlight a clear-cut drum on a tight skin along with, unusually, only half distorted instrumentation whilst the voices remains just out of reach, giving them the opportunity to invest the track with a fascinating range of texture.

Closing out the LP which to put it simply, isn’t long enough and results in another play-through immediately, is the track used to introduce the band earlier this year – Death After Life. - Emerging Indie Bands

"Listen To 'Death After Life' By Trunkweed"

I don’t know how you feel about anything lo-fi, but I fucking love it. Ramshackle, under produced, but enthusiastic near noise that sounds like it was recorded in someone’s Mom’s basement. That’s pretty much what Baltimore, Maryland’s Trunkweed sound like. I don’t know a whole load about the band, except that, they started in June 2014, and thusly are pretty much the exact same age as Overblown. Also, they claim to play, “Post-surf bedroom-punk louzy-pop.” Which sounds about right to me.

‘Death After Life’ is taken from their upcoming record Trunkweed Live, Man, which is not quite a live album, but was recorded live in Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland. This is what the band have to say about the release, “During our first tour, we stopped by Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland to shoot a live video for waves… We clicked so well with James that he decided to let us record all that we were able to the following day before leaving for our next show. So with a couple hours to spare, we set up our gear, pressed record, and just went to it. All of these songs were recorded live, which was just too ideal of an opportunity, because this is the most raw and sincere trunkweed experience available online to-date.” - Overblown

"TRUNKWEED - Days Of Haze"

Baltimore is one of America’s greatest music Meccas. It’s given us Future Islands, Dan Deacon, and Beach House - three of indie pop’s most beloved and groundbreaking acts. It’s also home to some of the heaviest bands of all time, like Pig Destroyer and the now-defunct Double Dagger.
Lo-fi trio TrunkWeed are one of Baltimore’s best new flourishing groups, and their latest release Days Of Haze is evidence of that. The album - coated with relaxed surf rock riffs and smoky organs - stimulates a gorgeous vista of worriless and seemingly-endless summer days.

“On Your Own” and “Youth Society” mirror Wavves’ garage rock mannerisms, but without the distortion. Let’s say American Football were to transform their aesthetic into a beachy sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if the result felt just like TrunkWeed’s “Time Enough At Last.”

Winter is imminent. When it arrives, we’ll be plummeted into its freezing onslaught of vast, macabre desolation - well, I will at least. If winter depresses you too, then Days Of Haze is the perfect remedy. Take out some beach towels, turn up the thermostat, and let TrunkWeed’s debut album turn your bedroom into a summer paradise. - Jersey Beat


"Trunkweed Live, Man" - March 22, 2015

"Days of Haze" - July 23, 2014



Lo-fi trio Trunkweed are one of Baltimore’s best new flourishing groups, and their first release Days Of Haze is evidence of that. The album - coated with relaxed surf rock riffs and smoky organs - stimulates a gorgeous vista of worriless and seemingly-endless summer days. Their newest release, a live album recorded in Cleveland this winter while on their first tour, “Trunkweed Live, Man” lets on to a grittier, louder sound that can only be truly experienced in concert. The record came out March 12th on bandcamp and there is a limited run of cassettes from Miles Apart Records (Japan). Trunkweed will be releasing their first full-length record, "You are a Nice Surprise", on vinyl through Funeral Sounds and Out of Breath Records in July 2016.

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