TRUÑO Gourmet

TRUÑO Gourmet


100% improvised rock. The best worst band in the world. Pure Revolution. Cubist Rock. Deconstructed Hardcore. Too punk for punks. Wild. Ugly. Mad. Shabby. A one-way trip to the bottom of your intestines. Too free. Alive music, some days goes bad and others worse. Like life itself. Music future now.


Founded in 2011. Opened for italian act "Stearica" on european tour date. Selected for performing on the opening of the 17th International Experimental Music Meeting LEM (Barcelona, 2012). 6th place (fusion bands) in Online Festival "Noise Off" (Spain)

Read the Truñophonic Manifesto here:

Friends of the experimental and tippling in general: look no further, this is your band. Truño gourmet. The best worst band in the world. Cubist Rock. Experimental progressive Grunge. Deconstructed Hardcore. Too punk for punks. Wild. Ugly. Mad. Ugly. Shabby. Ugly. Demolisher. Puzzling, why not. A one-way trip to the bottom of your intestines. Too free. Two drum-kits and half a guitar. Pure spectacle. Alive music, some days goes bad and others worse. Like life itself. Each song is unique, a moment that won't happen again (you will be too drunk to remember...). Each Truño Gourmet show is an exclusive experience, unique, unrepeatable, ephemeral, that will die in time, and won't happen again, like a drunkenness. If you were not there, you lost it forever. No point in making another music today. Truño Gourmet is rock & roll as it should be. It makes no sense to spend more than 70 euros on a guitar, it makes no sense today recording in a device more expensive than a camera. What for? 400 guys will arrive and download it for free, it doesn't matter if you like it or not. The agreement that existed in music has been broken. One of the parties has broken the contract, but the music world goes on as if nothing happened. There are large differences in the purely musical between pre and post digital music, including the music before and after internet "piracy". Record companies no longer give a shit for no band. The audience does not pay a cent for anything. We the musicians will not be the only morons that spend their money. We no longer owe anyone, at least not to the same extent as before. Now we have won the right to do what we want, which is exactly what everybody does at home or in their offices. And we TRUÑO Gourmet make an incontestable use and abuse of that right. No won't tune our instruments. We'll rehearse if we feel like it, and we will do it drunk. No rehearsal before the show. We'll play when we want and how we want. We'll play the instruments we want. The songs will last what we want. We'll sing if we feel like, and we'll invent the lyrics. Down with the structure. Moreover, the rock & roll now has been unmasked. It has been revealed for what it always was: a product, and the alleged attitude around him was nothing but a marketing strategy. The proof is in its evolution: at first it sold the "live fast and die young." But the years went by and they didn't die, so the slogan changed: "old rockers never die." And with this excuse the same four bands keep hogging all the market, drowning the incoming bands. On top of the grotesque, the crowd cheers with this pathetic ruse, and pay whatever (even in times of crisis) to see some 60 year guys dressed as if they were 25 and jumping with a guitar. For all this, rock must be grotesque, so deformed as this. Must be horrid, ill-sounding, ugly, so that it reflects the current situation, as in his the past was supposed to be: a reflection of the youth of a situation that blah blah blah. Truño Gourmet is the only true rock & roll band alive. Listening to their music is like smelling a shit that smells good, a praise to the shabby and yet the sublime, if you do not like it it will be like saying that a 3-year child can paint the Guernica . Truño gourmet. The music of the future, today. Death to the tuner! Long life 70-euros guitars! Freedom for rock & roll!


- TRUÑO Gourmet (2012). Unreleased material. Ultra limited edition: only 2 copies, one of them false. 3.000€ each, that makes the buying process a whole experience. The change in music industry model that so many people demand.

Set List

99% improvised

sometimes some sepultura ultradirty covers. sometimes some non-improvised songs. 3 bands in one.