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We like to describe our music as 'message music'. We try to have a socially concious message in music that is a melodically driven blend of hip hop and reggae.


With a MuchMusic Video Award nomination for the 2008 "Best Rap Video" of the year (, five videos in rotation, four albums released on URBNET/Fontana, and concert bookings across the country, it is no wonder that Tru-Paz career is gaining recognition internationally.

The Tru-Paz collective consists of three members Boozie (Vocalist) Akim (Lyricist) and DJ Unknown (Producer/DJ). Their sound is a distinct mixture of classic roots reggae, RnB and hip-hop that can be heard through the vibrant vocals of Boozie complimented by the conscious hip hop that is portrayed through the lyrics of Akim; mixed with the unpredictable selections of rock, soul, hip-hop and reggae from DJ Unknown. These variables make the Tru-Paz sound one that is unclassifiable by today's music genres. The groups' ability to captivate fans by their unique sound is already making a permanent imprint in Canadian music history with tracks like "Hotel Hell'' and "Dust Yourself Off" gaining recognition internationally.

BOOZIE, born and raised in rural Jamaica at the height of Jamaica's infant political in-stability, captivates his fans and uplifts the audience with his mystic messages that are influenced by his struggle during his early years. Boozie brings a spiritual influence to the music with profound and passionate vocals; liberating the listeners by bringing social awareness of the oppressed and suffering. AKIM spending time in Trinidad in his youth and raised in Toronto shines light on many of the metropolitan social issues through his heart-felt lyrics. His conscious messages tell personal stories that illustrate the broken social infrastructure and the influence these struggles have had through his personal journey. DJ UNKNOWN is a multiplatform, dynamic addition to the Tru-Paz collective. Not only is he the groups Dj, he is also the Producer and can be attributed as an integral part of the groups unique sound. Unknown has been Djing since the age of 13 and influenced by his father's passion for music as a radio broadcaster; his diverse musical interest and influences include everything from Tool to Radiohead, Marley Marl, Dj Premier and EPMD.

The groups' collective of unique personality & artistic expression is deeply rooted by their passion for music & their humble approach to being a successful Canadian group. Their friendship and longevity in the game enables them to individually express themselves pushing the boundary of many genres to recreate the musical formula of a new genre of music. Tru-Paz Movement


R-Evolution - LP - 2002
State of Emergency - LP - 2004
Dust Yourself Off - EP - 2006
Concrete Kings - LP - 2007
Young Nation - EP - 2009

Set List

We typically do 30-45 minute sets, but have done full hour long sets.

A typical set includes songs from all albums, and depending on the type of show - various reggae, hip hop and soul cover songs.

Set List example:

Mic Cheque
Rude Boy
Black Rose
Country Road
Young Nation
Hip Hop Covers (done like a dedication set, usually, a 4 song medley)
One Day
Hotel Hell