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Soulful spoken word with the musical style and rhythms of Jazz, Spiritual and Inspirational words, Design to calm your spirit and reach the soul defines the poetic style of “TruPoetry”.


Since childhood, the spoken word artist affectionately known as “Tru” has always had a fascination with writing music and poetry. Her awakening came as a student at Rust College working as a radio announcer for WURC. That experience helped to cultivate her gift while inspiring, encouraging and uplifting others through her spoken words. Consequently, in benefit of the local food bank charity, TruPoetry gives an annual poetry slam contest to unite poets and encourage the community to donate to those who are underprivileged.
Her debut spoken word album entitled “TruPoetry” received national recognition when the CD was nominated for a Stellar Award in 2011.
TruPoetry’s new release entitled “We Need to Talk” is produced by Gospel Jazz Artist Kevin Griffin. This CD has the meditative hymn “Have Thine Own Way” featuring Derrick Jackson & Richard Smallwood’s “His Mercy Endureth Forever” merged with a poetic piece that revives, incites the worship of God and gives hope.

The original material included in this poet’s collection will not leave you disappointed but definitely asking for an encore.


"We Need to Talk" TruPoetry II (2013)
TruPoetry (2010)