Trust Divided

Trust Divided

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA
BandRockHard Rock

Trust Divided’s sound captures the hooks and catchiness of fellow hard rock bands like Five Finger Death and the Southern flare of Shinedown.


Formed in the summer of 2009 in Louisville, KY, Trust Divided is a hard rock band built on the hard work and dedication of its members. In Louisville, via Craigslist and sheer luck on the military moving people to the same town – Trust Divided was formed, David [drums] found Bryan "Brutal" Alford [bass], Jamie Robbins [guitar], and Bradford Clark [vocals/guitar]. The band’s name comes from founding member David’s [drums] struggle with the divided trust he experienced in his own marriage (they are going strong now, don’t worry) and this was a way to move forward. Individually, the members all have reasons for the name fitting, but as a whole it was chosen because of how much the music is based on trust, effort, and reliability each individual put towards the band. “As a band we felt that so many could relate to this name in their own way.”

By the fall of 2009, the band completed its first studio recording in South Mississippi with Mark Black. Their self-titled EP, Trust Divided, was released and sent to Terry Harper, Louisville’s largest promoter; a week later, the band was booked as an opening act for Revelation Theory, on tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd at the time.

By 2010, Trust Divided toured playing with Drowning Pool, 10 Years, Non Point, Cold, The Veer Union, and Powerman 5000. Their EP Trust Divided came across the desk of Producer Trevor Kustiak (Evans Blue, Rains). He signed the band to a three song production deal. Their debut EP was then mixed by Toronto-based Mark Makoway (Evans Blue) and mastered at Capital Records by Robert Vosgien (Sick Puppies, Evans Blue, Selena Gomez). That same year also brought some exposure in the form of an interview with Alt Revolt, a premier online music magazine featuring hard rock artists. TD was featured in the web publications first and only commemorative print edition (released in June 2012), alongside other bands like Lacuna Coil, Kittie, Sick Puppies, Green Jelly, Disturbed, Atreyu, Korn, Halestorm, Stonesour, Bullet For My Valentine, etc…

In 2011, the band was gaining notoriety online and in the local circuit. Another publication focusing on the metal industry favorites as well as emerging acts, Metal Insider, ran a feature of the band online. The EP Heritage, was recorded at Sights and Sounds Studio in Traverse City, MI.

Following Heritage’s release in 2012, the band self-produced and released three more singles, recorded at ARC Studios: “We are the Change”, “From the Inside” and “Right Through You.” Mixed by Mark Black, and mastered Robert Vosgien (Capitol Records).

Big change came in 2013; Jamie [guitar] and Bradford [vocals] both left the band due to various needs in their lives. TD respects their decisions and Bradford [vocals/guitar] stayed close to the band, helping with writing and structuring new material for the future.
After a couple of months the band found the young and very talented Chase Groher [guitar], “When Chase walked in with long hair, dressed like a rocker from the 70’s we at least knew that he looked the part.” David decided to reach out to longtime friend, co-writer, and powerhouse Victor Ritchie [vocals]. Victor’s voice and talent worked seamlessly for the direction the band is heading.

With its new members secured and ready to rock, TD has been steadily back at it in the studio and in practice. Their latest single, “Welcome to the Fight,” can be found online to stream, purchase, and download. The band is currently in collaboration with producer Dustin Kirkendell of PopGun Entertainment in Nashville, who is producing, mixing, and mastering the latest offerings from the band.


2011 - Heritage - EP

2013 - Welcome to the Fight - Single

2014 - Sail On, Revolt - Singles

Set List

1. Right Through You :3:30
2. It's Over: 4:00
3. Revolt :3:30
4. Flesh and Bones :4:00
5. Cleansed :4:00
6. Innocence for pure :4:00
7. Still Standing :3:00
8. End of Time :3:00
9. Welcome to the Fight:3:00