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"Daisy Rock Welcomes Trusting Lucy"

Daisy Rock Welcomes New Artists Lisa Lim and Trusting Lucy

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 15th, 2008

Daisy Rock is excited to announce two talented new additions to their growing roster of artists: Lisa Lim and Trusting Lucy.

With styling influenced by blues and country legends alike, Lisa Lim first entered the music scene in 2007 with her debut release “Crazy Feelin’ This Way”. Gigging regularly and teaching guitar for over 15 years at Lim’s Music, Lisa continues her accomplishments in the industry now as a Daisy Rock endorsee.

Preparing their upcoming self produced and self-recorded 12-song CD to be released later this year, Trusting Lucy’s Lisa and Linda are no strangers to the industry. Their music has been described as a mix of soulful introspective ballads, straight-on, hook driven melodic pop, and forceful rock tunes sung with powerful distinctive voices and incredible harmonies. Playing around different cities in California this summer, Daisy Rock is very pleased to support Trusting Lucy in all their newest endeavors.

Daisy Rock offers a complete line of girl guitars designed to look and sound great, and to fit the female form. To learn more about Daisy Rock endorsed artists, and to view Daisy Rock’s entire line of guitars, visit now!

To learn more about Daisy Rock artist Lisa Lim, visit

To learn more about Daisy Rock artists Trusting Lucy, visit

Daisy Rock is the original girl-guitar company dedicated to successfully supplying and marketing pro-quality guitars for females. The company is led by its President, Tish Ciravolo, and co-owned and distributed by Alfred Publishing. Daisy Rock’s ongoing mission is to provide females of all ages with whatever it takes to learn to play guitar and enjoy music. Daisy Rock has established and continues to strengthen its reputation as “THE female guitar company.”

Daisy Rock, its talented management team, and its products have been continuously featured in worldwide mainstream media, including People, Time, Newsweek, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, VH1, the Premier Radio Network, BBC Radio, the Associated Press, etc. The company was founded solely by Tish Ciravolo in October 2000.


Jessica Murillo

Artist Relations and Marketing Coordinator

P: 818-891-5999 ext. 285

F: 818-895-5301

- Daisy Rock

"Trusting Lucy prepares for festival appearance"

Monday, July 21, 2003

GILROY - What’s in a name?
Well, when it comes tonames, this band has had its share. While many people may have heard Linda Arceo and Gilroy resident Lisa Long’s bold lyrics and catchy guitar riffs while wandering the Garlic Festival the last three years, they might not recognize the two by any name.

Going under the name Linda Arceo, Arlo, Arceo and Long and, finally, Trusting Lucy, the women don’t seem to care what name they go by, as long as they keep turning heads.

“I think what grabs people is that our songs have hooks in them,” Arceo said. “We don’t play like girls.”
Bucking the stereotype that women playing acoustic guitars play light, airy music, Arceo and Long have turned the last two years into a productive collaboration based on two different styles and a rock sound that always turns heads, something the women hope to do July 26 at the Gazebo stage at the 2003 Garlic Festival.

“We always want to get in there,” Arceo said. “There’s so many people there. If you can get the person to turn from way out in the field or beer booth, that’s a goal.”

But when asked about the band’s name, Arceo could only laugh and say, “That’s a story on it’s own, I think Lisa should tell you about that.”
It all began when Long, who was doing her own solo work and had released a self-titled album, was asked to help fill in playing the keyboard for Arceo, who also had her own album out, but was picked to play for the Garlic Festival and didn’t have a band - she had produced the album by hiring 13 musicians to back up her guitar. “I had my own thing going on,” she said.
When Long joined in the band, they changed their name to Arlo, a mix of the Arceo and Long’s last names, but it didn’t last for long. “Arlo was taken by another band, so we couldn’t use it. We changed our name to Arceo and Long,” Long said. Finally, the two decided to settle on Trusting Lucy. But how does that name fit in when neither of the women have that name?

“When we joined forces, it took a lot of trust to be there for the whole package - that’s where the word ‘trust’ came in,” Long said. The second part of the name came out of a nickname given to Arceo by a friend. “She called her Linda Paloma,” Long said. “Paloma means ‘dove’ in Spanish, and Linda means beautiful.”
Long used to joke that if she was ever called up accept a Grammy award, she would accidentally say Lucy Palomino instead of Linda Arceo. From there, Trusting Lucy became the name of the group. “Lucy became an identity of the band,” Long said. “She got her own identity.”

The duo, sometimes back by a six-man band, other times playing acoustic, do four or five shows each month and recently released their first album, “It’ll Be Fine.”
What makes the two-disc release interesting is that one CD is of the group playing with a band, and the second CD is the same songs played on acoustic guitar. “That was Linda’s idea,” Long said.

“We have a fan base for the acoustic music and also for the band.” The album took nearly six months to create, but the Arceo and Long said it was a test to see if they could work together.

“If you can’t get along in (the studio), it won’t work,” Arceo said. “We were driving up and down the coast every weekend (to the studio in Hollywood). We were with each other almost 24 hours a day.”

The band practices together at Long’s Gilroy home, where she moved six years ago. She works at JL Ranch. Meanwhile, Arceo works for the county of Monterey as a management analyst. The 8-to-5 job makes it possible for me to do this,” Arceo said. But that isn’t the long-term goal for these two, who plan to stay together and make meaningful music.

“We hit it off really well, and we both had the same goal,” Long said. “We would love to just make a living making music. We would really love to just play, and quit our day jobs and still have a home to come back to at the end of the day.” The two met through a mutual friend Long, who originally is from Pleasanton, started her music career playing cover songs. “I played in piano bars originally,” she said. “I found that I could play guitar chords on the piano and just fake it, and I made really good money playing covers, but I got burned out.” Meanwhile, she earned an associate’s degree in music. Arceo comes from a different school of music - her own. “I’m self-taught,” she said. “I learned from watching my dad play music. I payed my way through college playing in bands.” While long said she made good money playing cover tunes, it means a lot more to her to make less money playing music she wrote herself. “We believe so much in what we are doing,” she said. “I don’t make nearly as much money playing out own stuff, but it’s so much more fulfilling.” Arceo said that the key to their success together has been through their differing styles blending so well. ““We’ve definitely progressed together,” she said. “It’s hard to find voices that match. My stuff is more rock-oriented, and she is more ballad-oriented. “When you have us separate, it doesn’t sound like it would match, but it does.”
Trusting Lucy’s album “It’ll Be Fine” is available by visiting and soon can be found in the independent section at Music For a Song at the Gilroy Outlets

- The Dispatch - Dave Steffenson, Assistant Editor

"Being Fine by Bruce Von Stiers"

Monday, March 8, 2004

Surfing the web a while back I came across an interesting band. Basically the band is a duet with supporting musicians. The name of the band is Trusting Lucy. It is the work of Linda Arceo and Lisa Long, two singer / songwriters. After years of solo gigs and working with other bands, the two formed Trusting Lucy to concentrate on the kind of music that they really wanted to play. The result is an album titled It'll Be Fine. It is a self produced and released album.

The album is actually two discs. The first disc has the full band versions of the songs. The second disc is the acoustical version of the songs. There are 14 songs on the album and all of them were written by the two ladies.

The two women make a great vocal partnership. Both of them had been solo acoustic performers before joining together. They found that working together made for a good fit for both of them. The name of the band, Trusting Lucy, comes out of being able to equally share the spotlight. Even the song writing on the album was split evenly between Linda and Lisa.

For the band version of the album the ladies feature Annalee England on drums, Cheryl Tibbetts on bass guitar and Jeff Gross on percussion. There is also Tom Ayres on electric guitars, Rogers Masson on acoustic guitar and Paul Grove on piano.

The first song on the album starts out fast and furious. Then it slows down a little. Right away Chrissy Hines came to mind when hearing this song. It has a distinct beat with some great harmonies. The title of the song is Casualties of Kind.

Feed My Soul is a rocker of a song. It has some tough guitar riffs. The beginning licks make it sound like the song is going to be a George Thorogood type of tune, then moves into a more steady rock beat.

You Win is a mixed R & B and Country style song. With the way that Country has changed over the years, this song would fit right in. You might imagine Patty Loveless or possibly Martina McBride singing this song. Maybe is another song that would fit well on the Country charts. There are harmonies on this song that show how well the two women work together.

My favorite song on the album is Givin' It Up (To You). When I first heard the song it made me think of Heart. Upon reading other reviews of the album, I found I wasn't the only one who thought that way. The song has some really tough guitar and fantastic vocals.

Pieces is a slow and poignant song. Her heart is breaking as he walks away from her and their romance. It is a haunting and heart wrenching song.

The album is a good mixture of edgy rock and softer folk style songs. The artistic partnership between Linda Arceo and Lisa Long make this album well worth listening to.

You can hear samples from the album on the Trusting Lucy web site. It can be found at
- BVS Reviews

"Trusting Lucy Fit Real Feelings Into Their Acoustic/Electric Mix By Stuart Thornton"

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Girls Rule: Linda Arceo and Lisa Long play it both ways (acoustic/rock) on their new CD.

When local songwriter Linda Arceo asked Lisa Long to play keyboards on one of her albums, Arceo got more than she bargained for. Arceo had known Long from other projects, but around two years ago, she discovered that Long was a formidable songwriter.

"I wanted to bring her songs out," Arceo says.

The two have pooled their songwriting skills in the band Trusting Lucy, which released an album last month called It'll Be Fine.

The interesting thing about the album is that there is one CD containing acoustic versions of their songs, and another including a full-on rock band backing the duo on the same songs.

Since Trusting Lucy plays some venues as an acoustic duo and other larger venues with a backing band of local musicians, releasing the two versions seemed like the right thing to do.

"We wanted to give it back to our two fan-bases," Arceo says.

The differences between the two incarnations are revealed instantly while listening to the two versions of the first song "Casualties of Kind." The acoustic version jangles like an Indigo Girl's song, while the band version has the ladies singing over a chugging electric guitar before a catchy chorus kicks in.

Whether playing before the electric crunch of the band or over the strum of acoustic guitars, their lyrics deal with personal experiences, mostly relationships. On "Mending Fences," a photo album reminds the narrator of an old relationship. "Pieces" ends with Long begging a lover to leave a part of her unaffected by their relationship.

One can imagine the sound of Long's percolating rocker "Givin' It Up (To You)" blaring at their upcoming Gilroy Garlic Festival gig, while subdued songs like Long's "Pieces" and Arceo's "Once in a Blue Moon" would be the perfect soundtrack for a mellow weeknight.

This is hook-driven rock that deserves to be heard on local radio. Unfortunately, radio seems to stick with the same tried and true artists, so the only way to hear Trusting Lucy is to get out there and check them out at one of their local shows.

Trusting Lucy play Viva in Monterey every Tuesday at 9pm. Sample some of the band's songs at

- Monterey Coast Weekly

"Women Singers Light Up the Night This Week"

Thursday, April 24, 2003

In a tribute to the great jazz/blues singer Nina Simone, who died earlier this week at age 70 at her home in France, this week's column is dedicated to women singers who are performing around town this week.

> First up is a band called Trusting Lucy, which features singer/songwriters Linda Arceo and Lisa Long.

The group is celebrating the release of its debut CD "It'll be Fine" (which comes in both an acoustic and band versions) this Sunday afternoon at Doc's Nightclub in Monterey.

"It'll be fine" features 14 songs written by Long (seven) and Arceo (five) or co-written by the duo (two). The duo's music (the band version) can be roughly described as straight-ahead rock with touches of folk, pop and country.

"Maybe" for example, would feel comfortable right up there on the country charts with Shania, the Chicks and Martina McBride, while "Feed My soul" is a rocker that opens with a Jimi-style flourish on guitar.

You get the sense that Long's rocker tendencies influence Arceo's softer, folkier side while Arceo tempers Long's aggressive side to produce a harmonious whole.

Hey, but what do I know? The two collaborative songs are both all-out rockers, while some of Long's songs (such as the delicate ballad "Pieces") are soft and sensitive and a couple of Arceo's ("People Are Talking" and "Yes I Do Bleed") are as hard-edged as some of Long's rockers. What the duo have going for them is two gorgeous voices that play off and complement each other, whether on ballads or or tough rockers. I kept getting flashes of the Wilson sisters from Heart, the Indigo Girls and a dream duo of Grace Slick and Melissa Etheridge.

The rest of the group includes versatile lead guitarist Jason Ruggles, keyboardist Paul Grove (partner in Octagon Records), drummer James Findlay (who many rock fans around here may know for his excellent bass guitar playing) and bassist/singer Cheryl Tibbetts formerly of the Santa Cruz all-woman band Riverpoets.

Judge for yourself from 4-6 p.m. Sunday or log on the band's website (where you can purchase the CD). You won't be disappointed.

- The Go - Monterey County

"Trust Doc's to provide a solid CD release party"

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Two Monterey Bay area singer-songwriters have pooled their talents to create one hot double album.
Linda Arceo of Monterey and Lisa Long of Gilroy call their band Trusting Lucy. They will release their album, "It'll Be Fine," on April 27 at Doc Ricketts' Lab in Monterey.
The unusual thing about the project is its format: the songs on one CD are performed on electric instruments, while the second CD offers the same tunes played on acoustic instruments.
"A lot of people saw us doing acoustic music, and we decided to give a bonus to people who liked the other (electric) stuff," said Arceo in a phone interview.
Arceo and Long, who met three years ago, were both strong solo acoustic recording artists before forming Trusting Lucy.
Arceo had Long play on her debut album, "Linda Arceo," two years ago, and Arceo played on Long's album.
Eventually, Arceo asked Long to join the band she had formed for her CD release party. Then the two decided to merge their talents.
The band takes its name from the two artists' decision to work together and trust each other's ability to share the spotlight.
From the new album, it's clear the partnership was the right move for both women.
It includes 14 songs -- seven by Arceo and seven by Long -- and they back each other with vocal harmonies on each other's tunes.
The music ranges from hard-driving, in-your-face rock ("Casualties of a Kind" by Arceo) to melodious, warm ballads ("Pieces" by Long). And the sound is clear and well-balanced. The tracking was done at the nearby Mars Studio and the rest of the work at Interlock Studios in Los Angeles.
"We really went for a more commercial sound because we really want to push it for radio play," Arceo said.
Other members of Trusting Lucy are Jason Ruggles on electric guitar, Paul Grove on keyboards, James Findlay on drums and Cheryl Tibbetts on bass and vocals.
Arceo said she is pleased with the project and collaborating with Long.
Finding someone who is simpatico vocally has been "really good to find," Arceo said. "Lisa and I seem to hit the mark for what we're doing, and I'm happy with it."
- The Californian


Ken Koenig, First Night Santa Cruz, Performing Artists Selection Committee says, “Trusting Lucy was a pleasure to work with. Extremely professional, cooperative, flexible and were well received by the crowd. They performed an interesting and nice eclectic mix of music, were well rehearsed, and had a good stage presence with talented singers. A real crowd pleaser. Bring ‘em back!” -- January 2002

Kirsten Carr, Gilroy Garlic Festival Entertainment Chair 2002 says, "The Gilroy Garlic Festival prides itself on serving up fabulous food, amazing arts & crafts & great music. Trusting Lucy provided festival goers with a perfect combination of fun hits & great tunes. We loved having them perform & were thrilled with their high level of energy & talent." --August 2001

Ken Peterson, Public Relations Manager, Monterey Bay Aquarium says, “I was volunteering in the area of Trusting Lucy’s performance at First Night Monterey, the band caught my attention before I reached the stage area and my first question was ‘who are these guys?’ They sounded that good. The performance was outstanding: a full, formidable sound.” - January 2003

Joel Steven owner Octagon Records states, “there is a real quality in the songwriting and vocals. These are skilled musicians with a lot of drive to be heard. And no holds barred, these girls can ROCK!" - –July 2001

Robin Goldstien of KSCO Radio called the combination of Linda Arceo and Lisa Long “insanely talented.” – July 2001

Mac McDonald The Monterey County Herald writes about Linda Arceo’s self titled solo debut album, “The album kicks off with a breezy Santana-like Latin rocker and in it’s 13 songs ranges from straight-on rock to pop, introspective folk tunes, even a countryish lament. At front and center, of course, is her pliable voice-sweet and vulnerable on the ballads, but torrid and forceful on the rockers”.” –July 2000

Matt Heimbold of Floodgate Productions comments, “I had the opportunity of booking Linda Arceo while I was a talent buyer and promoter in Monterey, CA. She was always the consummate professional and had that rare ability to truly connect with her audience and build a following.” – October 2001

- Various Feedback


Linda Arceo - Linda Arceo (
Lisa Long - Sampler
Trusting Lucy - It'll Be Fine (
Trusting Lucy - 4 song E.P.



California based independent recording artists Linda Arceo & Lisa Long are currently promoting a Limited Edition 4 Song EP that previews songs from thier upcoming self produced/recorded release that will include 12 acousitic guitar and piano songs.

Previosly they have released their a 14 song 2 disc CD entitled “It’ll Be Fine”. Because Trusting Lucy also performs as an acoustic duo, the CD features a full band version and an acoustic version (14 songs on each disc) which was produced by Rogers Masson of Los Angeles, CA. Visit the website to listen to both versions of each song.

Trusting Lucy is collaboration between Arceo and Long, two talented songwriters and previous solo artists who joined musical forces in 2002 to focus their energies to write and perform their own music. Their music has been described as a mix of soulful introspective ballads, straight-on hook driven melodic pop and forceful rock tunes sung with powerful distinctive voices and incredible harmonies.

Arceo and Long desired to leave behind the years of playing cover songs and are committed to writing and performing their own music that will leave memorable musical impressions on the listener and allow them to do what they love the most-play music together as a duo or with a band, creating energetic stage performances, and having fun.

Trusting Lucy has had radio airplay and opened for recording artists Laura Love, The Betty’s from New York, and the Delphine’s with Kathy Valentine of the Go Go’s and Sista Monica. The following are some examples of the venues the band has played:


• Gilroy Garlic Festival, Gilroy CA - 2001-07
• Boulder Creek Art & Wine Festival - 2005-07
• Feast of Lanterns, PGCA - 2005, 2006
• San Benito County Fair, CA – ‘04
• Monterey County Fair, CA – ‘04, 05
• Good Old Days - Pacific Grove, CA – 2004-07
• Marina Festival Of The Winds, CA – ‘04
• West End Celebration Festival, Marina CA – ‘04
• South by Southwest, Austin. Texas – ‘04
• Old Monterey Seafood Festival - '02, '03
• San Jose America Festival – ‘03
• San Jose Pride Festival, CA – ‘02, '04, 05, 06,07
• Monterey Pride Festival, CA– 2001-2007
• Santa Cruz Pride Festival, CA -‘ 02, '03, '04
• First Night Santa Cruz, CA - ‘01
• First Night Monterey, CA – ‘02, 04, 05. 06,07
• Monterey Rock and Art Festival, CA – ‘01, '02, '04
• Carmel Performing Arts Festival, CA – ‘00, '01, '02
• Kuumbwaa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz CA – ‘02
• Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, CA – ‘04
• San Francisco Folk Music Festival, CA – ‘04
• San Francisco Hootenany Festival, CA – ‘04
• NY International Music Festival, Los Angeles CA – ‘04


• Relay For Life American Cancer Society - '02, '04
• Santa Cruz Aids Ride Project – ‘03
• Hepatitis Coalition Benefit Concert, North Hollywood- ‘04
• AGEM/Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium Aids Benefit - ‘01, '02

Club Venues

• Blue Chalk Cafe, Palo Alto CA
• Vinnies Bar & Grill, Concord CA
• Henflings, Ben Lomand CA
• Barnes & Noble, San Jose, CA
• Blue Fin, Monterey, CA
• Biscuits & Blues Café, San Francisco, CA
• Brain Wash Café, San Francisco,CA
• Bullwhackers, Monterey CA
• Canvas Café, San Francisco, CA
• Expresso Garden Café, San Jose, CA
• Doc Ricketts Lab, Monterey. CA
• Frog & Peach, San Luis Obispo, CA
• Genghis Cohen - BMI Circle Of Songs, Los Angeles CA
• Hard Rock Café, San Francisco, CA
• Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco, CA
• Johnny Foxx’s Club, Los Angeles CA
• Kings Head Pub, Campbell, CA
• Mediterranean, Aptos CA
•• Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing CA
• Viva’s, Monterey CA
• Universal Bar & Grill North Hollywood
• Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco, CA
• Ocean Thunder, Monterey CA
• The Attic, Santa Cruz CA