Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told


The building block of Truth Be Told is our undeniable passion for making music. There is no greater high than being in front of a crowd of friends, fans and even, complete strangers and sharing some your most personal creations and knowing that in some way you have connected with each of them.


In late 2004, after a chance meeting between guitarist Jason Shannon, bassist Josh Ferrell and drummer Greg Robbins, the skeleton of what is now Truth Be Told was formed. After a few jam sessions, the trio felt that something was missing and invited guitarist Sean White to join the collaboration.

Immediately, the foursome began writing together, but were sidetracked when the search for a vocalist produce undesirable results. After much persuasion, Jason stepped up to play the part. Roles established, the band began to focus on their joint effort.

With a lack of venues in their small hometown, the band decided to organize their own show. After inviting a few local bands, Rock the Legion 2005 and the band's debut show was underway.

On April 2, 2005 the hometown crowd was mesmerized by the musical ability, energy and unorthodox style of Truth Be Told. Receiving rave reviews from friends and fans alike, the band set out on their quest, not for international stardom, but to preserve musical intergrity and bring a little bit of truth to those blinded by the gimmicks of today's music.

To date, Truth Be Told has played many shows from small house parties to large clubs such as Huntington's Monkey Bar and Lexington's A1A Music Hall.


Retribution - released December 2007

Set List

Our typical set usually consists of all original material. We do, however, perform a few covers ranging from rage against the machine, to filter, to nonpoint, etc.....