Truth Bound

Truth Bound

BandHip Hop

Three people sold out to the Kingdom of God!!! Filled with passion and fire to testify the gospel in truth and spirit through music.


The vision of Truth Bound is to, unify God's church through the word of God and their testimony, (Rev 12:11) by provoking God's children to action and encouraging them to step out their comfort zones to be used effectively outside of the body of Christ Jesus. While focusing on the youth of this generation,we will seek to help guide these young adults to raise them up to become effective leaders by helping encourage them through the ministry of hip-hop while stressing accountability and seeking to teach them how to become effective evangelists and ministers for God. Lastly focus on the whole gospel of God using it to disable luke-warn churches and prepare adults, youth, and alike to guide all of us for revival in this generation.


Finish Strong, Pick Up Your Cross, and Walk the Walk(Myspace). Many more to come in the near future.

Set List

5 to 6 song sets including testimonies, youth b-boy dancing, and evangelism.