Truth By Census

Truth By Census


Diverse modern rock that ranges from soaring ballads to gridding riff based anthems. Massive guitar, rock hard drums, added with powerful female vocals and intricate piano/synth lines. Creating a new modern and unforgetable sound, with catchy vocal lines and intense intrumentals.


Truth by Census is a new band that has been created out of the merging of two rhythmically and technically diverse bands to create a new full, and unified sound. Their sound varies from soaring ballads to grinding guitar driven rock, with the complex rhythmic variations of bands like Tool. Truth by Census is a young and talented band that has the musical knowledge and know-how to impress and draw crowds no matter the diversity of the audience.

Fronting the five piece is the beautiful Tessa Finelli, whose bright and brilliant voice will get an audiences attention and keep it. Having attended the Regional Arts Program at Cawthra Park Secondary School specializing in music, along with pianist Taylor Stevenson and guitarist Eddie Ruiter, Tessa has a strong background of musical knowledge and training. Taylor Stevenson, keyboard and MIDI extraordinaire, has developed a way to recreate a live bass sound without missing a beat on his piano parts, not to mention adding in the occasional synth line, plus back-up harmonies…all at once – and somehow manages to make it look easy. Attending Metal Works Institute of Sound and Music Production this fall, Taylor clearly understands complex signal systems and uses this to his advantage with his impressive keyboard setup. Almost completely ambidextrous on the piano, he skillfully fills in any extra desired sound or part on top of his own intricate piano lines. Eddie Ruiter, a musical mastermind, has an uncanny ability to find that perfect balance of rhythm, timbre, and melody that makes a song feel empty if he is not there. Currently attending Humber College for music, Eddie has a great overall understanding of music and its theory. The guitar, held and mastered by Kyle Ray, whose melodic lines will captivate you and whose guitar solos will mesmerize you. Currently working at LA Music and teaching on the side, this musician will encapsulate what you thought you knew about music and reanimate your mind to a new era of sound. And finally the backbeat of it all, the drumming of Adam Cassar, a truly gifted skinsman with an undying passion for music. He has been playing drums since the age of 6 and since then has grown an unrivaled passion for the feel and groove that a simple drum can add to the music. His rhythmic playing is both complex and captivating, and will leave you wanting more.

Truth By Census brings an indescribable blend of passion, musicality and thought that illuminates from the beginning of the first song right through to the end of the night. They are currently playing around the GTA, and writing new material for their debut release.