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Truth in Fiction - Fireflies
Reviewed by: Susan Frances (08/29/08)
Truth in Fiction – Fireflies
Record Label: Fabtone Records
Release Date: May 2008

Truth in Fiction craft pop punk confections with a romantic flare reflective of Long Island’s Push Play and Philadelphia’s Valencia. The band’s latest release Fireflies does not just have one song made for couples, but an entire album that is dedicated to the excitement and tension that consumes you when you are in the mists of a romance. Some tunes have a dance-rock bounce like “Right Now” as bassist Kristian Riley and drummer Scott Seiver hike up the volume and then chill to a lukewarm surf on the power rock ballad “Breathe Me.” Lead singer/guitarist Mike Wisth nestles into the rhythmic flow, going easy on “Breathe Me” and rustling fervently through the pop punk surges of “S.A.T.,” as guitarist Daniel Beres lines the drum fills with feathery vibrations that produce intervals of lively gusts and breezy winds.

The minting of acoustic and rock elements through “Drunken Phone Call” has an oxidization of acoustic rock stains along the pop punk piping resulting in multiplying the melodies layers. The industrial effects that flare up spontaneously along the bridge of “Excuse” give the tune a metallic glow, although it takes away from the song’s natural cuts, which this band is fabulous at carving. These are songs that will make their way into your life when you look over memories about what attracted you to someone special that got away, The lyrics for “Drunken Phone Call” reveal such feelings in verses like, “It’s just a drunken phone call from a lonely motel just off Highway 17 / And time keeps moving and I keep thinking that you’re the only one who would wait for me / But it seems like I’ve been trying to let you go / Hey Sweetheart, don’t forget who told you so / Hush, smile, turn, and walk away / Falling in love was your only mistake / You never meant to stay / Break my heart with the way you shake.”

You never forget the first person who awoke sensations in your body that have been locked inside, and Truth in Fictions words let you remember those times and that person. Produced by Kristian Riley, TIF’s Fireflies exposes feelings that you may want to keep shut, but there is no denying that this is what makes their album powerful and able to relate to individual lives on a large scale.

- Absolute Punk


"Fireflies" 2009 USA 2008 Fabtone Japan
"Welcome Apathy" 2003
"the ep" 2000



What's the truth about Truth in Fiction? The names is as dubious as their roots. Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that their roots stretch across several states and a couple continents. They have been traumatized by bad girlfriends (many), rubber boots (in one case), Santa Ana winds and Wisconsin winters. Which is probably why they're so resilient, so determined, to make the best make-out songs you've ever heard from a rock band. Truth in Fiction formed as facts, somewhere in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when Mike Wisth (vocals/guitar) and guitarist Daniel Beres were still sporting peach fuzz. Their early friendship led to a series of gigs with bands more famous than them (but with slighter hair), such as Fall Out Boy, the Starting Line, Plain White T's and a stint on the infamous Vans Warped tour. The truth of Truth in Fiction's early days was that many things were DIY; they made their own merch and paid for their own recordings. And were ever productive, writing song upon song upon song.

At this time, Riley was developing a sharp ear for hooks of his own, as evidenced in Citizen King's global hit "Better Days (and the bottom drops out)". Riley began his producing career when he tracked Davey Von Bohlen's (Promise Ring, Maritime) guest vocal on Jimmy Eat World's hit song, "A Praise Chorus". Riley says, "At that point I was just learning how to use studio gear. I was like 'what's a preamp?'" Learning the ropes eventually led him to produce and engineer The Promise Ring, Paris Texas and that unforgettable Maritime record, We, the Vehicles, an instant indie classic. Flash forward, then, in reality tv style, to Truth and Fiction meeting Riley in Milwaukee. They began by producing a series of recordings. They worked at gigs here and there, in and outside the music, wielding picks and wrenches in turn as the record moved forward. Soon, the songs were so great and infectious that Riley could no longer resist and joined the band, sect-member style, as a full fledged member on bass. But a few pieces had yet to fall into place. Thus began the search for the perfect drummer, which came to light when Riley moved to LA, driving cross-country with Mike, their equipment and Riley's studio in tow and a cat in a cage on sedatives by their feet. Well anchored in Hollywood, Riley now set to work on recording and mixing the record at his new studio in Silverlake. It was in this thriving musical community that Kristian came across Scott Seiver, an experienced LA drummer who provided the Live Drums for the Grammy award winning HBO series Flight of the Conchords as well as Jason Mraz and many others.

Riley's old band mate from Citizen King, Dave Cooley (who produced Silversun Pickups smash debut and has been mastering records for the indie hip hop label Stones Throw for years) was brought on to master the record. The result has been so solid after leaving some new songs on Myspace Truth in Fiction was ready to face the facts: Not only had they written some of the world's best songs about making out. And crossed the country to finish the record, with Riley's sedated cat in tow. And hooked up with the perfect drummer and mastering engineer in LA. And survived it all, with some infectious hits. Now, Japan was on the phone, in no uncertain terms, asking for a meeting, ready to keep the story going. Those are the facts, all truth, no lies, about Truth in Fiction.