Truth in Lies

Truth in Lies


Hardcore guitar and drum riffs meld with melodic vocals to create a truly unique sound that you have to hear to believe.


Truth in Lies has gone through quite a few changes to get where we are today. Originally heavily punk influenced, the changing members and changing hearts have set us on a path set on a more hardcore bent. We prefer singing to screaming, but there's some of both to be had, and our guitar and drum riffs are driving, hard, and unique. The blend of the music we create with the vocals we utilize creates a truly unique hardcore/rock sound.


We've just finished mixing our first set of 5 songs for an EP, which we are recording and designing ourselves. You can hear us here, and on myspace at

Set List

Typically our sets run around 40 minutes. We have a few covers that we can do to make it last a little longer, and can shorten it as necessary. Very soon we'll be adding more songs to the list.

1. Intro/Chasing the Ambulance
2. Twinkletits
3. Brutal
4. Cobwebs
5. When I Expire
6. P.T.S.D.
7. Remains
8. What of the World