Truth Lies

Truth Lies

 Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA

I believe we sound a lot like breaking benjamin and bands like them. I would say the music we play is like a melodic metal with certain points of more agressiveness and screaming. We cover a lot of other bands in the genre. Some of our favorite bands besides breaking benjamin is Rise Against, A Day to Remember, and Chevelle.

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Written By: Truth Lies

Verse 1:
Your weakness kills me
So why does it bring me down
I escape in my head
Every fucking day

My name keeps ringing in my ear
Frustration leads to anger
Why is this so hard to overcome?

I am alone
In thoughts and decisions
I wont be controlled by this
Corrupted place I live in

I am the one
Who guides you
Push on me again
And you’ll fall away

Verse 2:
Your doubt troubles me
Passing through my skin
Ive supported myself
Every fucking day

I can hear this
I can feel this
Why am I feeling this way?

I can hear this
I can feel this
Is this taking over me?


Undermining my thoughts and actions
Bring forth my raging anger
My work here is never done
But just have faith in me

Believe in me
Believe in me
Believe in me
Believe in me
Believe in me
Believe in me