Truth 'N Tempest

Truth 'N Tempest


The most original Rock Band you’ve ever seen! THIS IS NO JOKE!! It’s an Ultimate Audio/Visual show. We are truly a group created for the fans. To sum it all up: Larger Than Life. We give you all the great things you have seen from bands of all generations and put it into one STELLAR package.


Truth 'N Tempest... A revelation in modern times and a foundation for what is to come from the sounds translated into epic proportions of a rock and roll band that knows no bounds. This is a 'Larger than Life' audio/visual extravaganza that leaves fans breathless. We are ahead of our time and compare to NO-ONE. This planet is in search of a hero or group of heroes who stands the test of time. The Entertainment business has a tremendous impact on how people act in everyday life and we vow to teach a positive message while sustaining the energy of a Rock N Roll performance. We will create marketable music that will last for decades to come and we will NOT be underestimated by anyone's standards. To put it in your terms: Our goal is to make everyone an unimaginable amount of money.


No Dreams Allowed

Written By: Truth 'N Tempest

Verse 1
You can have it all if you ask me politely.
But every beginning surely ends.
Don't take life for granted lest you see that you can't get back a lifetime. Follow your...

Dreams and you'll see what I see.
I can see it in you and I see it in me.
Break from these chains!

Verse 2
You can have a vision of the future.
But a trail of past events may seem to call.
Don't take life for granted. Don't tell me that you can't get back a lifetime. Follow your...


(Are Dreams Allowed) In a world that's dying?
(Can you hear the sound) of eternity crying?
Where's your power now?

Bridge/Guitar Solo


(Chorus) Outro...

Out of this World

Written By: Truth 'N Tempest

Verse 1
A million years were mine when I commanded space and time.
A golden ring by my design.
Well I don't know if you knew but my dreams have taken you to a world that we call home.

Chorus 1
I believe in me. And I have seen everything.
Your world is changing by the powers vested in me.

Verse 2
Mystic minds they hear my call and tell me what it takes.
The future makes no mistakes.
Well I don't know if you knew but dreams don't wait for you and this world is not our home.

Chorus 2
I believe in me and I have seen everything.
Let's pull the strings of desire and set this world on fire.

NOW!... (Guitar Solo)

(Chorus) Outro...


'No Dreams Allowed' - CD Single(Unreleased)
'Infinite Creations' - 8-song demo(Unreleased)

Set List

Panama (Van Halen)
Gel (Collective Soul)
Run like Hell (Pink Floyd)
I don't wanna stop (Ozzy Osbourne)
Wherever I may Roam (Metallica)
Mas Tequila (Sammy Hagar)
Girls Girls Girls (Motley Crue)
Mr. Brownstone (Gun's N Roses)
Thunderstruck (Ac/Dc)
Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
War Machine (KISS)

That is just a sample of the things we can do and we try to keep songs on the set that are current hits or once were great hits but are all still rotated on the radio. Our precise choices of party type hits and heavy hittin' rockers are what make us an excellent choice for your venue. Whether you have heard of us or not, by the end of the night, we have people rocking like we are one of the big boys and there's no doubt that the party just keeps on getting better and better!

Out of This World
Down Girl Down
All She wants is Sax
Forever A.D.
No Dreams Allowed

70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, beyond...

We are capable of perform