Truth 'N Tempest
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Truth 'N Tempest


Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Local Rock Band From Another World"

The most original rock n roll band I've ever seen! It's an ultimate audio/visual show and about time since you don't see that very often. They are truly a group created especially for the fans. The sound in my opinion could be claimed as a cross between the mighty VAN HALEN guitar/drum extravaganza, the futuristic pounding sound of RUSH, and the theatrics of the untouchable KISS. The attitude, the groove, the sound, the style, the image, and the spirit can be found within this mysterious group from out of this world.

This group seems to be more than just another band. It has become a huge dream come to life! Like a new world of imagination that you'd have to see to believe. Three words can sum up Truth 'N Tempest: LARGER THAN LIFE! They are ahead of their time and nobody comes close to comparison. It's a never-ending dream that you won't wanna wake up from! Experience the thrills and chills of this futuristic legend... - Nikki Orion


'No Dreams Allowed' - CD Single(Unreleased)
'Infinite Creations' - 8-song demo(Unreleased)



Truth 'N Tempest... A revelation in modern times and a foundation for what is to come from the sounds translated into epic proportions of a rock and roll band that knows no bounds. This is a 'Larger than Life' audio/visual extravaganza that leaves fans breathless. We are ahead of our time and compare to NO-ONE. This planet is in search of a hero or group of heroes who stands the test of time. The Entertainment business has a tremendous impact on how people act in everyday life and we vow to teach a positive message while sustaining the energy of a Rock N Roll performance. We will create marketable music that will last for decades to come and we will NOT be underestimated by anyone's standards. To put it in your terms: Our goal is to make everyone an unimaginable amount of money.